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8/1/00 to 8/31/00


San Francisco Chronicle 8/25/00 Who Wants to Marry This Survivor?

San Francisco Chronicle 8/8/00 Networks Have A Bizarre Grip On Reality

Byte.com 8/7/00 Darva by Ian Shoales


7/1/00 to 7/31/00

Jefferson City News 7/3/00 Revealed: Someone who's never been on TV

4/1/00 to 4/30/00


Las Vegas Review Journal 4/7/00 Marriage as Show Biz
Fire Away! Issue 41 by Dee Jay Gude 4/00


3/1/00 to 3/31/00


Jeff Meyers 3/17/00 The Naked Truth
QC Times 3/17/00 A plea for Darva-free TV
George Bullard 3/17/00 Tom Arnold and Darva Conger: Part of the big religion picture
Claremont High School 3/14/00 Who wants to watch a stupid show? by Katherine Francisco
Jim Slotek 3/12/00 After Rockwell, who wants to be famous?
Harvard 3/6/00 How To Take Responsibility For Marrying A Millionaire by Carrie Lips
TeeVee.Org 3/6/00 A Million-Dollar Fox Pas by Philip Michaels


2/1/00 to 2/29/00


Bizjournals.com 2/28/00 Rick Rockwell: The future face of television by Jay Fitzgerald
TeeVee 2/28/00 A Piece That Will Live in Infamy by James Collier
AJC 2/28/00 'Millionaire' wife must have had sense annulled by Cynthia Tucker
Newsmax 2/28/00 Free Darva by Tony Kornheiser
Dessert News 2/26/00 TV box can leech better than teach
Tom Lauricella 2/25/00 Not the Marrying Kind
Newsmax 2/25/00 For Richer or for Poorer - Susan Estrich
Salon 2/23/00 When bad shows become truly abominable
About.com 2/21/00 Hi. I'm Rick. I'll Be Your Bridegroom Tonight - Pat Grauer
Pittsburgh Post Gazette 2/20/00  Making sense of the million-dollar TV union
NewsMax 2/20/00 Who Wants To Marry Oodles of Dough?
CBC 2/18/00 Judy Rebick -  Cinderella’s not dead yet
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Who wants to marry a gold digger? by Diane Yukihiro Chang
Salon 2/16/00 Who wants to marry a multimillionaire?


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