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News Articles about Spike TV Networks Joe Schmo


Reality TV World 8/17/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Finale episode summary

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/04 Joe Schmo 2 08-10-04 Finale Recap-"All's Well That Ends Well"

Fans of Reality TV 8/12/04 All's Well That Ends Well (Finale recap)

Reality News Online 8/11/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 9: The Grand Finale – A “Schmo” is Born

Zap2It 8/11/04 'Schmos' Make Peace with Faux-Reality Fame

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/04 The Funniest Thing On TV: Finale Recap

Post Gazette 8/11/04 Joke's on another South Hills Schmo

The Oregonian 8/10/04 Too savvy to be a 'Schmo,' contestant, switches to 'dark side,' joins show's cast

Reality TV World 8/6/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 8 summary

Reality TV Calendar 8/6/04 Ten Reasons Why Joe Schmo Is So Funny

Reality News Online 8/4/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 8: Dancing, Drama and Duplicity

Reality Reel 8/3/04 Season Finale Next Tuesday, Aug. 10 8/3/04 'Joe Schmo 2' Finale Airs August 10th

Reality TV Calendar 8/3/04 Previewing The Two Hour Finale

Reality TV Calendar 8/3/04 Murder Most Fowl: Episode 8 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 7/29/04 7/26/04 Recap-"These violent delights have violent ends . . ."

Reality TV World 7/28/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 7 summary

Reality News Online 7/28/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 7: Back to the Future

Sydney Morning Herald 7/28/04 Home alone

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/04 Did They Really Do That? Ep 7 Recap

Reality TV World 7/23/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 6 summary

Reality TV Calendar 7/23/04 JS2 Is A Vicarious Thrill

Fans of Reality TV 7/21/04 Happy Trails, Everett (7/19 recap)

Reality News Online 7/21/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 6: For Whom Does the Bell Toll?

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/04 Pumper Size Thigh and Bun Blaster: Ep 6 Recap

I Love Reality 7/20/04 Episode 6 Full Recap

TVRules 7/17/04 Joe Schmo 2: Episode 5 Summary

Washington Blade 7/16/04 Running out of steam

Reality TV World 7/16/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 5 summary

Reality Reel 7/15/04 Meet Molly from Joe Schmo Season 1 (Angela Dodson)

Fans Of Reality TV 7/15/04 Joe Schmo Recap 7/12/04 Porno, Body Shots and Grandpa

Reality News Online 7/15/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 5: Porked-N-Beans

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/04 Cammy Gets Porked…and Beans: Ep 5 Recap

Post Standard 7/12/04 She played Jane for 'Joe Schmo'

Reality TV World 7/12/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 4 summary

TVRules 7/8/04 Joe Schmo Episode Four Summary, June 5

Fans of Reality TV 7/7/04 When Parents Attack

Reality Reel 7/7/04 Live Joe Schmo Chat Tonight

NY Daily News 7/7/04 This gal's no 'Schmo' & she's in on the joke

I Love Reality 7/7/04 Joe Schmo II - Live chat with Ingrid tonight

Reality News Online 7/7/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 4: Secrets and Lies

Post Gazette 7/6/04 Former Pittsburgher joins 'Joe Schmo 2'

TVRules 7/6/04 Joe Schmo 2: Live Chat With Jane Schmo- Ingrid Wiese

Zap2It 7/6/04 'Schmo' Production Company Becomes Stone Alone

I Love Reality 7/6/04 Joe Schmo II - Meet Amanda, the new "Jane."

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/04 New Schmo - No Ho: Episode 4 Recap

Zap2It 7/6/04 'Joe Schmo' Keeps the Twists Coming

I Love Reality 7/6/04 Joe Schmo II - Episode 4 recap 7/05/04 Joe Schmo 2 Episode Four Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 6/30/04 Recap-6/28/04 "Wasn't There Supposed to Be a Cat In This Bag?"

TVRules 6/30/04 Joe Schmo 2: Chat With Producers

I Love Reality 6/30/04 Live chat with the executive producers 9pm ET / 6pm PT tonight!!

Reality Reel 6/30/04 Live Chat Tonight With Joe Schmo 2 Creators, Writers & Executive Producers

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/04 Joe Schmo: Ep 3 Recap - We Didn't Make This Up, Honest

I Love Reality 6/30/04 Outback Jack Episode #2 Recap.

Reality News Online 6/30/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 3: Truth or Dare? 6/29/04 Joe Schmo 2 Episode Three Recap

Washington Times 6/29/04 Local 'Schmo' knows

I Love Reality 6/29/04 Joe Schmo Episode #3 Recap. A cliffhanger....

Globe and Mail 6/28/04 J-Roc gets a dose of reality

Reality TV World 6/28/04 Spike TV's struggling 'Joe Schmo 2' gets moved to Monday late nights 6/28/04 - 'Joe Schmo 2' Day & Time Changed

I Love Reality 6/28/04 Joe Schmo Episode #3 Premieres on Mon. instead of Tues.

Zap2It 6/28/04 'Joe Schmo's' Jane Keeps Producers on Their Toes

Ventura County Star 6/27/04 Contestant doesn't buy 'Schmo' ruse

Reality TV World 6/25/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 2 summary

Fans Of Reality TV Joe Schmo Recap-6/22/04 The Plot Thickens

TVRules 6/24/04 Joe Schmo Show 2 -Episode Deux... June 22 Summary

Reality News Online 6/24/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 2: Wine Not?

I Love Reality 6/23/04 Joe Schmo - Chat with Ernie

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/04 Joe Schmo 2: Dipping Your Wick, Ep 2 Recap

I Love Reality 6/22/04 Joe Schmo 2 Episode 2 Recap

USA Today 6/22/04 TV-show parody feeds stereotype

The Republican 6/19/04 Actress goes bad on faux TV series

Fans of Reality TV 6/18/04 "What's Going Ooooon?" (6/15 recap) 6/17/04 Joe Schmo 2: Episode 2 Preview 6/22

Reality TV World 6/17/04 Joe Schmo 2 - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 Joe Schmo 2: Chat Transcript - Rita The Drunk

TVRules 6/17/04 Joe Schmo 2: Premiere Summary: Episode One, June 22

Reality News Online 6/16/04 Joe Schmo 2, Episode 1: Meet, Greet and Beat Feet!

I Love Reality 6/16/04 Spike TV Hosts Live Chat Tonight

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/04 Joe Schmo 2 Recap: One Was Funny, Two Is Hilarious

I Love Reality 6/16/04 Joe Schmo II Ep. 1 Recap - The Schmo Goes On. 6/15/04 Joe Schmo 2 Episode One Recap

Reality Reel 6/15/04 Joe Schmo 2 Chat Live Tomorrow Night!

Reality Reel 6/15/04 The Schmo Must Go On...Spike TV's Hit Series "Joe Schmo" Returns

TV Barn 6/15/04 Mo' Schmo starting tonight

The Oregonian 6/15/04 'Joe Schmo' gives insider's laughs at reality TV's silly buffoonery

Boston Herald 6/15/04 Fools for love: `Joe Schmo 2' dupes latest victims with dating show

Star Ledger 6/15/04 Fool's paradise

Hartford Courant 6/15/04 `Joe Schmo 2' Stumbles At Start; ...

Seattle PI 6/15/04 A moment with ... Ingrid Wiese, 'Joe Schmo' contestant

Toronto Star 6/14/04 Canadian Torrens in on the joke

TVRules 6/14/04 Joe Schmo Premiere, June 15 Preview

Reality TV World 6/14/04 The schmo must go on -- the hijinks continue in Spike TV's 'Joe Schmo 2' 6/14/04 - Interview with “Gerald - The-Gotta-Be-Gay-Guy” From 'Joe Schmo 2'

Post Gazette 6/13/04 'Joe Schmo 2' proves entertaining

Zap2It 6/12/04 The 'Schmo' Goes On at Spike TV 6/11/04 - Interview with "Cammy The Moron" from 'Joe Schmo 2' 6/10/04 - Interview with "Derek Newcastle" from 'Joe Schmo 2'

NY Daily News 6/9/04 Reality TV's a gold mime 6/8/04 - 'Joe Schmo 2' Premieres Next Tuesday on Spike TV

Winnipeg Sun 6/6/04 J-Roc to Joe Schmo 5/21/04 - Joe Schmo 2 Episode 1 Review

TVRules 5/19/04 Joe Schmo 2: Meet Jane & Joe Schmo

TVRules 5/19/04 Joe Schmo 2: Character & Actor Bios

Press Release 5/17/04 Joe Schmo Returns

TVRules 5/17/04 Joe Schmo 2: New Season Details! 5/16/04 Joe Schmo Returns - Cast Revealed

TVRules 5/13/04 Joe Schmo Returns To Spike TV This June

Reality HQ 4/17/04 The Joe Schmo Show - Second Season Starts June 15!

TVRules 4/13/04 Joe Schmo 2 Returns To SpikeTV June 15

Digital Spy 4/13/04 New 'Schmo' to feature 'Jane Schmo'

TV Barn 4/13/04 Meet "Joe And Jane Schmo"

Reality TV World 4/12/04 Second season of Spike TV's 'The Joe Schmo Show' to premiere June 15

Zap2It 4/12/04 'Joe Schmo' Meets 'Jane Schmo' in June

Yahoo 4/11/04 Second 'Schmo' ready to go forth on Spike TV 
Digital Spy 2/10/04 'Joe Schmo' to return for second series

TV Week 2/9/04 'Joe Schmo' Returns for 2nd Season

Reality TV World 2/9/04 Spike TV officially orders second 'The Joe Schmo Show' season

TV Barn 1/26/04 Spike PR: "Joe Schmo's" new show

Post Gazette 12/28/03 Reality TV shows have a local flavor

TVRules 11/13/03 Joe Schmo Gets Development Deal At Spike

Reality TV World 11/10/03 'Joe Schmo' Matt Kennedy Gould signs "development deal" with SpikeTV

NY Daily News 11/10/03 Ex-pizza man's slice of 'Joe Schmo' action

Zap2It 11/7/03 'Joe Schmo' Works Mojo at Spike TV

Reality TV World 11/4/03 The Joe Schmo Show - Episode 8 summary

Media Life 11/3/03 In 'Joe Schmo,' Spike finds its gitmo

NoPointNecessary 10/31/03 Joe Schmo Finale Recap When Is A Parody Not A Parody?

The Globe and Mail 10/31/03 Gould says he's no schmo

Reality TV World 10/30/03 'Joe Schmo' finale draws over 3.4 million viewers to Spike TV

Zap2It 10/29/03 'Joe Schmo' Sets Records for Spike TV

Reality TV World 10/29/03 Schmo-ed Up ... and 'Joe Schmo' Matt Kennedy Gould didn't have a clue

NY Daily News 10/29/03 'Schmo'-biz guy eyes big leap into showbiz

Reality News Online 10/29/03 The Joe Schmo Show, The Finale: Well… That’s Nice

Post Gazette 10/29/03 Matt Kennedy Gould proves to be no Joe Schmo

Reality TV World 10/28/03 Matt Kennedy Gould no longer just looking for a "house, a dog, and a girl"

Edmonton Journal 10/28/03 Joe Schmo star being a good sport

Miami Herald 10/28/03 Of course, we'd never have fallen for it

Post Standard 10/28/03 'Joe Schmo' star has no regrets

Boston Globe 10/28/03 A genuine winner in fake reality

Toronto Star 10/28/03 Gullible Gould finally discovers it was all about Schmo business

The Oregonian 10/28/03 'Joe Schmo' a thrill for its bug-eyed star, the nation's biggest stooge

Post Gazette 10/28/03 'Joe Schmo' finale tonight

AJC 10/27/03 Find out if 'Joe' really was schmo

Dallas Morning News 10/27/03 Joe Schmo won't bite the hand that tricked him

Detroit Free Press 10/27/03 'Joe Schmo' plays off a darned good sport

Detroit Free Press 10/26/03 Show's a joke, but 'Joe' isn't 10/22/03 Battle of the Joes

JokersUpdates 10/17/03 Chat with Lance Krall aka "The Gay Guy" from Joe Schmo

Reality News Online 10/17/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 7: Merrily We Plod Along

Kentucky New Era 10/16/03 Finally, a lesson in Schmo

NoPointNecessary 10/16/03 Joe Schmo Ep 7 Recap Night of the Living UnDead To Us

Reality TV World 10/16/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 7 summary

JokersUpdates 10/14/03 Chat with Ralph Garman: Host of Joe Schmo

Reality TV World 10/14/03 'Joe Schmo' producers "in talks" with Spike TV for a second season

Reality TV World 10/13/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 6 summary

NY Daily News 10/13/03 This 'Joe' is schmokin'

Reality News Online 10/8/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 6: Matt the Negotiator

Reality TV World 10/6/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 5 summary

Toronto Star 10/6/03 Reality seen in a funhouse mirror

Post Gazette 10/4/03 'Joe Schmo Show' watch

Sioux City Journal 10/3/03 He's no ordinary Schmo

Reality News Online 10/3/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 5: Attract More with Honey

AJC 9/30/03 'Schmo's' Kip keeps lid on

Reality TV World 9/29/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 9/26/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 4: Jerked Around

Slate 9/25/03 Life Lessons From Joe Schmo

Reality News Online 9/18/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 3: You Get What You Pay For

Reality TV World 9/17/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 3 summary

Reality TV World 9/15/03 'Survivor' Jerri Manthey guest-starring on Spike TV's 'Joe Schmo'

Reality TV World 9/12/03 Ratings for 2nd episode of 'Joe Schmo' increase 45% over premiere

Reality News Online 9/11/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 2: Random Activities

Reality TV World 9/11/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 2 summary

Reality TV World 9/8/03 Joe Schmo's "Hutch" stars on UPN Comedy

Reality News Online 9/7/03 The Joe Schmo Show, Episode 1: Acting, Stupid

Reality TV World 9/5/03 Joe Schmo - Episode 1 summary

Zap2It 9/2/03 Reality Bites the Dust on 'Joe Schmo'

Denver Post 9/2/03 Spike's 'Joe Schmo' may bring reality TV to its knees

Newsday 9/2/03 Really Big 'Schmo'? It May Be Us

Reality TV World 9/2/03 Spike TV's 'Joe Schmo' fake reality TV show premiering September 2

Deseret News 9/2/03 'Joe Schmo' is really cruel

Beacon Journal 9/2/03 `Joe Schmo' doesn't go as planned

Edmonton Journal 9/2/03 'Schmo' duped as series sends up reality show cliches

Houston Chronicle 9/2/03 'The Joe Schmo Show,' 'Boy Meets Boy' rely on duping the stars

Post Gazette 9/2/03 Hard to tell who's the real schmo in new series

Post Gazette 9/2/03 Reality TV again touches Pittsburgh

Courier Journal 9/2/03 Spike TV's 'Schmo' is humorous, pathetic

Chicago Sun-Times 9/2/03 Spike TV's below-average 'Joe'

SF Chronicle 9/2/03 Reality spoof turns player into patsy in Spike's wildly funny 'The Joe Schmo Show'

USA Today 9/2/03 Joke's on 'Joe Schmo' in reality spoof

NY Daily News 9/2/03 It's your average 'Schmo'

Seattle PI 9/2/03 You can't help but pity Spike TV's 'Joe Schmo'

TV Week 9/1/03 Spike TV: Pushing the Limit

USA Today 9/1/03 Joke's on 'Joe Schmo' in reality spoof

NY Times 9/1/03 Frontier of Surreality: Mocking Reality Shows

Miami Herald 9/1/03 Reality show has cruel twist of unreality

Dallas Morning News 8/29/03 All systems faux on 'Joe Schmo'

Knox News 8/29/03 This reality show anything but real -- or is it?

Elites TV 8/28/03 Spike TV's The 'Joe Schmo Show' Premieres September 2

Reality Reel 8/28/03 The Joe Schmo Show Premieres on Spike TV - September 2nd

Reality TV World 7/18/03 Spike TV to air new 'Joe Schmo' pseudo-reality TV program

Post Gazette 7/10/03 Pittsburgh 'Joe Schmo' will show up on Spike TV's faux series


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