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2/28/01 to 10/4/01


Salon 9/26/01 Pimp Pageant

CNN 8/26/01 Encore Presentation: Darva and Rick Reuinite for First Time

Louisville Channel 7/11/01 Condit, Rockwell Have Connection

TV Guide 3/27/01 Oscar's Night of 100 Has-Beens (paragraph 3)

Washington Post 3/7/01 What Do Norm Ornstein, Fred Barnes & Darva Conger Have in Common?


7/1/00 to 2/27/01


Forbes 2/27/01 2001 Most Powerful Celebrities

Zap2It 2/22/01 Conger and Rockwell, Together Again

E!Online 2/22/01 Darva and Rick Reunite

Gist 2/22/01 Darva Apologizes to Rick

Milwaukee Journal 2/22/01 Conger, Rockwell Talk to Larry King

ABC News 2/21/01 'Reunited and it Feels so Bad'

Zap2It 2/16/01 Darva Conger And Rick Rockwell To Appear On "Larry King Live" 2/21/01

Gist 1/31/01 Darva's Internet Adventure

Zap2It 1/31/01 'Multimillionaire' Couple To Guest On 'Curtis Court'

Seattle PI 1/26/01 Darva's back with her own Web site

Globe and Mail 1/26/01 Rating Reality

Detroit News 1/26/01 Theater ad too racy for WJBK-TV

Orlando Sentinel 1/24/01 Viewers deserve blame for success of trash TV

Jenny Jones 1/10/01 A Green Room Exclusive Interview with: Rick Rockwell

Globe and Mail 1/6/01 Reality Check

Time 1/1/01 Darva, George Pataki, Dr. Laura and Bobby Knight explain the year for us

Askmen.com 1/1/01 Celebrity Battle: Actress Angelina Jolie vs. Model Darva Conger

Seattle PI 12/30/00 2000 in Review: Celebrity Moments

Bergen Record 11/23/00 On Second Thought They're Perfect for Each Other (Paragraph six)

San Francisco Chronicle 10/4/00  Would-be TV bride sues over radio slur

Zap2It 9/23/00 Rick Rockwell Prepares To Have Butt Kicked

Montgomery Independent 9/21/00 Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire Loser?

Salon 9/19/00 Who wants to date Darva? Geraldo!?

Internet News 9/18/00 Banner Ad Campaign Lets Surfers "Punch the Multi-millionaire"

The Record 8/16/00 Darva to promote Sandbox.com 

Grand Forks Herald 7/25/00 Suspected Millionaire toe twister denies he was at Hotel

Zap2It 7/24/00 'Multimillionaire' Loses Toenail To Fan

TV Guide 7/20/00 Honeymoon's Over For Matt and Darva
Channel 2000.com 7/20/00 Lauer Says He Balked At Conger Interview
Stepping Out Magazine 7/13/00 Darva Interview

Channel 2000 7/11/00 Darva's Wedding Dress Put On Display
Salon 7/11/00 Will Britney Spears marry Rick Rockwell?
Washington Post 7/9/00 Getting in the Conger Line
Las Vegas Sun 7/9/00 Darva's Wedding Dress on Tour with Planet Hollywood

Zap2It 7/8/00 PAX Hires 'Multimillionaire' Rockwell For Promo
ZDNet 7/7/00 Multimillionaire bride a big draw at Playboy.com
E!Online 7/5/00 Darva Sighting
E!Online 7/4/00 The Million Dollar Mistake to Air 7/9/00


6/1/00 to 6/30/00

Washington Post 6/30/00 Darva Vision
Salon.com 6/29/00 Darva Milking It
St. Petersburg Times 6/29/00 'God bless Darva'
Newsnet5.com 6/28/00 'Millionaire' Bride Talks About Playboy Pics
Extra 6/28/00 Darva Conger Exposed!

Z1077 6/28/00 Rick Rockwell Attacks Fester
E!Online 6/28/00 Darva Does Playboy
St. Petersburg Times 6/27/00 Who wants to hear more about Rick Rockwell?
Washington Post 6/26/00 Darva to Appear on Politically Incorrect 6/30
The Guardian Unlimited 6/22/00 Only in America
The London Times 6/22/00 Exploring the wasteland
The Guardian Unlimited 6/19/00 The odd couple
This is London 6/12/00 The millionaire who's a real joke

5/1/00 to 5/31/00

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 5/16/00 Marrying millionaire Rick Rockwell comes home for a laugh
Newsnet5.com 5/16/00 Millionaire Brings 'Annulment Tour' Home
Channel 2000 5/11/00 Playboy: 'Multi-Millionaire' Bride Has Posed
E! Entertainment 5/10/00 Darva Bares Even More
Myrtle Beach Sun News 5/4/00 Conger's deal reveals the real her
Toronto Sun 5/4/00 Who wants to see Darva naked?
Detroit News 5/1/00 Darva Conger to O magazine


4/1/00 to 4/30/00


Salon.com 4/29/00 Will Darva do it ?
Maneater.com 4/28/00 Millionaire to hit Deja Vu
Salon.com 4/27/00 Conger line
NewsMax 4/27/00 TV's Millionaire Bride to Bare All for Six Figures
Newsnet5.com 4/27/00 'Multimillionaire' Bride May Pose For Playboy
E!Entertainment 4/18/00 It's Darva vs Rick in CyberSpace

Las Vegas Review 4/17/00 Darva's Mom was an Actress
Washington Post 4/13/00 Credit Law Blamed on Darva's Wedding Woes
E!Entertainment 4/13/00 Fox Clears Itself in Multi-Millionaire Mishap
Washington Post 4/11/00 Reliable Source
Las Vegas Review 4/7/00 Darva Returns Ring for Refund or Exchange
Dessert News 4/6/00 TV marriage is annulled
E!Entertainment 4/5/00 Darva Gets Annulment
Zhurnal.ru 4/2/00 Darva - dryannaya devchonka!
for those fluent in Russian - link provided back to this site
Kalamazoo Gazette 4/1/00 Parking fees downtown? Remember Darva


3/1/00 to 3/31/00


Milwaukee Journal Sentinal 3/31/00 Rick and Darva: Together Again?
Columbus Dispatch 3/25/00 What about OUR Dignity
Rocky Mountain News 3/24/00 On the Town
Seattle Times 3/24/00 Romantic follies: looking for a mature view of love
Slate.com 3/23/00 The Rockwell Files
Bay Weekly 3/15/00 Mad Marriages
Salon 3/15/00 Take my wife, please
Deseret News 3/12/00 Doomed groom back on the comedy stage
Seattle-pi.com 3/11/00 'Multimillionaire' bride says she's had enough
Newsnet5.com 3/9/00 'Millionaire' Bride Fired, Wants Annulment
Desseret News 3/9/00 Enough already! TV bride is fed up with public criticism
TeeVee 3/8/00 A Million-Dollar Fox Pas
E!Entertainment 3/8/00 Multi-millionaire Split
Gamepro.com 3/8/00 Who wants to read another story about Darva
Las Vegas Sun 3/8/00 Millionaire bride wants out of marriage
APB News 3/8/00 Multimillionaire Bride Files for Annulment
Newsnet5.com 3/6/00 Millionaire Returns To Comedy, Seeks Love .
Dessert News 3/6/00 Darva's not the only desperate, man-crazy ditz
PBS 3/3/00 Short Order Love
Flint Journal 3/1/00 Couple should stick it out
Post Gazette 3/1/00 Fox debacle tailored lifelong vow to TV's attention span
Las Vegas Review Journal 3/1/00 Strip publicist braved advances of TV show's infamous rich man
Baltimore City Paper 3/1/00 Some Candy Little Girl?
Gallup Poll 3/1/00 Television's "Multi-Millionaire" Marriage Intrigues Many


1/1/00 to 2/29/00

Daily Egyptian 2/29/00 For The Rest of Us
Seanbaby.com 2/29/00 Who wants to publicly humiliate themselves?
CNN 2/29/00 Larry King Live Transcript with Rick Rockwell
Washington Post 2/29/00 Another Multi-Millionaire Myth Shattered
Seattle Times 2/29/00 Rockwell: TV marriage has him re-evaluating life
Rocky Mountain News 2/29/00 'Multi-Millionaire' contestant did it for adventure
E!Entertainment 2/29/00 Multi-Millionaire Wife Under Fire
Pioneer Planet 2/28/00 Online sleuthing unearthed allegations against millionnaire
Columbia Chronicle 2/28/00 Millionaire groom packs a punch
Deseret News 2/27/00 Multimillionaire' fiasco amusing but not a big surprise
Newsmax.com 2/26/00 Who wants to marry a president
Salon 2/25/00 Get motivated!
Flint Journal 2/25/00 I, Darva, the money-grubbing witch, take you, Mr. Millionaire
Seattle Times 2/25/00 No millionaires, but mall marriage thrives
E!Entertainment 2/25/00 Fox Reality Shows Bite the Dust

Washington Post 2/25/00 For Rick and Darva, Separate Talk Shows
Kansas State Collegian 2/25/00 Who wants to marry an abuser?
Las Vegas Sun 2/24/00 Local judge willing to perform 'Millionaire' ceremony again
Newsnet5.com Millionaire Didn't Want Sex On Honeymoon

Washington Post 2/24/00 "Marry" gives us a week to Remember

Washington Post 2/24/00 Darva Conger: With this ring I thee shed
E!Entertainment 2/23/00 Multi-Millionaire Bride "I Don't"
Salon 2/23/00 Between a Rick and a hard place
Newsnet5.com 2/23/00 Darva Says She Cried On Plane To Barbados
BBC 2/23/00 Millionaire marriage on the rocks

Post Gazette 2/23/00 Millions watch women vie to marry a rich guy on TV
Jacksonville.com 2/23/00 New shows bring out the worst
San Francisco Chronicle 2/23/00 Looks Like Splitsville Already for TV Couple
UK Independent News 2/23/00  American TV has the biggest scandal on its hands since the Fifties
E!Entertainment 2/22/00 Fox Divorces Multi-Millionaire
New York Times 2/22/00 After Debacle, Fox to End `Multimillionaire' Weddings
Deseret News 2/22/00 Marry Multimillionaire' canceled
Post Gazette 2/22/00  Fox says it will marry no more millionaires
Australian Broadcasting 2/22/00 How to Marry a Millionaire
E!Entertainment 2/22/00 Fox's MultiMillionaire Mishap
Extra Daily News 2/21/00 The Millionaire's Controversial Past
The London Times 2/21/00 Gameshow millionaire 'hit woman'
Newsnet5.com 2/21/00 Millionaire's Sketchy Past Revealed
Smoking Gun.com Story- Millionaire Grooms Dirty Secret
About.com -2/21/00  Groom has Court Documented History of Abuse
Post Gazette 2/20/00 Making sense of the million-dollar TV union
Post Gazette 2/20/00 Who wants to marry Rick Rockwell?
Salon 2/18/00 Analyze this multimillionaire
Honolulu Star Bulletin 2/18/00 The one who got away
Washington Post 2/17/00 Popping the Million Dollar Question
Salon.com 2/16/00 Who wants to marry a multimillionaire?
Jefferson City News Tribune 2/16/00 Show Combines Elements of Game Show and Dating Game
Newsnet5.com 2/16/00 So Who Wanted To Marry That Millionare?
Newsnet5.com 2/15/00 Fox's Millionaire Groom Revealed
KTXL Sacramento 2/15/00 Who Married A Multi-Millionaire?
Sofcom Australia 1/27/00 Who wants to Marry a Millionaire?


1998 to 1999


Salon 12/14/99 When gold diggers attack!
E-Online 11/10/99 Want to Marry a Millionaire?
OC Weekly Article 7/24/98 by Rebecca Schoenkopf - Rick mentioned at end of article
Columnist Elizabeth Foyt 6/24/98: Celebration for Improv anything but improvised


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