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News Articles about USA Networks Eco-Challenge Show


IOL 12/13/02 Teen on eco-challenge spend night in gorge

Bike Magic 11/26/02 Ten days in Fiji

EJ Online 11/8/02 Epic journey in a primitive land

EXN 11/1/02 Mark Burnett's New Philosophy

Summit Daily News 10/30/02 Local athletes recover from Eco-Challenge
Seattle Times 10/24/02 Seattle team finishes grueling Fiji course

Stuff 10/18/02 Kiwis exhausted but elated at Eco-challenge win

Vail Daily 10/18/02 New Zealand wins Eco-Challenge

Stuff 10/18/02 Stirring mountain bike stage leaves Kiwis poised to win 10/17/02 SA team makes waves in Fiji

Outdoors Magic 10/17/02 Eco Challenge Fiji Latest

Stuff 10/17/02 Kiwis make move in adventure race

Stuff 10/16/02 Kiwis make big strides in Eco Challenge

Outdoors Magic 10/15/02 Eco Challenge Fiji Ongoing

Stuff 10/15/02 Kiwis back on track

Fiji Live 10/14/02 Team Fiji drops out

Fiji Live 10/13/02 Team Fiji shoots up to 18th

Fiji Live 10/12/02 Team Fiji in poor start to Eco challenge

Guam PDN 10/12/02 Guam's eco-team passes 1st checkpoint

Fiji Live 10/12/02 Nacuva praises Eco meet

Fiji Live 10/11/02 A boon for tourism

Fiji Live 10/11/02 Only the toughest survive

Desert Sun 10/10/02 Team takes on Eco-Challenge

Stuff 10/10/02 Kiwis ready to tackle Eco-Challenge in Fiji

Fiji Live 10/10/02 Team Fiji out to win challenge

Outdoors Magic 10/10/02 Eco Challenge Hits Fiji

Fiji Live 10/10/02 Eco Challenge games up tourism market

Tennessean 10/4/02 4 from Nashville will test their limits with 10-day race

National Geographic 10/3/02 Adventure-Race Boss Defends Environmental Record

NEPA News 10/3/02 Vegan animal-rights activists set out for adventure

iAfrica 10/1/02 SA team off to Fiji

NY Times 9/29/02 The 'Survivor' Spirit, for Team-Building

Fiji Live 9/27/02 Netball skipper in Eco-challenge team

EJ Online 9/22/02 Taking on Nature - Team Washington prepares to face the jungles of Fiji

Zap2It 8/22/02 Hayden Christensen Accepts 'Eco-Challenge'

Air Force 8/19/02 Team retains Eco-Challenge championship title

Idaho Statesman 8/3/02 Idaho teams take Eco-Challenge

Coming Soon 7/31/02 Universal Enters Eco-Challenge

Denver Post 7/1/02 'Eco' challenge is more about ego

Globe and Mail 4/25/02 Just how candid is the Eco Challenge camera?

Idaho Mountain Express 4/24/02 Tobin on winning Eco-Challenge team

Vail Daily 4/23/02 USA airing Eco-Challenge documentary

Indianapolis Star 4/21/02 Series is ultimate in adventure

Extra TV 4/19/02 'Eco Challenge'

Fox News 4/17/02 Surviving the Reality Show Craze

Knox News 4/11/02 Eco-Challenge is back 4/3/02 Bucking tradition, he shuns political arena for reality TV

Zap2It 3/18/02 Hunter Set to Narrate 'Eco-Challenge'

South County Journal 2/3/02 Local adventure challenge scheduled

Outdoors Magic 1/2/02 Eco Challenge Venue Announced

USA Today 12/5/01 Military is up to these challenges

San Francisco Chronicle 12/5/01 Being all they can be in a reality showdown

USA Today 12/4/01 Military is up to 'Eco-Challenge'

Outside Online 10/25/01 Americans Capture Eco-Challenge Crown

Sacramento Bee 10/21/01 Adventure racers hale, hardy, Eco-Challenged

Outside  10/18/01 2001 Eco-Challenge Set for Sunday

Daily News 10/8/01 Is there a doctor in the hut?

Travel Asia 6/9/01 Borneo a hard sell on soft adventure

Zap2It 4/12/01 Armed Forces to Compete for 'Eco-Challenge'

Augusta Chronicle 4/9/01 'Survivor' main man does Borneo

Zap2It 4/6/01 Eco-Challenge Delivers on USA

CNN 4/5/01 Winners Discuss Eco-Challenge Borneo, Part II

PR Newswire 4/5/01 Team Eco-Internet to Race as the 'Science Team'

CNN 4/5/01 Winners Discuss Eco-Challenge Borneo, Part I

Globe and Mail 4/2/01 Going to extremes

St. Petersburg Times 4/1/01 TV's real survivor strikes again

Milwaukee Journal 3/31/01 Next to this, 'Survivor' is like a day at the beach

Globe and Mail 3/31/01 Rumble in the Jungle

Star Ledger 3/31/01 On 'Eco-Challenge' only the strong survive

USA Today 3/30/01 'Eco-Challenge' is no romp in the woods

TV Guide 3/30/01 Eco-Challenge's Playboy Connection

Detroit News 3/30/01 'Survivor' and Ironman clash in new reality show

Post Gazette 3/30/01 Mark Burnett's 'Eco-Challenge' is a blistering trek through Borneo

USA Today 3/29/01 'Eco-Challenge' races to new cable home

Cincinnati Post 3/29/01 New crop of shows wet, wild

Press Release 3/21/01 USA Network Presents the L.A. Eco-Challenge Fair

San Francisco Chronicles 1/22/01 'Survivor' Showman Burnett Is Off to the Races

Zap2It 12/12/00 New Zealand Selected As Site Of Next Eco-Challenge

The Star 9/15/00 Eco-Challenge members not tested for leptospirosis

Mac Central 9/7/00 Famous People: Singapore, Eco Challenge


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