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On this show, Geena Davis plays Mackenzie Allen who has a lot on her plate. She has twin teenagers and six year old at home an ambitious husband the office and is about to become first female President of the United States. When the moment truth arrives she isn't willing be a mere footnote in history but instead decides to trust her instincts and accept the most powerful job world.

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News Articles about ABC Networks Commander in Chief


Beacon Journal 10/8/06 Massillon native bounces back from `Chief' stint

Zap2It 8/25/06 'Commander' Star Clocks into '24'

Celebrity Spider 7/25/06 Geena Davis Determined to Resurrect Commander in Chief 

HeraldNet 7/19/06 ABC goes on without 'Commander in Chief'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/7/06 Davis back in Oval Office with 'Commander' DVD

The Trades 7/3/06 Commander In Chief - The Inaugural Edition, Part 1

NY Post 6/29/06 TV on DVD: 'Commander in Chief: Inaugural Edition'

NY Post 6/24/06 ABC Votes For 'Chief' Movie: Davis 

NY Post 6/16/06 Chief Ends With Election Showdown

Deseret News 6/14/06 Polly was president first

Celebrity Spider 6/8/06 Series Finale of "Commander in Chief" to Air June 14th

Sydney Morning Herald 6/5/06 Donald Sutherland's Speaker of the House steals the show from Geena Davis

Celebrity Spider 6/1/06 Mac is Faced With a Hostage Crises Next Week on Commander in Chief

Celebrity Spider 5/31/06 Templeton is Sworn in as Acting President Tonight on Commander in Chief

Detroit News 5/19/06 ABC's 'Commander' in brief gets airing on Web

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Commander in Chief to Come Back as a Movie?

Zap2It 5/16/06 A Final 'Commander' Performance?

NY Post 5/16/06 'Chief' Exits Prone

Courier Journal 5/11/06 Several factors led to downfall of 'Commander in Chief'

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 Geena Davis: "I'm Still the Chief"

Washington Post 5/5/06 In the Oval Office, Pumps and Circumstance

NY Post 5/4/06 Out of Power

Seattle PI 5/4/06 ABC's 'Chief' is no longer in command

NY Daily News 5/4/06 'Chief' looks like a lame duck

Milwaukee Journal 5/3/06 Geena Davis Honored for Role As President


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