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About Survivor Palau Contestant Janu Tornell


Janu Tornell is 39 and works as a Las Vegas show girl.  She dances at the Tropicana in the "Best of the Folies-Bergère".  She was Miss Nevada in 1989 and was first runner-up in Miami's 1990 Miss Nuestra Belleza competition.
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News Articles about Survivor Palau's Janu Tornell


Reality News Online 5/4/05 "I Wrote My Own Destiny": An Interview with Survivor's Janu

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/28/05 Why Survivor: Palau's Janu Is Not in the Hall of Shame

Reality Reel 4/27/05 Did Probst Manipulate Janu?

Reality News Online 4/26/05 Survivor: Palau - Janu, Probst, and Much Ado About Nothing

Fans of Reality TV 4/23/05 Janu it Was Coming Sooner or Later

Reality Reel 4/23/05 Survivor Palau: The Rigged Manipulation Of Janu

Reality TV Calendar 4/23/05 You Can Own Janu's Torch

The Trades 4/22/05 Survivor Palau: Episode 10 - Vegas Showgirl Craps Out

Survivor Review 4/22/05 Janu Goes Moon-Dancing

Reality News Online 4/22/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Janu Lost

MediaFiends.com 4/22/05 Janu on 'The Early Show'

CBS 4/22/05 Showgirl In 'Survivor' Spotlight

Access Hollywood 4/22/05 Janu Not Sorry She Quit 'Survivor'

MediaFiends.com 4/22/05 Probst Gets Someone To Quit

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/22/05 Episode 10 discussion - Show's Over: Koror Drops the Curtain on Janu

Reality TV World 4/22/05 Janu Tornell quits 'Survivor: Palau', becomes the thirteenth castaway to exit

Entertainment Weekly 4/22/05 Odd Woman Out

Zap2It 4/21/05 'Survivor' Showgirl Makes a Curtain Call

CBS 4/21/05 Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out

CBS 4/21/05 Tribal Council Shocker - Janu Quits

KLAS-TV 2/18/05 Las Vegas Showgirl Survivor

KLAS-TV 2/17/05 Las Vegas Showgirl Competes in Survivor Palau

CBS 1/13/05 Meet Survivor: Palau Cast


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