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Television Without Pity 4/21/05 Common Thread

Chicago Sun-Times 4/21/05 Ratings perils test faith of even devout 'Joan' fans

Zap2It 4/20/05 'Joan of Arcadia' Seeks Divine Intervention

TVRules 4/14/05 Joan Of Arcadia: Something Wicked This Way Comes 4-22-05 (Finale)

MTV 4/12/05 With 'Arcadia' In Limbo, Amber Tamblyn Turns To 'Sisterhood'

Television Without Pity 4/7/05 Trial and Error

TVRules 4/5/05 Joan of Arcadia: Common Thread Preview 4/15/2005

TVRules 4/5/05 Joan of Arcadia: Spring Cleaning Preview 4/8/2005

Star Telegram 4/1/05 Does 'Joan of Arcadia' have a prayer? 3/22/05 Joan Of Arcadia: Trial And Error 4/1/05

Catholic News Service 3/17/05 Crime sped up 'Joan of Arcadia' creator's move to join church 3/16/05 Want decent family TV? Then help save 2 shows

Television Without Pity 3/3/05 Shadows And Light

Television Without Pity 2/24/05 Independence Day 2/18/05 Joan of Arcadia: An Interview With Its Catholic Producer 2/18/05 Has "Joan of Arcadia" become to "Touched By An Angel?" 2/17/05 'Joan' takes casting to another level

Television Without Pity 2/17/05 Romancing the Joan

Reality TV World 2/15/05 Stalker tracking 'Joan of Arcadia' star Amber Tamblyn 2/14/05 "Joan of Arcadia" Ep. 2/18/05 - Independence Day

Orlando Sentinel 2/11/05 That's one smart fella

Celebrity Justice 2/10/05 Amber Tamblyn Requests Protection from Alleged Stalker

TVRules 2/9/05 Joan of Arcadia: Shadows and Light 2/25/2005 Preview 2/6/05 Joan Of Arcadia: Independence Day Preview 2/18/05

NMC 2/3/05 Will.I.Am of Arcadia

Television Without Pity 2/3/05 The Rise and Fall of Joan Girardi

Mercury News 1/31/05 Network, actress at odds over direction of `Joan of Arcadia'

AZ Central 1/29/05 Heaven knows what CBS star is thinking

Tribune-Review 1/28/05 'Joan of Arcadia' shines the Big Apple

MTV 1/28/05 Wanna See Hilary Duff Act Like A Bitch? Here's Your Chance 1/26/05 Joan Of Arcadia: 'Romancing The Joan' Preview 2/11/05 1/24/05 Joan of Arcadia: The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi 1/28/2005 Preview

Television Without Pity 1/20/05 Queen of the Zombies

NMC 1/19/05 Hilary Duff Guests on Joan of Arcadia

Teen Television 1/15/05 Hilary Duff Guest Stars On Joan of Arcadia

Television Without Pity 1/12/05 Game Theory

TVRules 12/31/04 Joan Of Arcadia: Game Theory Preview 1/7/05

Northwest Herald 12/30/04 Actor appreciates show's innocence

SMH 12/23/04 Joan of Arcadia

Television Without Pity 12/16/04 Dive

TVRules 12/3/04 The Duff Sisters To Guest Star on Joan Of Arcadia

Zap2It 12/3/04 'Joan,' 'Raymond' Win Family TV Awards

Television Without Pity 12/3/04 The Book of Questions

The Age 12/2/04 Joan of Arcadia

Coming Soon 12/2/04 Duff Sisters to Guest Star on Joan of Arcadia

Zap2It 12/2/04 'Arcadia' Does Duff Double-Dip

Detroit News 12/2/04 'Joan,' 'Raymond' win family TV awards

TVRules 11/30/04 Joan of Arcadia: Dive 12/10/04 Preview

Television Without Pity 11/24/04 No Future

CBS 11/19/04 Unsure If God Is One Of Us

NY Daily News 11/19/04 'Joan of Arcadia': It's still a godsend

Television Without Pity 11/18/04 Friday Night 11/18/04 'Joan' and 'Dreams,' family-friendly viewing

Mobile Register 11/13/04 'Joan' audience shrinks 11/11/04 Anna Nalick re-visits hometown with 'Joan Of Arcadia' CBS-TV series

Indy Star 11/11/04 Catholic group honors Gibson, 'Joan' creator

Television Without Pity 11/11/04 P.O.V. 11/7/04 "Joan of Arcadia" Ep. 11/19/04 - No Future 11/7/04 "Joan of Arcadia" Ep. 11/12/04 - Friday Night

Chicago Sun-Times 11/5/04 TV show raises questions about God

Television Without Pity 11/4/04 Wealth of Nations

Television Without Pity 10/28/04 The Election

San Diego Union-Tribune 10/22/04 Jason Ritter sees real life in acting roles

Television Without Pity 10/22/04 The Cat 10/18/04 Joan of Arcadia: Talking Back to God 10/18/04 "Joan of Arcadia" Ep. 10/29/04 - Wealth of Nations

Knox News 10/15/04 ET native revels in 'Joan' character's 'quirky' side

Television Without Pity 10/14/04 Back to the Garden

TVRules 10/13/04 Joan of Arcadia: P.O.V. 11/5/04 Preview

TVRules 10/13/04 Joan of Arcadia: Wealth of Nations 10/29/04 Preview

TVRules 10/13/04 Joan of Arcadia: The Election 10/22/04 Preview
WIVB 10/9/04 Local Man Plays Role of God in TV Drama

Journal Gazette 10/8/04 Young Ritter enjoys new movie, hit TV show

Television Without Pity 10/6/04 Out of Sight

Television Without Pity 9/30/04 Only Connect

Mobile Register 9/30/04 Slack night? Not with 'Joan' 9/29/04 Channeling God

OrwellProject 9/20/04 Joan Of Arcadia Spoiler for Friday October 8th

Marion Chronicle Tribune 9/19/04 Actors keep it simple when playing God on CBS's 'Joan of Arcadia'

TVRules 9/9/04 Joan Of Arcadia: Season 2 Premiere Friday, September 24

USA Today 9/8/04 'Joan' mixes faith, family into compelling TV

USA Today 9/7/04 'Joan' hears the voices: Can it top Season 1?

Cincinnati Post 8/16/04 In terms of values, 'Joan' is No. 1

NBC10 8/3/04 Family Group Picks 'Joan Of Arcadia' Best TV Show

Journal Now 7/29/04 Jason Ritter appreciates what dad taught him

Beacon Journal 7/23/04 Revisit `Joan of Arcadia' tonight

SyFy 7/15/04 Joan Of Arcadia Shocks Emmy World

CNS 7/14/04 'Joan of Arcadia' asks more questions than it answers, says creator

Zap2It 7/9/04 'Joan,' 'Bernie Mac' Win Humanitas Prizes

National Enquirer 7/8/04 Joe Mantegna Too (Bleep)ing Crude For 'Joan Of Arcadia'

TV Barn 7/8/04 "Joan of Arcadia" among Humanitas winners

Zap2It 7/5/04 Ritter Named VSDA's Rising Male Star

Northwest Herald 6/9/04 'Joan' dishes on acting, dad and God

Television Without Pity 5/28/04 Silence

Dick Staub 5/27/04 Joan of Arcadia Pop Gospel Quiz

Charlotte Observer 5/22/04 `Joan of Arcadia' speaks to many fans

Beacon Journal 5/21/04 `Joan' drops into cheap stunt

Teen Television 5/20/04 'Arcadia' First-season Finale

Knox News 5/20/04 'Arcadia' first-season finale addresses Joan's faith in herself

Television Without Pity 5/19/04 The Gift

Television Without Pity 5/13/04 Vanity, Thy Name Is Human

TV Guide 4/30/04 Joan "Mystery" Solved!

TVRules 4/26/04 Joan Of Arcadia: Vanity, Thy Name Is Human 5/7 Preview

TVRules 4/26/04 Joan Of Arcadia: Anonymous 4/30 Preview

Beliefnet 4/16/04 TV's 'Joan of Arcadia' Generating a Cult Following

NY Daily News 4/11/04 Heaven knows God is a hit

Star Tribune 4/8/04 'Joan' could be answer to TV's prayers

Television Without Pity 4/8/04 Do the Math

TVRules 4/5/04 Joan Of Arcadia: St. Joan Preview 4/16

TVRules 4/5/04 Joan Of Arcadia: The Devil Made Me Do It 4/9 Preview

Zap2It 3/30/04 'Joan of Arcadia' Resonates with Diverse Audience

Television Without Pity 3/18/04 Requiem for a Third Grade Ashtray

TVRules 3/17/04 Joan Of Arcadia: 'Do the Math' Preview 4/2

NY Times 3/14/04 Joan, But Definitely Not of Arcadia

Zap2It 3/12/04 'Joan of Arcadia' Star Heeds Call of 'Pants'

Coming Soon 3/12/04 Amber Tamblyn in Ken Kwapis' Traveling Pants

CNN 3/10/04 An edgy show about God

Redlands Daily Facts 3/10/04 Prophet-minded entertainment

San Bernardino Sun 3/10/04 A philosophical grudge match

Zap2It 3/8/04 How 'Joan of Arcadia' Overcame 'Worst Log Line Ever'

Grand Forks Herald 3/7/04 'Joan of Arcadia' defies expectations

Zap2It 3/7/04 'Joan of Arcadia' Creator Finds a Reason to Believe

Knox News 3/5/04 'Joan' players a bit surprised at show's success

Houston Chronicle 3/5/04 Steenburgen unsure about move to TV, but parking's good

CBS 3/5/04 'Joan of Arcadia' A Surprise Hit

MLive 3/4/04 Steenburgen working on television series

Television Without Pity 3/3/04 No Bad Guyy

News Enterprise 2/27/04 ‘Joan of Arcadia' actress to appear at fund-raiser

Hartford Courant 2/27/04 Teenager's Heavenly Connection A Big Hit

Television Without Pity 2/25/04 Double Dutch

Zap2It 2/20/04 'Joan of Arcadia' Creator Finds a Reason to Believe

Television Without Pity 2/19/04 Night Without Stars

Post Gazette 2/15/04 TV Preview: 'Joan of Arcadia appeals to all ages

Dallas Morning News 2/14/04 God is her co-star

Star Ledger 2/12/04 Mysterious ways: Talking with 'Joan of Arcadia' and her creator

Television Without Pity 2/11/04 State Of Grace

Television Without Pity 1/21/04 Recreation

Television Without Pity 1/15/04 Jump

Zap2It 1/8/04 God the Father: Russ Tamblyn Guests on 'Arcadia'

Salt Lake Tribune 12/24/03 God in 'Joan of Arcadia' a reflection of diverse human forms

Television Without Pity 12/19/03 The Uncertainty Principle

Television Without Pity 12/10/03 Drive, He Said

Television Without Pity 11/26/03 St. Joan

Television Without Pity 11/19/03 The Devil Made Me Do It

Town Hall 11/13/03 Enjoying 'Joan of Arcadia'

Television Without Pity 11/12/03 Death Be Not Whatever

Washington Post 11/9/03 God Speaks, Viewers Watch
TeeVee 10/16/03 "Joan of Arcadia"

News Journal 10/14/03 Parents can trust 'Joan of Arcadia'

Slate 10/9/03 Are You There, God?

Newsday 9/26/03 Review: Joan of Arcadia

Media Life 9/22/03 'Joan of Arcadia,' hearing voices


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