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Extreme Ironing is a sport which involves the combination of enjoyment of outdoor activities and the act of ironing.  This might include ironing while skiing, diving, tightrope walking, skydiving, mountain climbing or any other number of extreme settings.  Extreme Ironing was originally conceived by Starch and Steam in the British city of Leicester in 1997.


News Articles about Extreme Ironing

Hospitality Net 6/23/08 The Sports Tourist – The Rise of Individualism

BBC 4/21/08 Ex-soldier's extreme ironing task

Sydney Morning Herald 4/6/08 Go, creased lightning

Green Valley News 4/3/08 Extreme ironing pressing on my mind

Telegraph.co.uk 4/2/08 'Extreme ironing' on the sea bed in new record

The Courier 3/27/08 Striking while the iron is underwater

CNN 3/17/08 The Spirit of Sport: Obscure Pastimes

This is Lancashire 2/24/08 Climbing the heights, just to iron

The Economic Times 9/23/07 Iron out your fears

Mainichi Daily News 8/12/07 Japanese 'iron man' completes extreme ironing atop Mount Fuji

Emediawire 7/1/07 Stena Line Ad Campaign Inspires Extreme Ironing Craze

Burnley Today 6/26/07 Extreme Ironing

24 Dash 6/25/07 Have you tried 'Extreme Ironing' yet?

USA Today 6/1/07 Will 'extreme ironing' replace rock climbing on cruise ships?

Belfast Telegraph 5/29/07 Get on board for Ulster's extreme ironing challenge

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 11/20/06 Pressed for adventure? Try ironing atop Mount Everest

Japan Times 11/20/06 Athletes extol sensation of 'iron calm' at the limit

Islington Gazette 8/30/06 Diver takes ironing to new depths

PR Web 8/28/06 New World Record Set as Contest for ‘Extreme Ironing’ Underwater Title Heats Up

Daily Record 6/12/06 Craze or Crazy.. Go Extreme 

Sydney Morning Herald 6/1/06 She stood for all the things a woman can do

Northern Advocate 5/23/06 Northland divers crack underwater ironing record

The Australian 4/29/06 Wladimir irons out his rivals

Yorkregion.com 7/17/05 Higher, faster ... with sharper creases

Cape Argus 7/7/05 Getting down to the extreme of extreme sports

ic Wales 6/3/05 World of ironing gets a makover


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