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Fans of Reality TV 10/5/04 The Long Kiss Goodnight (Finale recap)

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/04 The Blankenship Family Recap

TVRules 10/2/04 Renovate My Family: The Blankenships 10/4/04 9/26/04 - 9/27/04 Renovate My Family Clips

Fans Of Reality TV 9/22/04 Renovate My Family 9-20 Recap – It all just happened so fast, Officer!

Reality TV Calendar 9/22/04 Coming Back From The Goth: Episode 4 Recap

Reality News Online 9/21/04 Renovate My Family, Episode 4: The Cole-Reimers

Reality News Online 9/16/04 Renovate My Family, Episode 3: Meet the Rosiers - Part Two

Fans of Reality TV 9/15/04 Voice Activated Blondes (9/13 recap) 9/15/04 - Trading Spouses, Renovate My Family & The Rebel Billionaire Clips

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/04 The Rosiers Family: Ep 3 Recap

AJC 9/13/04 Local household gets 'the works'

TVRules 9/13/04 Renovate My Family Preview 9/20; 9/27/04 Cole-Reimer family

Fans Of Reality TV 9/9/04 Quick Fixes With A Side Of Triplets

TVRules 9/7/04 Renovate My Family: The Rosiers Part II Preview 9/13/04

TVRules 9/7/04 Renovate My Family: Episode 3 'The Rosiers 9/6/04

Reality News Online 9/5/04 Renovate My Family, Episode 1: The Biggins

Herald News 9/5/04 Lemont family gets makeover on new Fox show

Fans Of Reality TV 9/3/04 Renovate My Family 9-1 recap: If You Build It, FOX Will Come 9/2/04 - Renovate My Family 9/6 Clips

Reality TV Calendar 9/2/04 Full & Complete Casting and Application Instructions

News Leader 9/3/04 'Renovate My Family' works on family, home at same time

Reality TV Calendar 9/2/04 Biggins Family Recap and Casting Information

Dallas Morning News 9/2/04 Review: Biggins family stays real even during a transformation

Chicago Tribune 9/1/04 Fox hammers away at family renovation

Detroit News 9/1/04 'Renovate My Family' aims to change folks inside and out

Dallas Morning News 9/1/04 Hot corner: Oak Cliff family hits prime time

TVRules 9/1/04 Renovate My Family: Season Premiere Video Previews September 1

Press Release 8/31/04 Casting Call - Renovate My Family

Colony Courier Leader 8/31/04 Reality TV hits close to home

Reality TV World 8/31/04 Fox retitles 'Family Time' to 'Renovate My Family', moves premiere to September 1

USA Today 8/31/04 'Renovate My Family,' my house, my dog

Deseret News 8/30/04 Fox drops more stealth bombs

Yahoo News 8/26/04 Smarthome to Design Homes for Fox's 'Renovate My Family'

TVRules 8/25/04 Fox's Renovate My Family Series Preview Sept 1

Dallas Morning News 8/15/04 Pulling back the scrim on reality TV

Dallas Morning News 8/15/04 Pulling back the scrim on reality TV

TVRules 8/10/04 FOX's Family Time Premieres September 7

Dallas Morning News 8/10/04 Oak Cliff family returning as Fox rushes 2 reality series to air

Dallas Morning News 8/6/04 TV's traded spouse gets a new house 7/31/04 It's a family makeover - pets, too

TVRules 7/29/04 Best Selling Author Jay McGraw To Host FOX's Family Time

Zap2It 7/29/04 Fox Making Over Just About Everything

AJC 2/21/04 Reality show draws dozens of hopefuls to Gwinnett mall

Press Release 2/12/04 Casting Call “Family Time”

TVRules 2/8/04 Casting: Family Time

Zap2It 2/5/04 Reality Vets Want to Help Your Family

Daily Herald 2/1/04 Suburban casting for a different kind of family TV


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