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News Articles about CBS Networks Cupid show


Reality Reel 9/4/03 Burnt beef, or juicy lips? 9/3/03 - Like a parasite that won’t go away – Lil Swartzenegger hangs on!

Fans of Reality TV 9/3/02 Meet My Folks...And Cook Them Dinner 9/2/2003 Cupid Episode 9 recap, I Met Your Family Now Meet Mine

Reality TV World 8/28/03 Cupid - Episode 8 summary

Reality Reel 8/27/03 The Guys Have Lisa In a Lip Lock 8/26/03 Cupid Episode 7 Recap: Show and Tell Me About Your Family

Reality News Online 8/26/03 Cupid, Episode 7: Honey, I Brought the Kids

News Press 8/26/03 Man from area competes on CBS’s ‘Cupid’

Reality TV World 8/22/03 Cupid - Episode 7 summary

Central Michigan Life 8/21/03 Senior stars on ‘Cupid’

Reality Reel 8/20/03 He's Got 9 Lives that son of a b****

CBS 8/20/03 Episode 7 Goodbye Paul, Hello Kiddies! 8/20/03 - Lisa, Legs, and Lil Schwartzenegger; OH MY!

Reality TV Talk 8/19/03 Cupid Episode 7  Fourth Dates

Reality News Online 8/19/03 Cupid, Episode 6: Sleepless Beauties

Fans Of Reality TV 8/15/03 Short Skirts and Mirrored Shoes = nothing to lose Cupid 8/12

Sioux City Journal 8/15/03 What's a nice guy from Nebraska doing on reality dating show?

Reality TV World 8/15/03 Cupid - Episode 6 summary

CBS 8/14/03 Episode 6- Hello…And Goodbye!

Reality Reel 8/14/03 A little kissey, kissey. 8/14/03 - Another Dud(e) Bites The Dust 8/13/03 New York Fringe Fest Featured on Reality Show "Cupid"

The Pilot 8/13/03 There’s No ‘Cupid’ in Whispering Pines 8/12/03 Episode 6 Recap: Third Dates, Sleep Deprivation and Shopping

Reality News Online 8/12/03 Cupid, Episode 5: The First Elimination

Fans of Reality TV 8/8/03 Our Interview with Rob

Reality TV World 8/7/03 Cupid -- Episode 5 summary

Fans of Reality TV 8/7/03 Stupid Cupid Stop Picking on Me!

Reality News Online 8/7/03 Cupid, Episode 4: Cheap Dates

Reality TV World 8/6/03 Rob Wiles becomes first 'Cupid' bachelor finalist to be voted off 8/6/03 Cupid - Were Lil Swartzenegger’s dreams shattered?

CBS 8/5/03 Episode 5- The Keepers And The Weeper 8/5/03 Episode 5: Second Dates, Hobbies, and Heartbreaks

Reality TV World 8/3/03 Cupid -- Episode 4 summary

Orlando Sentinel 8/2/03 Is charm passé? Grace, civility seem to be under fire

Reality Reel 8/1/03 You love some and then their are the others...

Fans Of Reality TV 7/31/03 Cupid Recap: Money for Nothin and Your Chick for Free 7/31/03 Is there a Love Connection?

CBS 7/31/03 Episode 4- The Losers or the Real Deal?

CBS 7/31/03 Play Along With 'Cupid' 7/30/03 Cupid Episode 4 Recap First Date Wonders

Up & Coming 7/30/03 WRAL's Decision to Cut Off 'Cupid' Should Be Shot Down

Reality News Online 7/29/03 Cupid, Episode 3: Big Sister is Watching

Zap2It 7/26/03 CBS Moves 'Cupid' to New Night

Fans of Reality TV 7/25/03 Choosing a Fool, July 23rd Recap

CBS 7/24/03 Laura: Throwing Cupid's Arrows

TVRules 7/24/03 Cupid Moving To Tuesdays

TVRules 7/24/03 Cupid's Lisa Selects Her Final Ten

Reality TV World 7/24/03 CBS's 'Cupid' moving to Tuesdays at 9PM ET beginning August 5 7/24/03 Cupid Recap for July 23

CBS 7/24/03 Episode 3 Let The Brutality Begin

Reality TV World 7/24/03 'Cupid's Lisa Shannon selects her ten lucky bachelor finalists

Reality TV Talk 7/23/03 Cupid Episode 3 Trimming Down the Field

The Gateway 7/22/03 G's spot

Reality News Online 7/21/03 Cupid, Episode 2: Shooting Arrows in Men’s Hearts

Reality TV World 7/20/03 CBS to rebroadcast second 'Cupid' episode on July 22

Detroit News 7/18/03 The women turn on each other while men lash out on 'Cupid'

Fans of Reality TV 7/18/03 It's Raining MEN!

Reality TV World 7/17/03 Ratings climb for second episode of CBS 'Cupid' series

CBS 7/17/03 Episode 2- No Violins, No Roses, No Mercy

Reality TV Talk 7/17/03 Cupid Episode 2 Recap It's Raining Men!

CBS 7/16/03 Join Cupid's Lisa In Search For Love

Reality TV Talk 7/16/03 Cupid Episode 1 Recap: "What in the world?!?"

Zap2It 7/15/03 'Cupid' Sponsorships Go Multimedia

Detroit Free Press 7/15/03 Men feel the sting of "Cupid" judge on new TV series

Reality TV World 7/13/03 'Cupid' premiere to be rebroadcast on Tuesday, July 15th

Chicago Tribune 7/13/03 A beauty opts for beastly option

Reality News Online 7/12/03 Cupid, Episode 1: Beauty and the Bitches

BBC 7/11/03 Cupid fails to woo viewers 7/11/03 Cupid Recap for July 9

CBS 7/10/03 Episode 1 Simon Says 'Welcome To Cupid'

Fans of Reality TV 7/10/03 Ep. 1, Munching on Men

Reality Reel 7/10/03 Cupid starts...and the guys of America disappoint.

Reality TV World 7/10/03 'Cupid' premiere places first in Adults 18-34 ratings,...

USA Today 7/10/03 McFayden: From VJ to 'instigator'

NY Daily News 7/10/03 'Cupid' arrows: Right on target

BBC 7/10/03 Cowell's Cupid fails to charm

CBS 7/9/03 Simon Looks For Love In 'Cupid'

BBC 7/9/03 Playing Cupid with sex symbol Cowell

Zap2It 7/8/03 From 'Survivor' Reject to 'Cupid'

Reality TV World 7/8/03 Station refuses to air CBS' new "demeaning" 'Cupid' reality TV show

Tribnet 7/6/03 Simon Cowell moves from 'American Idol' to dating game 'Cupid'

Boston Globe 7/4/03 'Cupid' ready to take its shot

Zap2It 7/1/03 Simon Cowell Plays 'Cupid'

Orlando Sentinel 6/28/03 Expect pain on Cowell's dating show

Reality Reel Media 6/13/03 So what's this new show Cupid?

Extra TV 5/30/03 'Cupid'

Reality TV World 5/27/03 CBS' new 'Cupid' relationship reality series to premiere July 9th

Extra TV 5/27/03 'Cupid'

TV Rules 5/27/03 Cupid Premieres Wednesday, July 9 At 10:00 PM

Zap2It 5/27/03 CBS Sets 'Cupid,' 'Big Brother' Premieres

Oakland County Press 5/25/03 Help this woman find her true love

Reality TV World 5/22/03 CBS announces 'Cupid' suitor auditions in NY, Miami, and LA

CBS 5/16/03 Simon Cowell Plays Cupid

Extra TV 5/13/03 'Cupid'

Reality TV World 5/12/03 "Cupid" girl Lisa Shannon to begin her perfect mate search on May 19th

The Olympian 5/8/03 'Idol' judge tries hand at creating reality show

Zap2It 5/7/03 Meet Cowell's 'Cupid' Girl

USA Today 5/7/03 Simon lets 'Cupid' viewers sling arrows for a change

Zap2It 5/2/03 McFayden Ready to Guide Arrows of Love

BBC 3/5/03 Are you Simon Cowell's perfect woman?

BBC 2/11/03 Cowell to play Cupid

Zap2It 1/15/03 Cowell Goes All 'Cupid' for CBS

NY Daily News 1/15/03 New 'Cupid': Romancing, the clone .


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