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This show is a six-episode, half-hour hybrid comedy/reality series hosted and inspired by Kirstie Alley.  The show takes Kirstie's real life experiences and recreates them in the extreme.


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News Articles about Showtime Networks Fat Actress


National Enquirer 8/13/09 Kirstie Alley: Four Years to Live

Celebrity Spider 2/20/08 Kirstie Alley Eyes Her Own Weight Loss Company

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Liza Minnelli Thanks "Fat Actress" Kirsty Alley for Weightloss

The Common Voice 11/8/06 Former 'Fat Actress' Flashes Bikini On Oprah

Celebrity Spider 1/10/06 Kirstie Alley: "Scientology Couldn't Help Me Lose Weight"

National Enquirer 11/9/05 Kirstie Alley Discusses Weight  With Oprah

Palm Beach Post 11/8/05 Kirstie Alley No Longer a 'Fat Actress'

Celebrity Spider 9/21/05 Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Jeopardizes Future of Fat Actress

Zap2It 9/21/05 Alley Loses Weight, and Maybe 'Fat Actress'

Celebrity Spider 9/20/05 Kirstie Alley Celebrates Big Weight Loss

Boston Globe 9/20/05 `Fat Actress' Kirstie Alley loses 50 lbs.

Philly.com 7/18/05 'Fat Actress' Kirstie Alley may lose more than weight

Celebrity Spider 7/11/05 Kirstie Alley and John Travolta Join Tom Cruise's Anti-Drug Crusade

Herald Sun 6/19/05 Kirstie's big fat chance

Celebrity Spider 6/14/05 Kirstie Alley: I'm a Compulsive Liar

Celebrity Spider 6/13/05 Kirstie Alley: My Cocaine Diet Drove Me Insane

Celebrity Spider 5/24/05 Jenny Craig's Phone's Jump after Kirstie Alley Appears on Oprah Winfrey Show

The Trades 5/20/05 "Fat Actress Season One" DVD Review

Celebrity Spider 5/17/05 Kirstie Alley Quits Smoking and Gains Weight

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Fat Actress Sued for Song Infringement

Zap2It 4/26/05 Bluesman Wants a Piece of 'Fat Actress'

Media Life 4/18/05 Crash diet for audience of 'Fat Actress'

Celebrity Spider 3/29/05 Nimoy Slams Alley's Fat Actress

Celebrity Spider 3/28/05 Rosie O'Donnell Apologizes to Kirstie Alley for Weight Jibe
Union Tribune 3/28/05 Role with the punches


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