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On this show a single woman scours the U.S. auditioning 100 men who have 30 to 40 seconds to make an impression and win a date.  Simon Cowell from American Idol will be the creator and executive producer of the show.  A similar show by the same name is being prepared for the UK.  The first edition will feature Lisa Shannon as the single woman.


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News Articles about CBS Networks Cupid show


NY Daily News 1/15/04 Cowell aims at 'Cupid 2'

Reality TV World 12/22/03 'Cupid' duo Lisa and Hank living together despite $1m veto

Detroit News 12/4/03 'Cupid' couple still together, but without cameras

Reality TV World 11/10/03 Hank Stapleton and Lisa Shannon visit Culver Academy as a couple

Reality Reel 9/19/03 Season Finale of Cupid - Hank says no to marriage with America watching

Reality TV World 9/18/03 Cupid - Finale Episode summary

Reality TV World 9/17/03 No wedding? 'Cupid' ends not with a bang, but a whimper

Reality TV World 9/17/03 'Cupid' finale fails to have a wedding, but snags the program's highest ratings 9/17/03 - Was it all worth it?

CBS 9/17/03 Lisa And Hank: But Seriously

Fans of Reality TV 9/17/03 Finale: Three Weddings and a Funeral

CBS 9/17/03 Episode 11- America's Choice Is Lisa's Too: Hank's The One! 9/16/03 Cupid Recap: Do You Take this Man to be Your Husband

Reality TV World 9/16/03 Will America pair 'Cupid's Lisa Shannon up with the man of her dreams?

Reality Reel 9/16/03 Season Finale of Cupid!

TVRules 9/16/03 Will America Pair Lisa Shannon Up with the Man of Her Dreams?

Reality TV World 9/11/03 Cupid - Episode 10 summary

Fans of Reality TV 9/11/03 The Final Four 9/10/03 The guys put on Togas but the only thing that slips out... 9/9/03 Cupid Episode 10 Recap: Last Dates and Decisions

CBS 9/9/03 Episode 10 Verdict On Renda: Return To Senda

Reality News Online 9/7/03 Cupid, Episodes 8 & 9: Meet the Folks

Reality TV World 9/5/03 Cupid - Episode 9 summary


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