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About the Meet My Folks Show


On this show three bachelors spend three days with the possible "woman of their dreams" and her family in their home, with conversations and interaction intended to reveal the bachelors' character and intentions. The winner gets a week in Hawaii with "Miss Right," if her family approves.


News Articles about NBC Networks Meet My Folks


Fans Of Reality TV 8/27/03 The Matuliches: But I'm NOT A Cheerleader!

Reality News Online 8/26/03 The Matulichs: Did You Hear the One about the Cheerleader?

TVRules 8/24/03 Meet My Folks Preview: 8/25

Fans of Reality TV 8/20/03 The Maniacis: No Blondes Need Apply.

Reality News Online 8/19/03 Meet My Folks, August 18: The Return of Giancarlo

Reality TV World 8/15/03 NBC to broadcast 2 new 'Meet My Folks' episodes on August 18 & 25

TVRules 8/13/03 Meet My Folks- 8/18 Preview

NBCMV 8/12/03 NBC to Broadcast 2 New 'Meet My Folks' Episodes on 8/18 & 25

Reality News Online 7/21/03 'FLOM 2' Eric and His Previous 'Meet My Folks' Experience 7/3/03 Meet My Folks, 7.1: Part Two of Two: Girl Fight

Reality Reel 7/2/03 Fashion princess wins!

Fans of Reality TV 7/2/03 Dappers Pt. 2 - Foxy Boxing At Its Best

Reality News Online 7/2/03 Itís a Jungle Out There, But at Least We Know a Good Dry Cleaner 7/2/03 Meet My Folks 6/30: Part One of Two

Reality Reel 7/1/03 Meet the Dappers - Part One

Fans of Reality TV 7/1/03 Dappers Pt. 1 - Stop, in the Name of God, Before I Lose My Lunch

Reality News Online 7/1/03 The Dappers (Pt 1): Stop, In the Name of Love! Please, Just Stop!

Reality Reel 6/25/03 Pete wins! What?!?!?

Reality News Online 6/25/03 June 23, The Schmidts (Part 2): A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Reality TV World 6/24/03 'Meet My Folks' Erin Schmidt two-parter draws 8.3 million viewers 6/24/03 The Devil vs. Malibu Ken and Some Random Gay Guy

Fans of Reality TV 6/24/03 The Schmidts II: Eyebrow Waxing...Not Just For Women Anymore

Reality TV Talk 6/19/03 Meet My Folks - The Principal Rules


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