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News Articles about ABC Networks Fat March


RealityWanted 8/8/07 Fat March - Stage One Struggles, a Contestants Perspective

RealityWanted.net 8/6/07 Fat March Episode 1 Recap

TBO 8/6/07 Local Woman Joins 11 Others In 'Fat March'

Cincinnati Post 8/6/07 Take a hike, reality contestants told

KTAR 8/6/07 Valley Trainer Featured on New Reality TV Show

NY Daily News 8/6/07 Losing streak on 'Fat March'

Albany Times Union 8/6/07 'Fat March' only skims surface of obesity

Media Life 8/6/07 'Fat March,' slimmest August pickings

South Coast Today 8/6/07 'Fat March' missteps with contrived stunts

Herald News 8/6/07 Elwood man spurs team on 'Fat March'

Washington Post 8/5/07 A Potentially Life-Altering Journey

Dallas Morning News 8/5/07 First Baptist Dallas youth minister to be on weight-loss reality show

Milwaukee Journal 8/4/07 City native sheds pounds with ABC's 'Fat March'

Arizona Republic 8/4/07 Valley fitness trainer guides 'Fat March'

Milwaukee Journal 8/4/07 Drawing 'Power' from 'March' of reality

Dothan Eagle 8/3/07 Reality show helped Daleville woman face weight struggle

Lancaster New Era 8/3/07 A heavy 'March' into Lancaster

RealityWanted.net 8/2/07 Interview with Steve Pfiester, Co-Host and trainer for ABCs Fat March

Mesquite News Star 8/2/07 Resident featured on reality TV show

Boston Globe 8/2/07 At 22, Everett man walks the walk on TV's 'Fat March'

Tallahassee Democrat 7/31/07 Former Tallahassee resident to co-host 'Fat March'

Celebrity Spider 7/21/07 ABC Announces New Series "Fat March" to Premiere August 7th

Baltimore Sun 6/12/07 Reality show 'Fat March' films in city

Connecticut Post 5/12/07 Hardly a 2nd glance for 'Fat March'

New Haven Register 5/8/07 TV reality show strolls into city

TCPalm 5/6/07 Vero Beach trainer takes weight loss on the road

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