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Detroit News 3/20/05 'Fat Actress' weighs in on obsession with body

Celebrity Spider 3/18/05 Kirstie Alley: Miscarriage Made Me Fat  

Celebrity Spider 3/17/05 Rosie O'Donnell Blasts Kirstie Alley

Jam! 3/17/05 Fat, funny, fabulous

Extra 3/16/05 The Battle of the Bulge: Rosie vs. Kirstie

Shopping News 3/15/05 Showtime Rushes 'Fat Actress,' Starring Emmy Winner Kirstie Alley, to DVD May 24th

Atlanta Journal 3/14/05 Broad humor of 'Fat Actress' soon wears thin

National Enquirer 3/10/05 Wow, Look at Kirstie

ET Online 3/10/05 Kirstie's 'Fat' Controversy

NY Daily News 3/10/05 Is 'Fat Actress' a health threat?

News.com.au 3/9/05 Kirstie's TV return

TV NZ 3/8/05 Kirstie Alley says cheers to being fat

Knox News 3/7/05 'Fat' tips scales in Alley's favor

TBO 3/7/05 Worth The Weight? Alley Plays The Heavy In New Showtime Sitcom

Star Telegram 3/7/05 Kirstie at large

AJC 3/7/05 Kirstie Alley: Having her cake and eating it too

Union Tribune 3/7/05 'Fat Actress,' 'Contender' can't make the weight

NY Times 3/7/05 A Hefty Star Tips the Scales in Favor of Comedy

Seattle Times 3/7/05 Hard to muster much enthusiasm for weighed-down "Fat Actress"

Orlando Sentinel 3/7/05 Sizing up

TV Week 3/7/05 In'fat'uation

Hartford Courant 3/7/05 Kirstie Alley Makes Herself The Big Butt Of Her Comedy

Washington Post 3/7/05 'Fat Actress': Jolly-Unsaturated

SF Chronicle 3/7/05 Blow by blow, among the best reality shows

Chicago Sun-Times 3/7/05 'Fat Actress' adds up to a lot of dead weight

USA Today 3/7/05 Alley chews the scenery and laps up big laughs

Seattle PI 3/7/05 Kirstie Alley is living large with new series 'Fat Actress'

NY Daily News 3/7/05 'Fat Actress' is too thin

Star Ledger 3/7/05 Funny? Fat chance

Rocky Mountain News 3/7/05 'Fat Actress' thin on value

Philly.com 3/7/05 Broad comedy

Dallas Morning News 3/6/05 Big 'Fat' disaster

Beacon Journal 3/6/05 You won't tune in? Fat chance

Detroit Free Press 3/6/05 'Fat Actress' delivers the belly laughs

Jam! 3/6/05 Kirstie Alley throws her weight around

Kansas.com 3/6/05 Fat Actress

NorthJersey.com 3/6/05 Kirstie Alley's comeback

Boston Herald 3/6/05 `Fat Actress' large on laughs

Post Gazette 3/6/05 TV Reviews: 'Fat Actress' packs more punch than 'Contender'

NY Daily News 3/6/05 Dunaway, Alley and Fawcett go the reality route

Washington Post 3/6/05 Kirstie Alley: Enjoying Her Just Desserts

NY Times 3/5/05 Taking a Big, Fat Chance (for the Time Being)

Zap2It 3/5/05 Alley Turns Tabloid Woes into Comic Fodder

Knox News 3/4/05 'Fat Actress' digs into meaty role as herself

Hollywood Reporter 3/4/05 Fat Actress

Miami Herald 3/3/05 Alley says Aniston's physique is tops

Zap2It 3/3/05 Showtime 'Super Sizes' Debut of 'Fat Actress'

Milwaukee Journal 3/2/05 'Fat Actress' not weighed down by stereotypes

Shopping News 3/2/05 How To Lose Your Ass and Regain Your Life by Kirstie Alley Released March 1

Detroit News 3/2/05 Kirstie Alley goes for 'big' laughs on TV

Toronto Star 3/2/05 Slender hopes and fat chances

NY Daily News 3/2/05 'Fat' & sassy, Kirstie chews the scenery

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/05 Kirstie living large to show size matters

Knox News 3/1/05 'Fat Actress' a hoot ... Compelling reality show about boxers

USA Today 2/24/05 'Fat Actress' premiere is tons of fun

Access Hollywood 2/24/05 Alley 'Fat'

ET Online 2/24/05 Kirstie Alley's 'Fat Actress' Premiere

Zap2It 2/16/05 Alley's Showtime 'Fat' Streams Through Yahoo

Knox News 2/14/05 Alley relishes the humor of 'Fat Actress'

Contact Music 2/9/05 Alley Underwent Strict Weight Checks On Cheers

Contact Music 2/9/05 Alley Weight Ridicule Inspired By 'Skinny' Beginnings

ET Online 2/2/05 Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss
Deseret News 1/28/05 Kirstie makes fat phat

ET Online 1/27/05 I Want My Fat TV! Kirstie's Music Video

Deseret News 1/18/05 Kirstie Alley ignored 'Fat Actress' warnings

Detroit News 1/17/05 Kirstie Alley was brains behind show

Rocky Mountain News 1/15/05 Alley makes most of 'Fat' chance

Post Gazette 1/15/05 Alley has fun with weighty issue

Mercury News 1/15/05 Alley to shed pounds on 'Fat Actress'

AJC 1/14/05 Kirstie Alley's new comedy about more than being fat

Jam! 1/14/05 Alley to shed pounds on 'Fat Actress'

USA Today 1/14/05 Alley feeds off humor for 'Fat Actress'

Seattle PI 1/14/05 Showtime lets Kirstie Alley turn weight taunts into series fodder

NY Daily News 1/14/05 'Fat Actress' strikes back

ET Online 1/14/05 Kirstie & Her 'Cheers' Co-Star Ted Danson!

Contact Music 1/13/05 Alley Owes Weightloss Fight To Oprah and Scientologists

Dallas Morning News 1/13/05 Press Tour: Alley has no problem playing the heavy

Philly.com 1/13/05 Kirstie Alley keeping diet of 'Fat' jokes

ET Online 1/13/05 Carnie and Kirstie Get Personal!

Tampa Bay Online 12/23/04 Calling Alley `Fat Slob' Marks Acting Debut For NBC Boss

Zap2It 12/20/04 Jenny Craig Makes Alley a Not-So-Fat Actress

Access Hollywood 12/15/04 The Skinny On Kirstie's Weight Gain

Contact Music 11/19/04 Electra Gets Into a Fist Fight on Alley's New Show

The Age 10/13/04 Look at Alley

CBS 10/12/04 Kirstie Alley Plays 'Fat Actress'

Mercury News 10/12/04 Travolta, Zucker join Alley's `Fat Actress'

MSNBC 10/12/04 Television grapples with weighty matter

CBS 10/12/04 Travolta Lands 'Fat' Guest Role

PR Newswire 10/8/04 Heavy Duty Talent Weighs in for Showtime's 'Fat Actress'

CBS 10/8/04 Kirstie Alley: Accepting Herself

Extra TV 7/28/04 Kirstie on Living Large in Hollywood

USA Today 7/23/04 Kirstie Alley is the 'Fat Actress'

Access Hollywood 7/23/04 Kirstie's 'Fat' New Show

Zap2It 7/22/04 Alley Thinks Big for Showtime's 'Fat Actress'


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