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Ananova 5/19/05 Aussies break underwater ironing record

Post Gazette 4/27/05 Poetry in motion, wildlife transportation news, NFL SATs and extreme ironing

The Bulletin 4/1/05 Extreme ironing: Steamy sport flattens, starches competition

Watford Observer 1/24/05 A day's ironing pays off for tsunami appeal

Ananova 11/14/04 Aussies break underwater ironing record

The Age 11/8/04 Divers strike while the iron's cold

Barnet Times 10/20/04 NSPCC steam in to flatten the opposition

Electric New Paper 9/12/04 They Take Ironing To The Extreme Iron Men (and women)

The Age 6/14/04 Iron men press on

NBC5 5/26/04 'Extreme' Ironing Presses Limits Of Sport

NY Times 5/21/04 Get Out Your Boards: Extreme Ironing May Soon Be Hot

Scotsman 5/16/04 Extreme Ironing Presses into U.S.

ABC.net.au 5/15/04 How to make ironing fun

Toronto Star 5/15/04 Faster, higher and lightly starched

Aberdeen News 5/14/04 Extreme ironing team to tour Black Hills

PR Newswire 5/12/04 Extreme Ironists Cross the Pond and Begin to Press Their Way Across the U.S.

Ananova 5/11/04 Extreme ironers head for the US

icNorthWales 3/22/04 Record-holder steamed up after losing ironing crown

Beacon Journal 2/7/04 Ironists press thrill factor with their pants

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press 1/31/04 John flies the flag - and his laundry

AL.com 1/27/04 Another overlooked sport

CSM 1/23/04 The thrill of ironing; the agony of mountain unicycling

ic NorthWales 1/7/04 Iron awe

Chicago Sun-Times 12/22/03 Ironmen won't be depleated

This Is Leicestershire 12/9/03 Iron Man's Got Blaine On The Brain

Seattle PI 12/2/03 Here's a new wrinkle: extreme ironing

EDP 24 12/2/03 Ironing taken to the highest level

Ripley Today 11/6/03 Iron man takes to the skies

This Is Nottingham 10/31/03 Ironing Out The Fear

This is Derbyshire 10/31/03 Iron Man

Scotsman 10/29/03 Gentlemen of the board

Sunday Times 10/26/03 Men of iron

Sunday People 10/25/03 Iron Nuts Get Spaced Out

Tahoe Daily Tribune 10/23/03 Extreme ironing, black pudding chucking fills in those dull moments

Salt Lake Tribune 10/23/03 Wrinkle free

Fox News 10/17/03 Extreme Ironing: The Agony of 'Da Crease'

Maxim 9/1/03 Why iron slacks whilst cheating death? Because you can

Outdoors Magic 7/14/03 Extreme Ironing - The Book...

ABC Canbera 6/18/03 Extreme ironing goes off the edge

Ananova 5/21/03 South African duo win extreme ironing photo contest

Guardian 4/25/03 The height of fashion

Outdoors Magic 4/24/03 Extreme Ironing On Everest...

Outdoors Magic 4/23/03 Extreme Ironing Picture Comp Ends Soon

JWR 3/3/03 The ultimate clean and constructive sport

SCIC News 12/19/02 What is extreme ironing?

Outdoors Magic 12/10/02 Extreme Ironing On The Telly Last Night

Guardian 12/9/02 Extreme ironing no match for railwaymen

Tech Live 10/3/02 Ironing Goes Extreme

Outdoor Magic 9/30/02 Brits Triumph In Extreme Ironing Championships

Sunday Herald 9/22/02 Brits flat out at extreme ironing championships

Outdoors Magic 9/19/02 Extreme Ironing Lands Big Bucks

BBC 8/7/02 It's sport, it's extreme, it's... ironing!

Natives.co.uk 5/8/02 Extreme Ironing World Championships

ABC Perth 8/7/01 Extreme Ironing

Outdoors Magic 7/18/01 Hot New Extreme Sport Sweeps The Nation


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