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About Renovate My Family on FOX Network

This show is hosted by Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil McGraw.  The show is a life improvement program that visits families who have encountered some tough challenges of all types like being overweight, physical disabilities or a home that needs improvement.  The show aims to overcome these problems and get the families moving forward toward their goals.  Experts of all sorts will be engaged to do whatever it takes to fix the problems presented.
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News Articles about FOX Networks Renovate My Family


LA Times 5/13/07 Family says show built facade after wrecking house

Celebrity Spider 8/31/05 Dr. Phil's Son Engaged to Playmate

Chicago Tribune 8/21/05 TV's reality hits home

Celebrity Spider 8/9/05 Alibris Teams Up With "Renovate My Family" Show to Help Needy Family

Metro 7/25/05 The dark side of reality television

Digital Spy 7/23/05 FOX's 'Renovate' sued by unhappy family

Reality TV World 7/21/05 'Renovate My Family' family sues producers over home improvements

Daily Herald 7/21/05 Family suing reality TV show over repairs

Chicago Tribune 7/21/05 Family says TV show left an unhappy ending

NBC5 6/22/05 Cold Reality Continues After TV-Show Home Makeover

NBC5 5/20/05 Family Says Reality Show Ruined Home

Reality TV World 5/16/05 Fox to air three summer reality series, plus the return of 'Renovate My Family'

Suburban Chicago News 4/1/05 Renovated or ruined?

Suburban Chicago News 12/23/04 Chicago casting calls issued for 3 TV reality shows

Reality News Online 11/20/04 Renovate My Family, The Serratellis, Part 2

Reality News Online 11/15/04 Renovate My Family, The Serratellis, Part 1

TVRules 11/10/04 Renovate My Family: The Serratelli Family Part II 11/19/04

Zap2It 11/9/04 Dr. Phil Takes 'Family' Time on FOX

Reality News Online 11/7/04 Renovate My Family, The Sentenos

Post Gazette 11/6/04 Networks hammer away at home improvement shows as newer ones nail down ratings

TVRules 11/5/04 Renovate My Family-Serratellis Part 1 (#109) 11/12/04 Preview

TVRules 10/21/04 Renovate My Family: Senteno Family (Pt1) 11/5/04 Preview

Mercury News 10/20/04 Body found in Carlsbad identified as TV cameraman on reality series

Union Tribune 10/16/04 Oceanside residents, home get makeover

North County Times 10/6/04 Oceanside is latest subject of TV home building craze 10/6/04 FOX's Renovate My Family Moving To Fridays


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