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Digital Spy 11/25/10 'Community' star 'loves Dean's fetishes'

Washington Post 5/3/06 Recall Election: ABC Yanks Its 'Commander in Chief'

Monsters and Critics 5/3/06 Sutherland unhappy about `Chief` fate

Zap2It 5/2/06 ABC Impeaches 'Commander In Chief'

Asbury Park Press 4/28/06 Md. lawmakers upset by 'Commander In Chief'

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Mac Addresses Urban Unrest Next Week on Commander in Chief

Buffalo News 4/19/06 The numbers are a killer for hopes of 'Commander'

SF Chronicle 4/19/06 ABC's 'Commander in Chief' sinking into lame-duck status

Post Gazette 4/18/06 Viewers elect to ignore 'Chief'

Washington Post 4/16/06 Back in the Oval Office

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Kate Disappears Unexpectedly on the next Commander in Chief

Chicago Tribune 4/13/06 `Commander' has little chance at re-election

Chicago Sun-Times 4/13/06 Show's big fantasy, sadly, is honest prez

Zap2It 4/13/06 Davis Retakes Command of 'Chief'

Deseret News 4/13/06 Phooey to the 'Chief'

Post Gazette 4/13/06 TV Review: 'Chief' returns with a commanding episode

Chicago Sun-Times 4/13/06 First Daughter has fans all over

Jam! 4/13/06 'Commander in Chief' returns to ABC

Detroit Free Press 4/13/06 Political drama returns

NY Post 4/13/06 Remainder in 'Chief'

NY Daily News 4/13/06 'Chief' adversaries indeed!

Seattle PI 4/13/06 'Commander in Chief' is ready to return strong

Star Ledger 4/12/06 Failing the 'Chief'

Celebrity Spider 4/10/06 Commander in Chief Returns This Week

National Ledger 4/9/06 Future Looks Cloudy for Geena Davis as Commander in Chief

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Commander in Chief Set for Comeback
Washington Post 3/30/06 Pulled After Approval Ratings Fell, 'Commander in Chief' Returning

Zap2It 3/29/06 'Commander In Chief' Gets New Home

Chicago Tribune 3/26/06 `Chief' commanding very little respect from ABC

Rocky Mountain News 3/22/06 'Chief' tests popularity vote

Courier Mail 3/13/06 Commander in Chief 3/12/06 Commander in Chief done in by low ratings

NY Post 3/6/06 Bochco Bumped From 'Commander'

Inside Bay Area 3/5/06 'Commander' gets a new life with Bochco

Entertainment Weekly 3/3/06 'Chief' Changes

Digital Spy 2/28/06 More4 gets 'Commander-In-Chief'

Celebrity Spider 2/14/06 Commander in Chief Gets Early Send Off

Deseret News 2/14/06 'Commander in Chief' in trouble

Celebrity Spider 2/13/06 ABC Announces Return of Commander in Chief April 18th

Zap2It 2/10/06 'Commander In Chief' Deposed Until April

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 Mac Delivers Her First State of the Union Address on Commander in Chief 2/7/06 Ill-timed hiatus may have doomed ABC's Commander in Chief

Sun Sentinel 2/7/06 Fail to the chief

Star Ledger 2/6/06 "Commander in Chief" takes sabbatical at ABC

Digital Spy 2/3/06 'Commander-in-Chief' picked up in UK

Celebrity Spider 1/31/06 Commander in Chief Takes a Break

NY Post 1/30/06 Impeached!

Entertainment Weekly 1/25/06 Getting Their White House in Order

Contra Costa Times 1/24/06 'Commander' falters in polls

NY Daily News 1/24/06 Prez Geena outlasts her 'Chief' rival

Zap2It 1/23/06 'Commander In Chief's' Davis in Charge of Own Fate

Toronto Star 1/23/06 Madame President gets a makeover

Post Gazette 1/22/06 Back stage moments on the set of "Commander in Chief"

Kansas City Star 1/21/06 The West Wing-Commander in Chief similarities topic

Zap2It 1/20/06 'Commander in Chief's' Gosselaar to Be a Dad

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/06 Viewers losing interest in ABC's 'Commander'

Pioneer Press 1/19/06 On 'Commander in Chief,' art can now imitate life

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 Air Force One is Held Hostage on the Next Commander in Chief

Extra 1/18/06 Geena Davis Celebrates Globe Win, 50th Birthday

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 Mac Faces a Possible Nuclear War on the Next Commander in Chief

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 ABC Launches Commander in Chief Podcast Series

News Busters 1/11/06 Commander-in-Chief submarine storyline unrealistic

LA Daily News 1/6/06 Polly Bergen happy for increased commitment to 'Commander in Chief'

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Mac Faces A Crises With North Korea on the Next "Commander in Chief"
Savannah Now 12/23/05 Is 'Commander in Chief' a test run for the real thing?

Celebrity Spider 12/21/05 Commander in Chief to be Available at iTunes Music Store

Zap2It 12/20/05 'Commander In Chief' Joins iTunes Playlist

Indy Star 12/13/05 'Chief' term is reaching its limit

Post Gazette 12/10/05 Donald Sutherland enjoys 'Chief's' success

Find Law 12/8/05 The TV Drama "Commander in Chief" and the Constitution:..

National Catholic Reporter 12/8/05 ABC's 'Commander in Chief' tries to have it both ways

Celebrity Spider 12/7/05 Encore Broadcast of Episode Two of Commander in Chief Next Week 12/1/05 'Commander' changes just dressing up its flaws

Celebrity Spider 11/30/05 Encore Broadcast of Commander in Chief Premiere Episode Next Week

Palm Beach Post 11/29/05 10 reasons why 'Commander in Chief' should get your vote

Cincinnati Post 11/29/05 Changes afoot on 'Commander in Chief'

Knox News 11/29/05 Morrow: 'Commander in Chief' calls Bergen to duty 11/29/05 ABC is the chief reason people watch ‘Commander’

Zap2It 11/28/05 Gosselaar Adds 'Blue' Note to 'Commander In Chief'

USA Today 11/28/05 'Chief' will welcome new face, producer

Detroit Free Press 11/27/05 Secor Is Second To One: First gentleman treads new ground

Canton Rep 11/26/05 Producer Rod Lurie moves on from ‘Commander’

Knox News 11/25/05 Grudge match: Geena Davis vs. Martin Sheen

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 It's Thanksgiving at the White House on the Next "Commander in Chief"

Knox News 11/22/05 Catching up with Polly Bergen, who's appearing on 'Chief' 11/17/05 Gay and HIV-Positive in the White House: Commander in Chief

Mobile Register 11/15/05 Commander' skews old'

Celebrity Spider 11/14/05 Mac Makes Bold Internal Changes This Week on Commander in Chief

Findlaw 11/11/05 "Commander in Chief": A New TV Drama Raises Constitutional Questions Worthy of Discussion

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 A Leak Causes Problems for Mac This Week on Commander in Chief

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Polly Bergen Takes Role on Commander in Chief

Borowitz 11/2/05 Bush Challenges Geena Davis to Debate
Zap2It 10/31/05 Bergen Mothers 'Commander in Chief'

Playbill 10/31/05 Follies Star Cast in ABC's "Commander in Chief"

NY Post 10/31/05 Chief Mom Was Prez

Houston Chronicle 11/30/05 Commander In Chief is raising the wrong questions

Hollywood Reporter 10/29/05 Bergen tapped first mom for ABC's 'Chief'

Commercial Appeal 10/29/05 So far, only 'Commander' gets TV salute

Boston Globe 10/27/05 Support for presidential dramas just doesn't add up

NY Post 10/26/05 Chief Rival Gets a Wife

Milwaukee Journal 10/26/05 New TV president rising to power

Courier Journal 10/25/05 Is 'Commander in Chief' entertainment or a political tool?

Celebrity Spider 10/24/05 Mark Paul Gosselaar Joins the Cast of Commander in Chief

CNN 10/24/05 Commander in Change

NY Post 10/24/05 'Chief' Rival Lot Twist

Jam! 10/24/05 Bochco takes over 'Commander'

Time 10/23/05 Commander in Change

ABC News 10/23/05 'Commander' Creator Cedes Control of Show

NY Daily News 10/21/05 The playing of the President

Seattle PI 10/21/05 A female 'Chief'? We have a ways to go

Zap2It 10/20/05 ABC Gives Vote of Confidence to 'Commander in Chief'

Canada Free Press 10/20/05 Commander in Chief 'pretending' George W. away

Celebrity Spider 10/19/05 Commander in Chief October 25th Episode Preview

Entertainment Weekly 10/19/05 ABC's 'Chief' commands full season

Newsday 10/18/05 Davis simply does the right thing

Orlando Sentinel 10/18/05 New general for 'Commander in Chief'

HeraldNet 10/17/05 Geena Davis is winning television's presidential race

Television Without Pity 10/17/05 First Strike

Celebrity Spider 10/12/05 Commander in Chief October 18th Episode Preview

NY Times 10/11/05 Behind a Change at Helm of 'Chief' on ABC

Macon Telegraph 10/11/05 'Commander in Chief' lands in top 10

Television Without Pity 10/10/05 First Choice

Zap2It 10/10/05 New Chief for ABC's 'Commander'

Detroit News 10/10/05 'Commander in Chief' gets production shift

Hollywood Reporter 10/8/05 Bochco appointed to serve as 'Chief' showrunner

The Age 10/8/05 Yes, Madam President

Suburban Chicago Newspapers 10/6/05 Geena Davis takes office as an independent prez

Celebrity Spider 10/5/05 Commander in Chief October 11th Episode Preview

Digital Spy 10/5/05 US Ratings: 'Commander' builds audience

Celebrity Spider 10/3/05 Commander in Chief Episode Preview for October 4th

Detroit Free Press 10/3/05 Red alert! Look at those lips

Television Without Pity 10/3/05 Pilot

Rocky Mountain News 10/3/05 'Chief' wins viewers' votes

Christian Science Monitor 9/30/05 How do voters feel about 'Commander'?

Washington Post 9/29/05 Leader of the Free World, Sure, but Is She Ratings Queen?

Media Guardian 9/29/05 Screen test for America's first woman president

Zap2It 9/28/05 'Chief' Makes Strong Showing on Super Tuesday

NY Daily News 9/28/05 Mrs. President

USA Today 9/27/05 Davis fit as 'Commander'

Detroit News 9/27/05 All hail Madam President

Hollywood Reporter 9/27/05 Commander in Chief

Tampa Bay Online 9/27/05 As President, Geena Davis Wields Power Of Personality, Not Politics

Boston Globe 9/27/05 A likable president, but not quite credible

South Florida 9/27/05 A woman as president? Nothing startling there -- except for Geena Davis

Chicago Tribune 9/27/05 ABC's 'Chief' promises to be addictive political drama

San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/05 Will 'Commander' help Hillary? Who cares? It's just a good show.

Detroit Free Press 9/27/05 'Commander in Chief' puts a female president in the Oval Office — and in the family quarters

NY Daily News 9/27/05 'Chief' elects to be unoriginal

NY Times 9/27/05 Accidental President With a Feminist Twist

Washington Post 9/27/05 Geena Davis Sweeps Up the Oval Office

Rocky Mountain News 9/27/05 Are three chiefs too many?

Knox News 9/27/05 'Chief' runs ineffective campaign

Contra Costa Times 9/27/05 'Commander' sets sights on ultimate glass ceiling

Courier Journal 9/27/05 'Commander in Chief' has makings of a landslide winner

NY Post 9/27/05 What Do You Think of Chief

Post Gazette 9/27/05 'Commander in Chief' best fall drama

Entertainment Weekly 9/27/05 Commander in Chief

Star Ledger 9/27/05 Executive disorder

Jam! 9/26/05 Geena Davis heads up 'Chief'

Deseret News 9/26/05 She's in 'Command'

Milwaukee Journal 9/26/05 President Geena loses this one vote

Mercury News 9/26/05 `Commander' needs some time to find its rhythm

Seattle Times 9/26/05 Davis is in command, but show is impeachable

Toronto Star 9/26/05 Davis loves running the free world

Star Telegram 9/26/05 Pretty hard to hail 'Chief'

Knox News 9/25/05 'Commander' faces tough competition

Orlando Sentinel 9/25/05 An executive branch out for Geena Davis

Zap2It 9/25/05 Geena Davis Takes Oath of Office

NY Times 9/24/05 'Commander in Chief': Geena Davis as President

USA Today 9/23/05 Geena Davis has an inaugural ball

Detroit News 9/17/05 'Commander' banks on Geena Davis as president

Celebrity Spider 9/12/05 Commander in Chief Series Premiere Preview

NY Times 9/11/05 Feminist Fantasy: Geena Davis in the Oval Office

USA Today 9/1/05 Oval Office gets a makeover 8/24/05 Geena Davis leaps to Oval Office in 'Commander in Chief'

Deseret News 8/23/05 Hail to the new TV chief!

Rocky Mountain News 8/6/05 Critics hail 'Chief' as can't-miss fall drama 8/1/05 At ABC, it's Geena Davis for president

Beacon Journal 8/1/05 Massillon native lands role on new ABC drama

Toronto Star 7/29/05 See Thelma jump to Oval Office

Post Gazette 7/29/05 Tuned In: Hail to the 'Commander in Chief'

Tampa Bay Online 7/29/05 Geena Davis Once Again In League Of Her Own As 1st Female President

Washington Post 7/28/05 ABC's 'Chief,' Politicked Off

USA Today 7/28/05 'Chief' thrills Geena Davis

Herald Net 7/28/05 'Commander' may be doomed

Zap2It 7/28/05 Coyote, Wiles Join 'Commander'

Coming Soon 7/28/05 Coyote & Wiles Join Commander in Chief

Hollywood Reporter 7/28/05 'Chief' concerns: Family first

Entertainment Weekly 7/27/05 ABC's 'Commander in Chief' will have family focus

Chicago Tribune 7/22/05 Ex-college roomies have a presidential air

Zap2It 7/22/05 'Species' Star Reports to ABC's 'Commander'

Coming Soon 7/22/05 Henstridge Boards Commander-in-Chief

Zap2It 6/20/05 'Chief,' 'Chris' Deemed Family Friendly

Detroit Free Press 6/20/05 In real life and on TV, folks are raising possibility of a female president

Rocky Mountain News 5/18/05 Geena Davis acts presidential

Cincinnati Post 5/17/05 ABC's new lineup features Geena Davis

ABC 5/17/05 ABC Casts Geena Davis As President


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