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Developed by 'Survivor' creator Mark Burnett this series will follow  a group of would-be cosmonauts 

from space camp to launch pad over 13 to 15 episodes, culminating with a dramatic live broadcast in 

which a winner is picked and sent into space.

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News Articles about Destination Mir and the Mir Station


The Age 3/22/03 Selling space travel

Guardian 11/13/02 'Who Wants to Be An Astronaut?' set for blast-off

BBC 11/13/02 Russian TV clinches space deal

Florida Today 10/12/02 Russian to take Lance Bass' seat on Soyuz 10/9/02 Russia TV Network Announces Space Tourism Contest

Newhouse News 9/27/02 What's the Space Station Supposed to Be, Anyway?

Dot Music 9/25/02 Bass Lands Space Role

BBC 9/24/02 'N Sync star returns to space camp

Ananova 9/23/02 Lance Bass goes back to space training centre

Toronto Star 9/21/02 'N Sync star resumes space training

Dot Music 9/18/02 Pop  Astronaut

Dot Music 9/10/02 The Man Who Fell to Earth

E!Online 9/9/02 NASA: No Space for Bass

Detroit News 9/5/02 Nugent offers Bass a chance to hunt

Dot Music 9/4/02 New Bass Line 

NY Times 9/3/02 Russia Scraps Space Plans of Pop Star

Dallas Morning News 9/3/02 Russians say 'Bye bye bye' to 'N Sync's Bass

E!Online 9/3/02 Russians: Nyet to Bass' Rocket Ride

Zap2It 9/3/02 Lance Bass' Space Trip Called Off -- Or Is It?

BBC 9/3/02 'N Sync star's space trip blocked

USA Today 9/3/02 Russians scuttle 'N Sync singer's space mission

Dot Music 9/3/02 Back to Bass

Ananova 9/3/02 Lance Bass dropped from space programme

Ananova 9/3/02 Lance Bass's space flight in jeopardy

Daytona Beach News Journal 9/1/02 Singer taking reality TV to space is 'N Sync's quiet one'

E!Online 8/30/02 Bass Moves Closer to Blastoff

Ananova 8/30/02 NSync star to sing in space

BBC 8/29/02 'N Sync singer confirms space trip

Ananova 8/27/02 NSync singer gets approval from Nasa

BBC 8/26/02 N'Sync singer prepares for space

Toronto Star 8/25/02 Russians await money to pay for Bass's space trip

E!Online 8/23/02 Can Lance Bass Beat the Clock?

Ananova 8/23/02 Lance Bass makes his first weightless flight

BBC 8/20/02 Singer's race for space deadline

Ananova 8/16/02 N'Sync star allowed to continue training for space mission

Toronto Star 8/16/02 Russian space training continues for 'N Sync singer

Dot Music 8/14/02 Bass: How High Can You Go?

BBC 8/14/02 'N Sync space bid under threat

Ananova 8/14/02 NSync star's space flight hits snag 8/13/02 Bass in space causes money squabble

BBC 8/9/02 Nasa: We'll train 'N Sync singer

Dot Music 8/8/02 Bass Mission in the Balance

BBC 8/8/02 Doubt over N'Sync space mission

E!Online 8/7/02 Bass Space Mission 'N Trouble

New York Daily News 7/24/02 Let's put s'more stars in orbit

BBC 7/23/02 'N Sync space mission a step closer

Florida Today 7/19/02 Russians ready to gamble on Lance Bass' ride into space

Space Daily 7/18/02 Are Boy Bands A Viable Launch Vehicle For Space Tourism

E!Online 7/17/02 Russians: Bass a Space Comrade

Ananova 7/17/02 Lance Bass's space flight edges closer

Ananova 7/11/02 Lance Bass starts cosmonaut training

BBC 7/10/02 'N Sync star in space trip talks

Ananova 7/10/02 Lance Bass at Russian Space Agency training centre

Dot Music 7/10/02 Bass Nearer Space

BBC 5/31/02 'N Sync star ready for lift-off 5/29/02 No plans to take Lance Bass to space

BBC 5/29/02 Space agency blanks N 'Sync star

Ananova 5/22/02 N Sync star takes space tourist medical tests

MSNBC 3/22/02 íNSync star takes space tests in Russia

E!Online 2/21/02 Russians: Nyet So Fast, Lance

Dot Music 2/21/02 N'Sync in Space

E!Online 2/20/02 Lance Bass Goes 'N Space

Sky News 12/10/01 Gameshow Prize Goes Into Orbit

Guardian 12/6/01 Space prize takes TV to final frontier 12/5/01 Who wants to be a cosmonaut?

BBC 12/5/01 Contestants told to 'come on up'

Space Daily 9/4/01 MirCorp Plans First Space Hotel

BBC 9/4/01 Russian space station a 'real possibility'


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