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News Articles about HBO Networks Project Greenlight


Reality Shack 3/30/05 "A Continuation of Pre-Production" – Project Greenlight 3, Episode 3

Reality Shack 3/30/05 "The Joy of Pre-Production" – Project Greenlight, Episode 2

Celebrity Spider 3/23/05 Ben Affleck Signs Up Project Greenlight Loser

Capital Times 3/22/05 'Greenlight' goes for the green

Zap2It 3/19/05 Matt Damon Gets a 'Greenlight'

Reality Shack 3/16/05 "Feast" – Project Greenlight 3, Episode 1

The Oregonian 3/15/05 'Greenlight' goes lean in search of the green

Post-Dispatch 3/15/05 "Greenlight" focuses its lens on success

Hollywood Reporter 3/15/05 Project Greenlight

NY Times 3/15/05 Making It, and Taking It on the Chin from a Studio Bigwig

Star Ledger 3/15/05 'Feast' or famine?

NY Daily News 3/15/05 Damon and Affleck in 'Project' greenbacks

Deseret News 3/14/05 Horrors! 'Project' is back

Macomb Journal 3/13/05 Local writer in reality series

Celebrity Spider 3/10/05 Project Greenlight Premieres Tuesday March 15th on Bravo

Daily News Script 3/4/05 Students get 'Greenlight' on screenwriting

Reality TV World 2/2/05 Bravo's 'Project Greenlight 3' to premiere on March 15

Salem Statesman Journal 11/30/04 Eugene screenwriter gets 'Greenlight' in roundabout way 11/9/04 Filmmakers to get the Greenlight

Backstage 8/6/04 Reality TV 'Project Greenlight' Has New Goal: Money

MSNBC 8/6/04 ‘Project Greenlight’ turns to horror

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/04 It's not easy being 'Green'

WXXA 7/21/04 Miramax Demands a Better Project Greenlight Project

Reality TV World 7/20/04 'Project Greenlight 3' to focus on the making of a horror movie, 'Feast'

Macomb Eagle 7/19/04 Macomb graduate wins 2004 Project Greenlight

Coming Soon 7/15/04 Project Greenlight Teaming Up with Wes Craven

USA Today 7/14/04 Greenlight going the scary route

KATU 7/10/04 Eugene man a finalist in 'Project Greenlight' screenplay contest

Cedar Falls Courier 6/25/04 C.F. native earns top-10 spot in film competition

Quad-City Times 4/29/04 Bettendorf movie directors make Top 50 cut in Project Greenlight

TV Barn 4/9/04 Bravo PR: "Greenlight" script picked

Beacon Journal 2/12/04 HBO film entry being shot in Kent

Cinescape 2/9/04 Project Greenlight 3 is looking for your horror/thriller scripts and a director!

Zap2It 2/5/04 'Project Greenlight' Opens Third Contest

TV Barn 2/4/04 Bravo PR: Call for "Greenlight" entries

Globe and Mail 1/19/04 HP, Project Greenlight photo launch contest

Toronto Star 1/19/04 Affleck laughs at himself

Beacon Journal 1/10/04 Bravo takes on series by Damon, Affleck

Teen Hollywood 1/9/04 Affleck And Damon's Project Gets Another Greenlight

TVRules 1/8/04 Project Greenlight Moves to Bravo

TV Barn 1/8/04 Bravo PR: More "Greenlight" details

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/04 'Greenlight' a go on Bravo net

E!Online 1/7/04 Bravo Gets "Greenlight"

Coming Soon 1/7/04 Miramax, LivePlanet & Bravo Give the Greenlight

Chicago Sun-Times 12/17/03 Affleck searches for 'Greenlight' home

Zap2It 12/12/03 Affleck Hopes to Keep 'Greenlight' Burning

Coming Soon 12/7/03 Reviews: The Battle of Shaker Heights

Chicago Sun Times 11/27/03 'Project Greenlight' gets pink slip from HBO

Hollywood Reporter 11/26/03 No HBO go for 'Greenlight'; Bravo in talks for Season 3

E!Online 11/26/03 HBO Red-Lights "Greenlight"

Zap2It 11/26/03 HBO Pulls Plug on 'Project Greenlight'

Cleveland Free Times 10/8/03 The Reel Shaker Heights

Denver Post 10/7/03 Show has teen actor seeing green

Post Gazette 10/3/03 'The Battle of Shaker Heights'

Pittsburgh Live 10/3/03 'Shaker Heights' can't live up to expectations

Houston Chronicle 10/2/03 'Shaker Heights' is a shaky effort for 'Greenlight'

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/13/03 HBO boosts 'Shaker Heights'

Contra Costa Time 8/31/03 The dark side of Project Greenlight

Seattle PI 8/29/03 'Shaker Heights' is another clunker from the Affleck and Damon Greenlight team

SF Examiner 8/29/03 Hit the 'Heights' 8/29/03 Review: Bland 'Shaker Heights' loses edge to cliches

Star Telegram 8/29/03 'Battle' SCARS

Chicago Sun-Times 8/29/03 The Battle Of Shaker Heights 8/29/03 It reenacts better films, but 'Battle' can be winning

Star Telegram 8/29/03 'Battle' fatigue

Washington Times 8/28/03 Project Greenlight's 'Battle' a lost cause

Teen Hollywood 8/28/03 Project Greenlight Helps Ben Act Natural

NY Times 8/28/03 After Breakthrough That Wasn't, Fledgling Filmmaker Tries Again

Cleveland Free Times 8/27/03 The Reel Shaker Heights

Teen Hollywood 8/27/03 Damon and Affleck's Tv Series Slammed

Chicago Sun Times 8/27/03 Five questions with Chris Moore

Boston Herald 8/25/03 `Battle of Shaker Heights' teen is a shooting star

Plain Dealer 8/24/03 Battle Lines Are Drawn

Washington Post 8/23/03 Stop Signs for The Visionaries Of 'Project Greenlight'

Fox News 8/23/03 'Shaker Heights' Is Another Box Office Test for Affleck

Daily Bulletin 8/22/03 'Shaker Heights' loses battle of cohesiveness

Dallas Morning News 8/22/03 'Greenlight' blurs documentary-reality TV line

Salon 8/22/03 Two directors in search of a character

Hollywood Reporter 8/22/03 Battle of Shaker Heights

Salt Lake Tribune 8/22/03 Reality TV delivers a few gems

NY Times 8/22/03 Study Death, Learn to Live

NY Daily News 8/22/03 Sweet 'Battle' wins us over

Newsday 8/21/03 The Battle of Shaker Heights

Zap2It 8/18/03 The Uphill Battle of 'The Battle of Shaker Heights'

Zap2It 8/18/03 Life After 'Gigli': Affleck's Rope-a-Dope

Arizona Reporter 8/15/03 Miramax to Release 'Project Greenlight' Movie Aug. 22

Extra TV 8/11/03 'The Battle of Shaker Heights'

ET Online 8/11/03 Ben's New 'Battle'

NWI Times 8/9/03 Podiatrist makes stab at filmmaking

Zap2It 8/7/03 'Shaker' Star Sought By Studios

Village Voice 8/4/03 Indie Film Producer Christine Vachon Analyzes 'Project Greenlight'

The Trades 7/28/03 The Battle of Shaker Heights 

NY Times 7/27/03 But What I Really Want to Do Is Throw Tantrums

Beacon Journal 7/25/03 She's enjoying the `Greenlight'

Capital Times 7/22/03 Media musings: 'Greenlight' shines as reality TV

NY Times 7/18/03 Where Has Escapism Gone?

Naples Daily News 7/17/03 HBO's 'Project Greenlight' shows directors in development

Japan Times 7/9/03 Just like Eden

Slate 7/3/03 Greenlight Means Caution

The Plain Dealer 6/27/03 A Cuyahoga Falls filmmaker fights to become part of 'Battle' shoot

Salt Lake Tribune 6/24/03 'Greenlight' goes again, HBO series documents strife, success

Japan Today 6/24/03 Here's a million bucks Pete

Denver Post 6/22/03 Larkspur woman hits air with film

Miami Herald 6/22/03 Reality show is back to torture wannabe filmmakers

Orange County Register 6/22/03 'Project Greenlight' doesn't stop traffic

St Petersburg Times 6/22/03 Who needs the stress? He does.

Daily Bulletin 6/21/03 'Project Greenlight' back to the storyboard

Houston Chronicle 6/21/03 New format promises bumpy second season for filmmaking crew

Mercury News 6/20/03 Documentary on bad film is pretty good

Beacon Journal 6/20/03 `Project Greenlight' again follows movie

Detroit Free Press 6/20/03 Brainy stress test is what true reality TV should be

Star Ledger 6/20/03 New direction

NY Daily News 6/18/03 'Greenlight' focuses on big picture

ET Online 6/5/03 Matt & Ben's Next 'Project'

Zap2It 5/28/03 Second 'Project Greenlight' Sets Premiere Date 3/17/03 Cast lines up for Miramax's Battle Of Shaker Heights

Backstage 3/6/03 Greenlight, Coke: Real Thing

Backstage 2/28/03 Project Loyalty

Times Online 2/10/03 Film-making for fools

Cleveland Scene 2/6/03 No Place Like Home

Denver Post 2/2/03 Writer has plenty of heart

Yale Daily News 1/31/03 Young directors win Green

The Plain Dealer 1/23/03 HBO to follow filming of script set in Shaker Hts.

Kennebec Journal 1/22/03 Maine film-making pair get Greenlight

Maryland Gazette 12/24/02 Local filmmaker pursues 'Greenlight'

Teen Hollywood 12/19/02 Affleck and Damon Get Busy

Video Store Magazine 12/9/02 Blockbuster Takes On Project Greenlight Sponsorship

The Age 12/1/02 Oh, lucky man

NWA News 10/4/02 It’s back to school for ‘Greenlight’ director

Tribune Chronicle 9/26/02 'Project Greenlight' is better than the film it's based on

My Inky 9/24/02 First 'Project Greenlight' season is worthy choice

Detroit News 8/31/02 'Project Greenlight' seeks aspiring directors, writers

Zap2It 8/26/02 Ben and Matt Greenlight Second 'Project' for New Screenwriter/Directors

USA Today 8/21/02 Affleck, Damon buddy up for a second 'Greenlight' 8/14/02 'Searchlight' pokes fun at contest to write/direct show

Zap2It 8/6/02 Second 'Project Greenlight' Is a Go

E!Online 8/6/02 Second "Project Greenlight" Greenlit

USA Today 8/2/02 'Project Greenlight' gets another go

Zap2It 7/17/02 Project Greenlight Wraps 'Speakeasy'

St. Petersburg Times 5/31/02 Project All Right

Free Times 5/8/02 Heavens Gate

Detroit News 5/3/02 'Stolen Summer' proves contest entrants can create a warm, intelligent movie

Fairfield Citizen News 4/12/02 Film's Premiere at CTF Has Fairfield Connection

USA Today 3/25/02 Greenlight signals change in Net talent hunt

NY Times 3/24/02 An Outsider Who Isn't Out Far Enough

Metacritic 3/23/02 Stolen Summer

Salon 3/22/02 "Stolen Summer"

E!Online 3/22/02 Stolen Summer review

Boston Herald 3/22/02 Stolen Summer' is product of good film hunting

Film Force 3/21/02 Stolen Summer Review

Boston Phoenix 3/21/02 Stolen Summer Review

Film Force 3/20/02 An Interview with Pete Jones

Zwire 3/18/02 Quinn, Pollak: HBO series fabricated

TV Guide 3/15/02 Greenlight Makes Actor See Red

Phoenix New Times 3/7/02 Behind the Greenlight is a producer proud to be an ass

U-Wire 3/1/02 Yielding to Project Greenlight

Zap2It 2/18/02 Getting the 'Greenlight:' Pete Jones' 'Stolen' Dreams Come True

Newport Daily News 2/15/02 HBO movie to benefit Newport film festival

Indianapolis Star 2/6/02 'Summer' is better than series suggests

Star Ledger 1/29/02 All TV: Noisy on the set

LA Times 1/29/02 For 'Greenlight,' Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

CNN 1/19/02 Cheers and jeers for Pete Jones at Sundance

Boston Phoenix 1/10/02 Green-lighted Ben and Matt lend a hand

Zap2It 12/28/01 Project Greenlight Runners-up Make Good in Hollywood

Tee Vee 12/28/01 Hooray for Hollywood?

Entertainment Weekly 12/26/01 'Project' Neophyte

Slate 12/17/01 Project Brown-Nose

CSM 12/7/01 'Here's $1 million - make a movie'

Salon 12/6/01 Anatomy of a disaster

Contra Costa Times 12/2/01 'Project Greenlight' is a go

Post Gazette 12/2/01 'Project Greenlight' looks at movie making

St. Petersburg Times 12/2/01 Behind the scenes in Hollywood

My Inky 12/1/01 Evansville native Biagi is on a roll

San Francisco Chronicle 11/30/01 A compelling insider look at filmmaking

Guardian 11/29/01 Damon and Affleck play Pygmalion to movie newcomer

Star Ledger 11/29/01 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon give unknown filmmakers a boost

Detroit Free Press 11/29/01 He wrote, they liked, he became a filmmaker

Knox News 11/28/01 'Operation Greenlight': All systems go

National Post 11/28/01 Project Greenlight, a premium cable series, shows how a movie is made

San Francisco Chronicle 11/30/01 A compelling insider look at filmmaking

Guardian 11/29/01 Damon and Affleck play Pygmalion to movie newcomer

Star Ledger 11/29/01 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon give unknown filmmakers a boost

Boston Herald 11/29/01 Damon and Affleck's slick `Project' unwittingly exposes Tinseltown's ugliness

Detroit Free Press 11/29/01 He wrote, they liked, he became a filmmaker

New York Daily News 11/28/01 'Greenlight' Strikes Gold

Knox News 11/28/01 'Operation Greenlight': All systems go

National Post 11/28/01 Project Greenlight, a premium cable series, shows how a movie is made

Ananova 11/26/01 Affleck and Damon reveal Hollywood secrets in new TV show

Zap2It 11/21/01 HBO to Launch 'Project Greenlight' in December

Zap2It 8/3/01 Affleck Checks into Rehab

Sun News 7/15/01 Damon, Affleck gave green light

Zap2It 7/14/01 ‘Project Greenlight’ Shows Hollywood Realities

Oklahoman 5/27/01 Ben Affleck's career still flying high

Coming Soon 5/24/01 Second Project Greenlight Script Purchased

Coming Soon 5/20/01 Hunt the Lead in 'Stolen Summer/Project Greenlight'

Otago Daily Times 3/6/01 Top actors give Greenlight to unknown writer

Bergen Record 3/4/01 Film news and notes

CBC 3/2/01 Damon and Affleck's screenwriting contest picks winner

E!Online 3/2/01 Matt and Ben Anoint Unknown Director

Cnet 3/1/01 Damon-Affleck Web project crowns new screenwriter

ZDNet 2/12/01 Star Search

Tech TV 11/20/00 Project Greenlight

Variety 11/15/00 Stop and Go for Project Greenlight

Daily Bruin 10/3/00 Green means go

Extra 9/25/00 Matt & Ben: Hunting For the Next Big Thing

SF Gate 9/22/00 Matt Damon and Ben Affleck launch a Web search for talented filmmakers

Weekly Wire 7/24/00 More of the Same

The Ledger 7/19/00 Miramax's Project Greenlight Is Seeking Original Screenplays

Film Threat 7/19/00 Damon and Affleck give Greenlight

IF Magazine 7/12/00 Affleck, Damon seek new director for Greenlight

Fulton Critic 7/11/00 HBO's 'Greenlight' a Go

Guardian 3/17/00 Affleck and Damon look for indie amateur on internet


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