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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about CBS Network's Survivor: Samoa show

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About Survivor: Samoa

In one of the most beautiful Survivor locations yet, 20 castaways will be left to fend for themselves among Samoa’s white sand beaches, lush green valleys and towering waterfalls. Despite the picturesque landscape, the castaways will face exposure to elements and wildlife living in the mysterious rainforests that cover rugged volcanic mountain peaks. For 39 days, they will endeavor to outwit, outplay and outlast one another in order to win the title of Sole Survivor.

Fan Favorites

  Survivor 19 Samoa Contestants


Ashley Trainer x

Ben Browning x

Betsy Bolan x

Brett Clouser x

Dave Ball x

Elizabeth Kim x

Erik Cardona x

Jaison Robinson x

John Fincher x

Kelly Sharbaugh x

Laura Morett x

Marisa Calihan x

Mick Trimming x

Mike Borassi x

Monica Padilla x

Natalie White

Russell Hantz x

Russell Swan x

Shannon Waters x

Yasmin Giles x


  Samoa Yahoo Discussion group

News Articles about CBS Network's Survivor: Samoa  (click here for an explanation)  


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Reality News Online 2/24/12 Survivor: The Greatest of All Time – #9 Russell Hantz

Digital Spy 3/4/10 Probst: 'Hantz should have won Survivor'

Reality TV Magazine 1/16/10 Celebrating Survivor’s 10th Anniversary

People 1/11/10 Survivor’s Richard Hatch Says Russell Hantz ‘Went Too Far’

LA Times 1/10/10 'Survivor': Castaways gather to party, celebrate show's 10-year anniversary

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/10 Survivor: Samoa — Jaison’s Journey

Reality TV Magazine 1/2/10 Survivor: Samoa — Brett’s Quirky Personality

Reality TV Magazine 12/30/09 Survivor: Samoa — Mick’s 3rd-Place Finish

Reality News Online 12/30/09 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Survivor Finale Ponderosa Videos

Reality TV Magazine 12/29/09 Survivor: Samoa — Russell Hantz Angry With 2nd Place

Reality News Online 12/29/09 The Aftermath of Survivor: Samoa – The Ultimate Inkblot Test?

Reality TV Magazine 12/28/09 Survivor: Samoa — Natalie Wins It All

Reality TV Calendar 12/28/09 How Well Can Russell Play With The All Star Cast?

Reality News Online 12/28/09 Survivor: Samoa Final Roundtable Predictions Results – I Hate Being Right

People 12/26/09 Stephen’s Survivor Strategy Blog: Natalie Wins the Final Fishy!

Reality TV Fans 12/24/09 Survivor: Samoa – Red Carpet Interview – Jaison

Reality TV Fans 12/24/09 Survivor: Samoa – Red Carpet Interview – Brett

Reality TV Fans 12/24/09 Survivor: Samoa – Life at Ponderosa – Brett

RealityShack 12/24/09 Survivor: Samoa, Finale Extra Commentary – The Russell Problem

Reality TV Fans 12/23/09 Survivor: Samoa – Life at Ponderosa – Jaison

Reality TV Fans 12/23/09 Survivor: Samoa – Secret Scene: Brett Sets Off to Find Fish

Reality TV Fans 12/23/09 Survivor: Samoa – Red Carpet Interview – Natalie

TVFunspot 12/23/09  Samoa This! Episode 15: "Most Evil Survivor Ever" Loses - Fans Heartbroken

Reality TV Calendar 12/23/09 The Petulant Child Can't Even Buy The Title - Survivor Samoa Commentary

Reality News Online 12/23/09 Survivor: Samoa – Why Russell Lost

Reality News Online 12/23/09 Survivor: Samoa, As I See It – Bitter Jury = Bad Vote


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