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A multi-sport race founded and produced by Mark Burnett the Eco-Challenge features events such as mountaineering, 

horseback riding, mountain biking, kayaking, fixed ropes and pack rafting.   Past locations include Utah, New England, 

British Columbia, Australia, Morocco, Argentina and Malaysian Borneo.


News Articles about USA Networks Eco-Challenge Show


Figi Times 6/27/04 Endurance and sweat for glory

Figi Times 6/26/04 Eco-challenge to help build church

Sault Star 6/7/03 Eco-Challenge North America takes on Algoma

Globe and Mail 5/17/03 So you want to be an adventure racer?

DC Military 5/16/03 Warriors' endurance to be challenged in epic race

Fans of Reality TV 5/14/03 Eco-Challenge 4, Race to the Finish Line

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/03 Eco-Challenge (Part 1): Ready, Set, Go

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/03 Leaders of the Pack: Eco-Challenge Part 2

Providence Journal 5/6/03 Wickford man to appear in Eco-Challenge Fiji 2002

The Tennessean 5/5/03 Eco-Challenge experience worth risks to Nashville foursome

Salt Lake Tribune 5/5/03 'Eco-Challenge: Fiji' Is Riveting

NY Daily News 5/5/03 Rise to this 'Challenge'

Portsmouth Herald 5/4/03 From 'Road Rules' to Eco Challenge

Albany Democrat-Herald 5/2/03 Up to the challenge

St Petersburg Times 5/1/03 Next stop, who knows where

Fans of Reality TV 4/29/03 The Granddaddy of Reality TV: Eco-Challenge

Edmonton Journal 4/21/03 Eco-Challenge Fiji makes you feel tired just watching

Globe and Mail 4/19/03 Eco-TV

Inside Triathlon 4/11/03 Eco-Challenge to skip calendar year 2003


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