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A new show on UPN premiering this fall, a woman selects four men from 100 prospects. The finalists are actually chained to her wrists and ankles for a week before she selects her dream date.


News Articles about NBC's Chains of Love 


Reality News Online 6/6/02 The Reality TV Hall of Shame: 'Chains of Love'

Globe and Mail 5/25/01 Reality TV stars are acting, they're not really idiots

Mighty Big TV 5/23/01 John

Salon 5/23/01 Skanks for the memories!

Mighty Big TV 5/18/01 Jenny

Globe and Mail 5/17/01 We've got a Situation on our hands

Salon 5/15/01 Two cheeseballs, no waiting

Mighty Big TV 5/10/01 Tomas

Salon 5/9/01 The psycho beside me

Mighty Big TV 5/3/01 Jennifer

Salon 5/2/01 Hookers, threesomes and flirtatious young ladies

Mighty Big TV 4/29/01 Stephanie

Salon 4/25/01 The fifth wheel

Zap2It 4/20/01 A Former Cheerleader Is Chained To Four Men

Mighty Big TV 4/19/01 Andy

Salon 4/18/001 Dopes on a rope

Gist 4/18/01 Throw Away the Key

E!Online 4/18/01 UPN's "Chains" Makes Weakish Link


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