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News Articles about NBC Networks Meet My Folks


Fans of Reality TV 6/18/03 The Schmidts: The PrinciPAL is Not Your Pal

Reality News Online 6/18/03 June 16, The Schmidts (Part 1): White Guys Can’t Bowl

NBCMV 6/17/03 'Meet My Folks' Takes Its Hour Among Adults, Men and Women 18-34

Reality TV World 6/17/03 'Meet My Folks' premiere draws 7.4 million viewers

Reality TV World 6/6/03 NBC's 'Meet My Folks' season premiere pushed to June 16th 

NBCMV 6/5/03 NBC's 'Meet My Folks' Now Returning Monday, 6/16, 10-11 P.M. ET

Reality TV World 5/21/03 'Meet My Folks' to return to the NBC lineup starting June 9th

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/03 Interview with Eric Apple from The Scantlins

TV Rules 5/5/03 Let the Summer Season Begin: Meet My Folks

NBCMV 5/5/03 "NBC presents it's new Summer Season"

Reality News Online 3/14/03 An Interview with Barnes Family ‘Suitor’ Randy Wayne

Press Release 3/14/03 NBC Casting Call "Meet My Dad"

Media Fiends 3/12/03 - 3.11.03 Meet My Folks

Reality News Online 3/12/03 March 11 – The Barnes: Sky High and Falling Fast

Fans of Reality TV 3/12/03 The Barnes: Young, Dumb, and Full of...Lie

Reality News Online 3/12/03 March 10 – The Haegles: Meet My Kids!

Fans of Reality TV 3/11/03 My Three Sons, The Haegeles

Media Fiends 3/11/03 - 3.10.03 Meet My Folks

Herald Tribune 3/10/03 Redondo Beach mayor appears on two reality TV shows

Press Release 3/8/03 NBC Casting Call "Date My Mom"

Winona Daily News 3/6/03 Brothers find mom a date on reality TV show

Fans of Reality TV 3/5/03 The Calderons: Two Tickets to Paradise

Reality News Online 3/5/03 Meet My Folks, 3/3 –The Calderons and Twins!

Arizona Daily Sun 3/4/03 Twin sisters compete on NBC's 'Meet My Folks'

NBCMV 3/4/03 Update: 'Fear' and 'Folks' Fly High

TV Rules 3/4/03 Meet My Folks: The Calderon's Double Trouble

Media Fiends 3/4/03 - 3.3.03 Meet My Folks

Union Leader 3/3/03 Double indemnity on NBC; NH twins to 'Meet My Folks'

Arizona Daily Sun 3/2/03 NAU twin gives reality TV a try

Zap2It 2/27/03 3 Grown Sons Choose a Man for Mom on NBC's "Meet My Folks" 2/27/03 Concord family to appear on reality show

TV Rules 2/13/03 Who Wants To Marry My Mom?

Zap2It 2/13/03 'Meet My Folks' Spawns Spinoff

Fans of Reality TV 2/12/03 Our Interview with Eric Ferch (The Scantlins)

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/03 The Scantlins, Take My Date: PLEASE!

Reality News Online 2/10/03 The Scantlins: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

Kansas City Star 2/1/03 Local family on tonight's `Meet My Folks'

Fans of Reality TV 1/30/03 Our Interview with Stefanie (The Maloneys)

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/03 Our Interview with Chelsea (The Maloneys)

Fans of Reality TV 1/27/03 Part 3, How do you shut this damn doll off?

Zap2It 1/27/03 NBC Meets Seven More 'Folks'

Media Fiends 1/27/03 - 1.25.03 Meet My Folks

NBCMV 1/26/03 'Meet My Folks' Dominates In Its Saturday Debut

Reality TV Talk 1/26/03 Meet My Monkey Folks ep 3

Reality News Online 1/26/03 The Maloneys, Part 3: Always the Bridesmaid…

Dallas Morning News 1/25/03 At 'Folks' home, there's always torture on tap

Reality TV Talk 1/24/03 "Meet My Folks" Recap

NBCMV 1/22/03 'Meet My Folks' Wins Big On Tuesday

Reality News Online 1/22/03 The Maloneys, Pt 2: And Then There Were Five…

Fans of Reality TV 1/22/03 Part 2-Cuff Me, Arrest Me, Just Don't Hack Me

Media Fiends 1/22/03 - 1.21.03 Meet My Folks

Media Fiends 1/21/03 - 1.20.03 Meet My Folks

NBCMV 1/21/03 More Than 13 Million Viewers Meet NBC's 'Folks'

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/03 Maloneys, Part 1-Gimme Gimme S'More Lovin'

Reality News Online 1/21/03 The Maloneys, Part 1: 8 Beautiful Girls

Sacramento Bee 1/19/03 Fair Oaks couple choose a date for son on 'Folks'

Reality News Online 1/16/03 Interview with Meet My Folks’ Polygraph Expert Nick Savastano

NY Daily News 12/16/02 Dating show fixed up for Saturday night 

Zap2It 12/16/02 NBC Reprograms Saturdays with 'Meet My Folks'

Fans of Reality TV 11/12/02 Pre-Season Preview & Last-Season Review

Zap2It 10/30/02 'Meet My Folks' Heads Overseas

Reality News Online 10/28/02 Meet My Folks" Cooks Up Surprises for Its Second Season

Zap2It 10/18/02 NBC Needs More 'Folks'

Reality News Online 9/9/02 Interview with Jamie Everett, Winner of the Reversal Episode

Reality News Online 9/3/02 Meet My Folks – Now That’s Reality!

Reality News Online 8/30/02 Interview with Scott Satin, Co-Executive Producer of 'Meet My Folks'

Reality News Online 8/27/02 Meet My Folks, August 26: Their Cups Runneth Over

Reality News Online 8/21/02 August 19: Hooters and Phone Sex and Mud. Oh, My!

Reality News Online 8/14/02 August 12, The Pilot: Turbulence and Low Production Values Ahead

Media Fiends 8/13/02 Episode 5 I'm Not Gay.Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Reality News Online 8/12/02 Meet My Folks: The Rancher's Daughter Has Her Say

Reality News Online 8/7/02 Meet My Folks, August 5: Home, Home on the Range

Toronto Star 8/7/02 `Reality' TV follows the formula

Reality News Online 8/2/02 Meet My Folks, July 31: Semper Alexanders

Media Fiends 8/1/02 Meet My Folks - Episode 3 Permission To Board Your Daughter, Sir

Reality News Online 8/1/02 Interview with Scott Satin, Co-Executive Producer of “Meet My Folks

Reality News Online 7/26/02 July 24: “You Look Very Nice Today, Mr. DiCastro

Media Fiends 7/25/02 Meet My Folks - Episode 2 Blame The Parents

Reality TV Talk 7/25/02 Meet My Folks: Episode 2

Hollywood Reporter 7/23/02 NBC gets Monday ratings help from 'Folks'

Reality News Online 7/23/02 Meet My Folks, July 22: Gym Class and Lie Detectors

Reality TV Talk 7/23/02 Meet My Folks: Episode 1 Recap

New York Times 7/22/02 Looking for a Date, and Some Public Humiliation

Dallas Morning News 7/22/02 Meet My Folks: A show for parents into heavy meddle

Knox News 7/22/02 'Meet My Folks' takes reality to the date's home folks

Detroit Free Press 7/22/02 Dating show provides another guilty pleasure

Jam! 7/19/02 Th-th-that's all, Folks

CSM 7/19/02 Parenting: the hot new reality show

Globe and Mail 7/13/02 Get Real

Reality News Online 6/29/02 'Meet the Parents,' Reality TV-Style

Augusta Chronicle 6/3/02 Summer TV: Reality sets in

The Advocate 5/31/02 Watch Out for Summer TV

Zap2It 4/4/02 NBC Aims to Pump Up This Summer

Media Life 4/30/02 Dose of summer reality from NBC

Zap2It 8/24/01 NBC Ready to 'Meet My Folks'


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