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In 1938, Orson Welles convinced small town America that it was being invaded by aliens. For 67 years, 'War of the Worlds' remained the greatest hoax in U.S. history. Until now. It's 2005, and small town America is once again about to be invaded by creatures from another planet. Riverside, Iowa, population 928, is the self-proclaimed future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. The townspeople have just received word that their favorite son, William Shatner, is going to shoot his passion project, a science fiction movie called 'Invasion Iowa,' on location in Riverside. What they don't know is that everything in front of and behind the cameras is fake. 'Invasion Iowa' isn't a movie at all… it's a farce spoofing the silliness of Hollywood. William Shatner and a company of actors are about to turn a charming little town upside down on… 'Invasion Iowa.' Premieres March 29, 2005 on Spike TV.

News Articles about Spike TV Networks Invasion Iowa

Reality News Online 4/18/05 An Interview with Invasion Iowa Editor and Producer Paul Coyne

Reality News Online 4/6/05 “The Stereotypes Were Just Too Over the Top”: An Interview with Bill Blank from ‘Invasion Iowa’

Reality News Online 4/4/05 Invasion Iowa - The Movie

Reality News Online 4/2/05 Invasion Iowa, Episode 4: Beam Me Up, Scotty

Reality News Online 4/1/05 Invasion Iowa, Episode 3: James T.Whom?

Reality News Online 3/31/05 Invasion Iowa, Episode 2: Shat Happens...

Toronto Star 3/31/05 Shatner prank lacks phaser blasts

Celebrity Spider 3/30/05 Riverside Cast Responds to "Invasion Iowa" TV Show

Reality TV Calendar 3/30/05 How "Schmo" Can You Go?

Reality News Online 3/30/05 Invasion Iowa, Episode 1: Iowa... The Final Frontier

The Oregonian 3/29/05 Shatner's 'Invasion Iowa': Set phasers on fun

Tampa Bay Online 3/29/05 Corniness Meets Sci-Fi As Iowa Townsfolk Join Star For 4-Day Parody

Boston Globe 3/29/05 In 'Iowa,' Shatner makes a mockery

Kansas City Star 3/29/05 TV: ‘Iowa' is no ‘Joe Schmo'

Kalona News 3/29/05 Invasion Iowa makes early debut in Riverside 3/29/05 Shatner's failed 'Invasion' hits Iowa

Plain Dealer 3/29/05 Shatner helms a prank and says laugh's on him

Deseret News 3/29/05 Iowa invaded!

Star Ledger 3/29/05 Shatner's best role: Himself

Post Gazette 3/29/05 TV Preview: Spike, Shatner invade Iowa with reality show

NY Daily News 3/29/05 Shatner pulls trek on Iowans

NY Times 3/29/05 A Hoax Among the Haystacks of Iowa

Celebrity Spider 3/28/05 Invades the Set of Spike-TV's "Invasion Iowa"  


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