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About The Fat March show


It's an epic, life-changing journey that begins at the starting line for the Boston Marathon and ends in Washington, DC. The contestants and their two charismatic fitness trainers, Steve Pfiester and Lorrie Henry, will walk over 570 miles, passing through nine states, with the goal of shedding unwanted pounds and getting fit along the way in an attempt to permanently alter their lives. In addition, they all will compete for a prize pool of $1.2 million. Stressing team work, the more people who finish, the more money each person wins.


News Articles about ABC Networks Fat March


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Guardian 8/21/07 Obese TV show contestants 'put at risk'

USA Today 8/20/07 Is TV's 'Fat March' out of step?

Boston Globe 8/19/07 They're walking the talk to lose weight

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 The Marchers Pass the 200-Mile Mark Next Week on "Fat March"

RealityWanted.net 8/15/07 Fat March - Stage Two Struggles From the Eyes of a Contestant

RealityWanted.net 8/14/07 Fat March - Episode 2 Recap

Bay Area Reporter 8/9/07 Fat March has lesbian comic in its ranks

Brookline TAB 8/9/07 Resident steps into fitness on ‘Fat March’

Celebrity Spider 8/8/07 Another Contestant Makes a Trip to the Hospital Next Week on "Fat March"


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