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News Articles about Spike TV Networks Invasion Iowa

Dallas Morning News 3/28/05 Want ham with those fries?

USA Today 3/28/05 Reality invades Riverside, Iowa

Knox News 3/27/05 To William Shatner, it was a "delicious" scam.

Arizona Republic 3/27/05 Super duper: Shatner & Co. punk Iowa town

Des Moines Register 3/27/05 TV hoax exposed

Star Ledger 3/27/05 Iowa ... the final frontier

Zap2It 3/27/05 Shatner Boldly Goes Where No Hoax Has Gone Before

Quad Cities Times 3/26/05 TV crew punks an entire town in rural iowa

NY Newsday 3/26/05 Hey folks, it's just a joke!

Sioux City Iowa 3/25/05 The joke's on Shatner, not Iowa

Hollywood Reporter 3/25/05 Invasion Iowa

Iowa City Press Citizen 3/24/05 Run for your lives! It's 'Invasion Iowa!'

Post Standard 3/24/05 SU grad Michael J. O'Hara joins William Shatner on comedy-reality series

Milwaukee Journal 3/23/05 Beam me to Iowa, Scotty

Iowa Citizen Press Citizen 3/23/05 Riverside previews 'Invasion Iowa'

KWOC 3/23/05 Victims of spoof see themselves in reality show

The Journal 3/23/05 Invasion Begins

Knox News 3/23/05 Shatner's 'delicious' scheme is all a joke

Radio Iowa 3/22/05 Pranked Riverside gets its preview of Trek Reality

Fairfield Daily Ledger 3/17/05 Shatner's "Invasion Iowa" reality show a hit in Riverside

The Journal 3/10/05 'Invasion' a hoot in town

Kalona News 3/9/05 Red Carpet Gala planned for premiere of Invasion Iowa

Iowa Channel 3/4/05 William Shatner Show 'Invasion Iowa' Airs This March

TVRules 2/28/05 Spike TV's Mini Series ''Invasion Iowa'' To Premiere March 29

Reality News Online 2/26/05 Invasion Iowa - A Concept & Cast Preview

Reality TV Calendar 2/15/05 Cast Photo, Character Descriptions and More

USA Today 11/18/04 At 73, Shatner's at 'full gallop'

Reality TV Calendar 10/22/04 Was Capt. Kirk Rude? A Critic Critic Responds 10/11/04 Invasion Iowa:"Is this a movie? No, it's a reality TV show!"

Press Citizen 10/5/04 Producers say ‘Invasion Iowa’ won’t insult state

Scotsman 10/5/04 Shatner boldly goes to Kirk's birthplace

Press Citizen 10/5/04 Letter from ‘Invasion Iowa’ to Iowa Film Office

Boston Globe 10/1/04 Air America finds local home

Press Citizen 10/1/04 'Trek' director 'shocked' at hoax

E!Online 9/30/04 Shatner Treks Path of Con

Access Hollywood 9/30/04 William Shatner 'Punks' Iowa Town

Press Enterprise 9/30/04 How a town got fooled

Contact Music 9/30/04 Shatner And Nimoy Dupe Entire Town

PR Newswire 9/29/04 William Shatner's 'Invasion Iowa' Proves to Be TV's Most Elaborate Hoax Ever

Press Enterprise 9/29/04 Riverside feels ‘Wrath of Con’

IGN 9/29/04 Shatner's Iowa Invasion a Hoax

Washington Evening Journal 9/29/04 Reality trumps fiction in Riverside

Go Memphis 9/29/04 William Shatner 'Punks' Iowa Town

Zap2It 9/29/04 Shatner, Spike Pull 'Schmo' Job on Entire Town 9/29/04 - William Shatner's "Invasion Iowa" Proves To Be TV's Most Elaborate Hoax Ever

CBC 9/29/04 Shatner punks birthplace of Captain Kirk

NY Daily News 9/29/04 'Star'-struck town learns harsh reality

USA Today 9/29/04 William Shatner 'punks' Iowa town

Kalona News 9/23/04 Shatner invades Riverside; former Star Trek captain directing new sci-fi movie

WOI 9/23/04 Eight Iowans to appear in Star Trek star movie

IGN 9/22/04 Shatner Invades Iowa

Press Enterprise 9/21/04 Star Trek star to film movie in Riverside


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