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About Forever Eden

On this show, similar to Paradise Hotel, young attractive contestants live and hang out together at a resort location.  Various challenges and guests are used to promote disharmony and conflict.  The contestant earn money the longer they remain on the show but if they quit they get nothing.  New contestants are rotated in that have already been watching the show.  Just like a soap opera, the show the just continues on until the audience stops watching.

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News Articles about FOX Networks Forever Eden Show


Reality TV Calendar 1/6/06 The Apple and the Snake - How It All Ended

Digital Spy 12/16/04 Five picks up 'Forever Eden' in UK

I Love Reality 7/20/04 Episode 10 Recap

I Love Reality 7/20/04 Episode 9 Recap

I Love Reality 7/12/04 Forever Eden - Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/04 The Death of Eden & P.I.S. - A Fox Rant

Reality TV World 5/21/04 Fox announces remaining 'Forever Eden' episodes will not air this summer

Zap2It 5/20/04 No Closure for Truncated FOX Shows

Reality News Online 4/22/04 Forever Eden, April 16: The Change-Up

Crazy4RealityTV 4/19/04 Where did Forever Eden Go Wrong?

Fans Of Reality TV 4/15/04 The FORT Interview with Ruth England

Reality TV World 4/14/04 FOX pulls 'Forever Eden' from its broadcast schedule

Media Guardian 4/14/04 Forever Eden dropped after just one month

Reality Reel 4/13/04 Forever Eden: Where’s Wallace?

TVRules 4/13/04 Forever Eden Put On Hiatus

TVRules 4/13/04 Forever Eden: An Interview With Ruth England

Reality News Online 4/12/04 Forever Eden, April 9: What’s Up With Wallace?

TVRules 4/12/04 Forever Eden: 4/9 Summary, Episode 7

Reality TV World 4/11/04 Forever Eden - Episode 7 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 4/10/04 Forever Eden:4/8/04 Recap: Forever Evil

Reality TV World 4/9/04 Forever Eden - Episode 6 summary

Reality Reel 4/8/04 Forever Eden Week 4/5: Stand By Your Man

TVRules 4/8/04 Forever Eden: Interview With Michael 4/6/04 Forever Eden: Life In Eden Is Full Of Sour Apples

TVRules 4/5/04 Forever Eden 4/2 Summary


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