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About the Joan of Arcadia Show


On this series God visits a teenage girl as a variety of different humans and gives her different tasks to perform.  While the purpose of the task is usually not apparent, it usually has a profound influence on those affected by the end of the show.


News Articles about CBS Networks Joan of Arcadia


Scripted TV Fans 7/14/10 “Joan of Arcadia” Star Amber Tamblyn to Appear in Multi Episode Arc of “House”

Zap2It 3/5/07 'Arcadia' Star Moves to 'Babylon Fields'

TV Guide 1/8/07 Jason Ritter Contemplates a Class-y Threesome

Post Gazette 11/30/06 TV on DVD: 'Joan of Arcadia: The Second Season'

National Enquirer 6/9/06 Arcadia Alum's New Gig

Zap2It 7/20/05 CBS Boss Bids Farewell to 'Joan,' 'Amy'

Yardley News 6/30/05 Goodbye Joan, adieu Arcadia

Celebrity Spider 6/16/05 “Joan Of Arcadia” Fans Can Own Items From Show’s Set And Help Eliminate Poverty Housing

Hartford Courant 6/3/05 An Online Rescue Mission For `Joan Of Arcadia'

Post Gazette 6/2/05 TV Notes: 'Joan' fans' prayers won't likely be answered 5/31/05 Life is good for the traveling Tamblyn

Deseret News 5/31/05 'Joan' cancellation baffles series' fans

Boston Globe 5/29/05 And God said to Joan...

Zap2It 5/28/05 'Arcadia' Star Romances 'Elvis'

Salt Lake Tribune 5/27/05 'Joan of Arcadia' fans want to keep the series alive

Rocky Mountain News 5/21/05 Ratings quiet God: CBS cancels 'Joan' in prime-time shuffle

Beacon Journal 5/19/05 CBS lineup gives up good vs. evil battle

Zap2It 5/17/05 CBS May Choose Between 'Joan' and 'Amy'

The Monitor 5/16/05 Joan of Arcadia brings God to your television

Post Gazette 5/12/05 DVD on TV: 'Joan of Arcadia: The first season' and 'Entourage'

Beacon Journal 5/6/05 `Joan of Arcadia' set is divine

USA Today 5/2/05 'Joan' fans look to a higher power

Television Without Pity 4/28/05 Something Wicked This Way Comes

Jam! 4/22/05 'Arcadia' a devil of a finale

USA Today 4/21/05 Can story arc save 'Joan'?


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