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News Articles about Destination Mir


Online Athens 6/30/01 Aboard Mir, Americans were unhappiest

Zap2It 6/14/01 Burnett Says 'MIR' Still On His Menu

MSNBC 5/29/01 Space tourist flight generated mistrust, NASA chief says

Milwaukee Journal 5/16/01 Dennis Tito Set Price for Space Trip

Louisville Channel 5/10/01 Space Tourist Gets Welcome-Home Ceremony

Sunday Times 5/6/01 Russians tout for more space trips

Time 5/4/01 Dennis Tito Shoulda Been Our Space Tourist

UK Telegraph 5/1/01 Space crew welcome first paying guest

Globe and Mail 5/1/01 Space may be Survivor's next frontier

CNS 4/30/01 Sikh Businessman Helped Make Tito's Historic Space Flight A Reality

Sunday Times 4/29/01 Giant leap as first space tourist takes off

St. Petersburg Times 4/28/01 Destination is no whim for first space tourist 4/23/01 Tito's Crew Departs for Baikunor

Bergen Record 4/22/01 $20M space tourist to get go-ahead

BBC 4/17/01 Judgement day for space tourist

Space Daily 4/15/01 Mir's Last Fiery Science Experiment 4/11/01 Russia Unveils Mir 2

Augusta Chronicle 4/9/01 'Survivor' main man does Borneo 4/2/01 Mir Reentry Eludes Citron Sightseeing Expedition
Ananova 4/2/01 Mir scared our sheep, say angry farmers

St. Petersburg Times 4/1/01 TV's real survivor strikes again

Seattle PI 3/30/01 Space station residents will welcome millionaire tourist

URL Wire 3/28/01 Mir's Final Fall Available Online In "The End of Mir" 3-D 3/26/01 Post-Mir, Russia to Pursue Own Space Agenda

Nando Times 3/25/01 Internet auction site eBay cleans up Mir 'debris'

BBC 3/23/01 Sky gazers watch Mir's return

BBC 3/23/01 Mir falls to Earth

UK Telegraph 3/23/01 Spacecraft Mir hurtles in fiery freefall to its doom 3/23/01 NASA, Russians To Work On Tito Compromise

BBC 3/23/01 Russians shed a tear for Mir

BBC 3/22/01 Last preparations for Mir plunge

San Francisco Chronicle 3/22/01 Farewell to Mir 3/22/01 Fiery Finale: Mir Falls to Earth Journal

BBC 3/22/01 Mir: A home in space

ZDNet 3/22/01 Mir fall broadcast on Web

BBC 3/22/01 Boats refuse to leave Mir target

Houston Chronicle 3/21/01 Russia sets exact time for bringing down Mir

UK Herald 3/21/01 Hundreds head to see Mir brought to earth

USA Today 3/21/01 Russian space officials work to align Mir

BBC 3/20/01 Date set for Mir's final plunge

Media Guardian 3/20/01 Gameshow prize out of this world

Washington Post 3/20/01 Space Tourism Sparks U.S.-Russian Standoff 3/20/01 Planes to follow Mir splashdown 3/20/01 Russia Adamant About Sending Tito to ISS

Herald Sun 3/20/01 Australia to miss Mir spectacle 3/20/01 Mir thrown eleventh hour internet lifeline

The Register 3/20/01 Protect yourself from Mir fall-out

Seattle Times 3/19/01 Mir, 15, dies; a teacher, adventurer and survivor

Houston Chronicle 3/19/01 Mir's descent now set for Friday

CNN 3/18/01 Mir: 8-miles from burn-up

Sunday Times 3/18/01 Tonga prays for Mir crash windfall

Russia Today 3/18/01 How Mir Will Fall to Earth

UK Telegraph 3/17/01 The fall of 'Starship Lada'

Houston Chronicle 3/17/01 Earth awaits plunge ending Mir era

BBC 3/16/01 Mir re-entry is unprecedented

Russia Today 3/16/01 Japanese Told to Stay Indoors for Mir Splashdown

Houston Chronicle 3/16/01 Mir descent, demise to be broadcast over Internet

LJ World 3/16/01 Mir re-entry attracts tourists

Russia Today 3/16/01 New Zealand Issues Mir Warning to Seamen, Pilots

CBC News 3/15/01 The end for Mir is drawing near

BBC 3/15/01 Russians set date for Mir descent

Houston Chronicle 3/15/01 Russia's Mir to splash down March 22 3/4/01 Mir's Odyssey Grows Quickly to A Close

Houston Chronicle 3/2/01 Russia dismisses German fears over Mir debris 3/2/01 Mir Deorbit Help Outlined By U.S. State Department

UK Independent 3/1/01 Russia reassures Japan over Mir re-entry

Houston Chronicle 2/28/01 Cosmonauts, lawmakers fight in vain to keep Mir in orbit 2/28/01 Europe To Share Mir Re-Entry Data With Russia

Zap2It 2/27/01 NBC Wants To Get Real 2/25/01 Front Row Seats to the Show

CNN 2/24/01 MIR Soon Will Plummet to Earth

Bloomberg 2/22/01 For $6,500, Public Can Observe Mir's Fall Into Pacific Ocean

BBC 2/22/01 Tickets to watch Mir descent

Ananova 2/21/01 Aussie police prepare for Mir debris

New Jersey Online 2/21/01 Russian parliament asks to keep Mir in orbit 2/20/01 Aussies, Kiwis Take Mir Deorbit in Stride

BBC 2/20/01 Space scientists plead for Mir reprieve

CNN 2/20/01 Protesters call to save Mir

MSNBC 2/19/01 Mirís birthday leads to doomsday

UK Guardian 2/18/01 Russians beg Putin to save Mir

Russia Today 2/15/01 Russia Says Mir Station to Fall Later Than Planned

MSNBC 2/15/01 Mirís fatal fall delayed by a week

BBC 2/15/01 Solar flares postpone Mir descent

Space Daily 2/15/01 Russia to delay destroying Mir until mid-March: official

Space Daily 2/12/01 Russian Legislators Consider Proposals To Keep Mir In Orbit

Space Daily 2/9/01 Hundreds of Russians Protest Impending Destruction of Mir 2/9/01 Russians Protest Deorbiting of Mir

BBC 2/9/01 Russians protest over demise of Mir 2/9/01 Russia Asks NASA, Europeans for Help with Massive Mir Reentry

Houston Chronicle 2/8/01 Mir's fiery end could draw crowd 2/7/01 Russian Communist Leader Urges Putin to Save Mir

Russia Today 2/6/01 Cosmonaut Says Fond Farewell to Cash-crippled Mir 2/6/01 Space Adventures, Not MirCorp, Brokered Tito Trip to ISS

BBC 2/5/01 Mir destruction date slips

Space Daily 2/3/01 Mir Sample Reveals Mysterious Uranium Contamination 2/1/01 Mir Deorbit May Be Delayed to March 10

USA Today 1/31/01 Calif. tycoon trains to be first tourist in space

Star Telegram 1/30/01 Russian space agency to send space tourist to International Space Station

Florida 1/28/01 Cargo spacecraft docks with Mir

BBC 12/27/01 Mir meets its nemesis 1/27/01 Finding a safe landing for garbage from space 1/27/01World concerns over Mir descent 

CNN 1/26/01 Mir ready for last rendezvous

Russia Today 1/26/01 Mir to Splash Down Just South of Australia

New Jersey Online 1/25/01 Mission controllers prepare for cargo ship docking on Mir

UK Independent 1/24/01 Cargo ship takes off for Mir mission

CBC 1/24/01 Cargo ship heads for Mir, plans to bring it down 1/24/01 ISS Crew Works Feverishly; Shepherd OK with Tourist Tito

Wired News 1/24/01 One Giant Leap for Reality TV

BBC 1/24/01 Final Mir mission blasts off

BBC 1/23/01 Mir re-entry is unprecedented

BBC 1/22/01 Mir controllers ready final curtain

MSNBC 1/22/01 Mir weathers a steering problem

BBC 1/19/01 Mir mission back on

BBC 1/19/01 Mir mission due next week

MSNBC 1/19/01 Final flight to Mir rescheduled

Houston Chronicle 1/19/01 Russia cargo craft ready for final Mir mission

Space Daily 1/19/01 Russia To Launch Last Progress To Mir Jan 24

UK Independent 1/18/01 Mission to help Mir called off

BBC 1/18/01 Rocket launch to help Mir postponed

MSNBC 1/18/01 Russia launching last ship to Mir

Houston Chronicle 1/16/01 Last checks for Russian ship that will bring down space station Mir

BBC 1/16/01 Crash date set for Mir

Florida Today 1/14/01 So long to Mir, haiku-style

UK Independent 1/14/01  BBC game show to send contestants into space

Russia Today 1/13/01 Russia to Provide Details on Destruction of Mir 1/12/01 Mir's Death Date Set -- March 6

NJO 1/12/01 Tanker to dock with Mir in first step of station's last mission 1/11/01 Mir Emergency Crews Are Ready to Fly

Houston Chronicle 1/11/01 Russian cosmonauts train for Mir destruction mishap

Space Daily 1/10/01 Russia Forms Commission To Oversee Mir Deorbiting

Bergen Record 1/10/01 Signed decree OKs start of Mir's demise

Pravda 1/8/01 Mir will crash to Earth Feb 27 or 28

BBC 1/5/01 Russia signs Mir 'death warrant' 1/5/01 Date set for Mir's final appointment

Houston Chronicle 1/4/01 Russia sets January 18 date for Mir's final appointment in space

CNN 1/4/01 Mir-bound tourist will detour to international space station

UK Independent 12/31/00 Doomed 'Mir' will ditch in the Pacific ocean Ė possibly

Florida Today 12/30/00 Russia keeps contact with Mir

Houston Chronicle 12/29/00 Emergency crew to go to Mir after new energy failures

New Jersey Online 12/29/00 Mission Control has stable contact with Mir 12/28/00 New Mir Emergency Crew Approved

UK Telegraph 12/28/00 Mir can be seen with naked eye next week

Russia Today 12/27/00 Russia Says No Threat of Mir Crash Landing

San Francisco Chronicle 12/27/00 Russia Regains Contact With Mir Space Station

The Times 12/27/00 Loss of contact with Mir 'could end in disaster'

CBC 12/26/00 Unmanned Mir phones home

CNN 12/26/00 Russia Re-establishes Control of Mir

Houston Chronicle 12/26/00 Radio contact re-established with Mir space station

CNN 12/26/00 Russia rules out Mir crash landing 12/26/00 Contact With Mir Regained After 21 Hour Blackout

BBC 12/14/00 Mir company launches new plan

Florida Today 12/14/00 Russian company to build spacecraft to carry customers

CNN 12/13/00 Mir company chases space tourists

CNN 12/13/00 MirCorp plans to build spaceship for tourists

ENN 12/13/00 Russian company to build pay spacecraft

MSNBC 12/12/00 Mirís backers shifting to new space station

Ananova 12/11/00 Big Brother goes into space 12/11/00 Russians React to Mir's Planned Demise Next Year

BBC 12/11/00 Big Brother reaches for the sky

MSNBC 12/8/00 A new entrant in the TV space race 12/8/00 Mir's Deorbit Will Rain Down Wreckage; But Where?

Russia Today 12/2/00 Russia's Mir Space Station to Fall Into Pacific February 26-28 12/2/00 Mir's Pacific plunge on track

Alternet 11/29/00 Survivor, in Space? 11/27/00 NASA Leaves Door Ajar for Tito Flight to ISS

BBC 11/27/00 'Space tourist' still banking on Russians

CNN 11/27/00 U.S. millionaire confident Russians will honor ticket to space

Russia Today 11/26/00 Russia Votes to Keep Mir in Orbit Unmanned

Florida Today 11/26/00 American millionaire confident Russians will honor his ticket to space 11/25/00 Russian Ultra-Nationalists Fight to Save Mir

Houston Chronicle 11/25/00 Millionaire awaiting ride to space station

Houston Chronicle 11/24/00 Russian parliament criticizes ditching Mir orbiter

CNN 11/21/00 NBC not giving up yet on space-based 'Survivor' series

Washington Post 11/20/00 NBC, We Have a Problem 11/18/00 Mir Deorbiting Welcomed In Washington

Zap2It 11/18/00 Mir May Go Down, Halting Burnett Show

Washington Post 11/17/00 Mir Space Station to Fall to Earth

E!Online 11/17/00 Destination...Somewhere: Mir Coming Down

Ananova 11/17/00 Mir space junk could hit Australia

BBC 11/16/00 Death of Mir foretold

MSNBC 11/16/00 Mir to be scuttled next February

CNN 11/16/00 Pacific ditching for Mir in February

BBC 11/16/00 Date set for Mir destruction

Ananova 11/16/00 Mir space station to ditch into Pacific

iWon  News 11/16/00 Russia to Dump Mir Space Station in February 2001

Space Daily 11/15/00 Russia Cannot Predict Safe End To Mir As Reality Of De-Orbiting Looms 11/15/00 Russian Space Chief: Government Must Make Sure Mir Doesn't Crash

Guardian Unlimited 11/15/00 Russia may send new crew to Mir in January

Space Today 11/15/00 Russia may send another crew to Mir in January 11/15/00 Russia May Send Crew to Mir in January

Cnews 11/14/00 New Mir crew in January

Kansas City Star 11/12/00 Burnett thinks all systems are still go for `Destination: Mir' 11/6/00 Funding to Deorbit Mir Confirmed, Russian Official Says

Florida Today 11/5/00 Earthbound candidates don't articulate space policy 11/1/00 NASA: No Room at the ISS Inn for Mir Cast-offs

Florida Today 10/31/00 Russia's Koptev: Mir is 'worn out' 10/30/00 Would-Be U.S. Space Tourist Hopes Mir Has Time Left 10/27/00 MirCorp President Begs Russia to Help Save Space Station

BBC 10/26/00 Space show set for 'lift-off' 10/25/00 Decision Time Draws Nigh for Mir

E!Online 10/25/00 Mir Up in the Air? NBC Hopes So

Space Daily 10/24/00 Destroying Mir space station to cost Russia 20 million dollars

UK Telegraph 10/24/00 Mir to splash down after 15 years

Space Daily 10/23/00 Russia Considering Three Options For Sinking Mir

Wired 10/23/00 Russia Set to Dump Mir

BBC 10/23/00 The end for Mir?

CNN 10/23/00 Russia plans to dump Mir space station

NJO 10/23/00 Russian Cabinet official says Mir will be dumped in February

BBC 10/23/00 Mir faces final plunge to earth

Space Daily 10/22/00 Russia Drafts Plans To Destroy Mir

Space Today 10/22/00 Progress tanker docks with Mir

Russia Today 10/20/00 Fate of The Mir Space Station Remains Undecided

Space Daily 10/19/00 Putin Will Soon Decide Fate Of Mir

Florida Today 10/19/00 Mir's future may be decided today

Space Daily 10/19/00 Russia says it can no longer maintain Mir space station

Russia Today 10/18/00 Russian Space Heads to Meet on Mir Station's Fate

Houston Chronicle 10/18/00 Empty and unfunded, Mir may be scrapped

Florida Today 10/18/00 Russia faces difficult decision over Mir's future

CNN 10/17/00 Russia launches Progress spaceship to boost Mir

BBC 10/17/00 Supply ship heads for Mir

Washington Post 10/16/00 MirCorp Aims for Stratosphere With IPO

Florida Today 10/16/00 Progress launch to Mir reset for today

Sunday Times 10/15/00 Will Mir be a star investment? 10/14/00 New Russian Funds May Save Space Station Mir, For Now

Russia Today 10/13/00 Mir Space Station IPO Aimed for Takeoff Say Backers

BBC 10/13/00 Relaunch to keep Mir aloft

Mercury News 10/10/00 Aggressive mold feeds on orbiting spacecraft

Space Daily 10/8/00 Koptev Says Mir Is Ballast

Space Today 10/6/00 Company says Mir still viable

Salon 10/5/00 "Do svidanya, baby!" Capitalist pigs are lost in space.

BBC 10/5/00 Titanic director gets weightless

CNN 9/30/00 Russia Faces Tough Decision Over Fate of Space Station Mir

Zap2It 9/29/00 NBC Launches 'Mir' Site 9/28/00 Sign-Up Begins to Be Cosmonaut on 'Destination Mir'

Zap2It 9/28/00 NBCi Launches Website For Groundbreaking Reality Space TV Drama 9/25/00 NBC Plans Website to Sign Up Contestants For Mir

Florida Today 9/24/00 Mir desperately needs funding to keep it aloft, safe

Florida Today 9/23/00 MirCorp funds launch of Progress cargo ship to Mir

E!Online 9/21/00 The New TV Space Race?

E!Online 9/16/00 "Survivor" Mastermind Spills Sequel Secrets, DVD Plans

BBC 9/13/00 Destination Mir for reality TV

Slate 9/13/00 Mir Pretenders

E!Online 9/12/00 NBC's Spacey "Survivor"

CNN 9/12/00 NBC strikes deal for 'Survivor' show in space

Zap2It 9/12/00 NBC Enters The Next Frontier -- Space

E!Online 9/12/00 NBC's Spacey "Survivor"

Space Daily 9/12/00 NBC Bets $40 Million Mir Will Survive 9/12/00 GE's NBC to Buy Rights to New `Reality' Show in Space

The Futon Critic 9/12/00 NBC Takes Reality Concept Into Orbit

Space Daily 9/1/00 Space Tourist To Prepare For Mir Flight

CNN 8/24/00 Millionaire begins training for Mir trip

Houston Chronicle 8/23/00 Future 'survivor' to head for Russian space station

Houston Chronicle 8/23/00 MirCorp's first citizen explorer enters training for flight to Mir

CBC 8/14/00 Game show to offer trip to Mir as grand prize

CBC 8/14/00 Mir's the limit for proposed game show

FlaToday 8/12/00 Reality-TV aims high with 'Destination Mir'

Florida Today 8/10/00 'Surviving' on Mir 8/10/00 Only the Strong (Astronaut) Survives on New TV Show

Zap2It 8/9/00 'Survivor' Heads Into Space For Burnett's Next Series

FlaToday 8/9/00 Start countdown to 'Survivor' in space, aboard Mir 6/27/00 Space Travel for the Rich and Daring

London Times 6/21/00 First space tourist practices for lift-off

BBC 6/20/00 Mir 'tourist' dreams of space 6/19/00 U.S. Businessman Says He'll Go to Mir

Houston Chronicle 6/19/00 American hopes Mir money buys him a ride to space station

Space Views 6/19/00 MirCorp Announces First Space Tourist to Mir

Space Daily 6/19/00 MirCorp Inaugurates the Citizen Explorer Program

Houston Chronicle 6/19/00 Cosmonauts say life on Mir station getting tougher

BBC 6/16/00 First 'space tourist' announced

Houston Chronicle 4/6/00 Mir bosses find cash lifeline for aging Soviet-built space station 3/1/00 Moon Trip Proposed for British Lottery Prize 12/17/99 Wanna Be A Space Tourist?


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