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Fans Of Reality TV 4/5/04 4/2 episode recap: Flat Tummies and the Queen(s) of Hell

Reality News Online 4/5/04 Forever Eden, April 2: On and On

TVRules 4/2/04 Forever Eden: Episode 6 Summary

Bikini Day 3/31/04 Forever Eden Episode 3 Video Clips

Reality News Online 3/31/04 ‘Playing It Straight’ Put on Hiatus, ‘Forever Eden’ Shifted

Bikini Day 3/31/04 Forever Eden Episode 4 Video Clips

Reality TV World 3/31/04 Forever Eden - Episode 5 summary

Reality TV World 3/30/04 'Forever Eden' continues its scheduling death march... to Fridays at 9PM

TVRules 3/30/04 Forever Eden: Episode 6 Preview 4/2 (Video Included)

TVRules 3/29/04 ABC Follows FOX's Suit Mixes Up Weekly Line-up

TVRules 3/29/04 Forever Eden Moves To Friday As A New Guest Arrives

TVRules 3/29/04 Forever Eden 3/25 Summary

Jamaica Observer 3/29/04 Jamaica's Eden heads to France

Hollywood Reporter 3/29/04 Sked shuffle for ABC 'Makeover,' two Fox series

Fans Of Reality TV 3/28/04 Forever Eden:3/25/04 Episode: How to Make Filler the Focal Point

The Tennessean 3/26/04 You only THOUGHT Shawna got the boot…(middle of article)

Reality News Online 3/26/04 Forever Eden, March 25: Brand New Date, Same Old Drek

TVRules 3/25/04 Forever Eden, 3/25 Video Previews

Reality Reel 3/23/04 Week 2: Adam’s Apple

Reality TV World 3/22/04 'Forever Eden' to welcome newcomer Claudia after Jordan gets banished

TVRules 3/22/04 Forever Eden: Series Moves to Thursdays-3/25, Newcomer Claudia Arrives

TV Guide 3/22/04 Eden Vixen: ''Nobody's Dead... Yet!''

Decatur Daily 3/19/04 Somerville native making splash on 'Forever Eden'

Bikini Day 3/19/04 Forever Eden Episode 2 Video Clips

Reality TV World 3/19/04 Forever Eden - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 3/19/04 Forever Eden: Who Cares?

Reality TV World 3/18/04 'Forever Eden' keeps bleeding viewers as 4th ep draws only 4.3 million viewers

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/04 Adam's Applebottoms (3/15)

Bikini Day 3/16/04 Forever Eden -Spring Time in Haiti

Reality HQ 3/16/04 Forever Eden, Episode 4 Recap

TVRules 3/16/04 Forever Eden 3/15 Summary

Independent 3/16/04 Strangers in paradise

Reality News Online 3/16/04 Forever Eden, March 15: Twisted!

Bikini Day 3/13/04 Introduction to Forever Eden

Reality TV World 3/11/04 'Forever Eden' welcomes newcomer Jason... 

Reality TV World 3/11/04 Forever Eden - Episode 3 summary

Cullman Times 3/10/04 Cullman native is waking up to reality

Fans of Reality TV 3/10/04 Trouble In Paradise (3/8)

Reality Reel Media 3/9/04 Week 2: Forever Doesn’t Last a Long Time

TV Rules 3/9/04 Forever Eden: Episode Three Summary-3/8

Reality News Online 3/9/04 Forever Eden, March 8: True Colors 3/8/04 Forever Eden Episode 3 Recap – “True Colors.”

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/04 Our Interview With Mary

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/04 Our Interview With Craig

Deseret News 3/6/04 3 Utahns lose grip on reality

Reality Reel 3/6/04 Paradise Comes to an End

Fans Of Reality TV 3/6/04 Forever Eden Episode Two Recap 03/02/04 Forever Blaaaah Part Deux 3/4/04 Forever Eden or Is Reality TV a Venue for would-be Actors?

Reality TV World 3/4/04 'Forever Eden' welcomes newcomers Liz and Wallace....

Fans Of Reality TV 3/3/04 Forever Eden-Episode One Recap 3/1/04: Forever Blaaaahhh

Reality TV World 3/3/04 Forever Eden - Episode 2 summary

Reality News Online 3/3/04 Forever Eden, March 2: Reap What You Sow, Part 2

Reality HQ 3/3/04 Forever Eden Episode 2 Recap

NY Times 3/3/04 What Makes for Good Reality? Clear Rules and a Few Twists

Reality News Online 3/3/04 Forever Eden, March 1: Reap What You Sow

Reality TV World 3/3/04 Forever Eden - Episode 1 summary

KPTV 3/2/04 Salem woman makes debut in FOX show

TVRules 3/2/04 Forever Eden-3/2 Summary

Reality HQ 3/2/04 Forever Eden, Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV World 3/2/04 Despite 'Idol' lead-in, Fox's 'Forever Eden' premieres to only so-so ratings 3/2/04 - Forever Eden Debuts tonight (March 1)

Business Wire 3/1/04 Viseon VisiFone Stars in New FOX TV Show, ``Forever Eden''

TVRules 3/1/04 Forever Eden-3/1 Episode One Summary

Courier Journal 3/1/04 Fox puts Kentuckian in the mix for 'Eden'

NY Daily News 3/1/04 'Eden' turns up the heat

Kansas City Star 2/28/04 Local man makes it to ‘Eden'

TVRules 2/27/04 Meet the Cast of Forever Eden

Reality News Online 2/27/04 Forever Eden: A Preview

Zap2It 2/25/04 Real People Leave It All Behind for FOX's 'Forever Eden'

TVRules 2/25/04 Forever Eden Female Casting Call

TVRules 2/23/04 Forever Eden Castlist

Reality TV World 2/20/04 Fox reveals the identities of 'Forever Eden's eleven initial guests

Zap2It 2/19/04 'Forever Eden' Books First 11 Guests

Reality TV World 2/9/04 FOX's "never ending" 'Forever Eden' reality soap to premiere March 1

TV Week 2/9/04 'Eden' Gets Two-Night 'Idol'-Fueled Premiere

TV Barn 2/9/04 Fox PR: "Forever Eden," an "open-ended soap"

Reality HQ 2/7/04 FOX is hoping for endless ratings with its new show "Forever Eden"

TVRules 2/6/04 Forever Eden Gets Two Night Premiere

TVRules 1/17/04 Forever Eden Coming To Fox In March

Zap2It 1/16/04 Fox Sets 'Cracking,' 'Eden' Premieres

SMH 1/13/04 Real life Truman Show

Ananova 1/12/04 Reality TV show 'could last forever'

Guardian 1/12/04 Forever on TV: reality soap opera that may never end 1/3/04 New Reality Soap Opera - Forever Eden

Reality TV World 1/2/04 Fox planning 'Forever Eden',a never-ending reality soap opera"

Reality News Online 12/22/03 From Paradise to Eden – Fox Prepares for Reality Soap Opera

Zap2It 12/22/03 FOX Plans No Exit from 'Eden'

Digital Spy 12/22/03 Reality turns to soap in new Fox series

Coming Soon 12/22/03 Fox Planning a Reality Show Without an End

TV Week 12/22/03 Fox First: Reality Soap Opera

Media Life 12/22/03 Midseason s#e*x patch for Fox


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