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News Articles about NBC's Chains of Love 4/17/01 Two series' link: Both need a doctor

Post Gazette 4/17/01 Reality TV sinks further under 'Chains of Love'

San Francisco Chronicle 4/17/01 UPN hits new low with 'Chains of Love'

Detroit Free Press 4/17/01 'Chains of Love' has only weak links

Detroit News 4/17/01 'Chains of Love': More of the same TV weakness

Washington Post 4/17/01 'Chains of Love': Must-Flee TV

Star Ledger 4/17/01 Working on the chain gang

Seattle PI 4/16/01 'All Souls' enticing; 'Chains of Love' easy to hate

Cincinnati Post 4/16/01 'Link, 'Chains' raise bizarreness bar

Milwaukee Journal 4/16/01 'Chains' is reality gone bad

St. Petersburg Times 4/15/01 Two ways to save time in the evening

Zap2It 4/14/01 'Chains of Love' Brings Romance to Reality

Milwaukee Journal 4/11/01 New reality shows shackle, pummel or insult contestants

Detroit News 1/15/02 Reality TV descends to new levels in 2 new shows

Zap2It 1/14/02 John McEnroe Gets in ABC's 'Chair'

Post Gazette 1/14/02 Networks play 'sue you' game over 'Chamber' and 'Chair'

Zap2It 1/14/02 New Game Show Screens for Drugs

Detroit News 1/14/02 John McEnroe gets 'The Chair'

Zap2It 4/2/01 Chains of Love Premieres 4/17/01

Zap2It 3/8/01 UPN Prepares for May Sweeps

Zap2It 2/13/01 UPN's 'Chains Of Love' Set For Spring

Zap2It 2/12/01 Production Begins On UPN's Relationship Game Show "Chains of Love"

Broadcasting Cable 1/5/01 When UPN attacks: America’s newest reality series

Seattle Times 11/22/00 "Chains of Love": Reality TV gets intimate

Zap2It 11/21/00 UPN Presents New Reality Series "Chains of Love" 

E!Online 11/21/00 UPN Locks Up "Chains"

Zap2It 11/20/00 UPN May Be Chained To 'Love'

BBC 10/26/00 Chained to reality TV

Zap2It 10/25/00 NBC Unlocks 'Chains Of Love'

E!Online 10/25/00 NBC Unchained by "Love"

Zap2It 10/20/00 Endemol Hires U.S. Production President

UK Independent 9/5/00 From the man who gave you Big Brother: Couples in Chains!

Seattle Times 8/22/00 Shackled to their suitors: NBC joins the date game

Zap2It 8/21/00 NBC Orders 'Chains Of Love'

BBC 8/12/00 Reality TV Overload

Christian Science Monitor 8/4/00 Good Morning This is your reality check

Zap2It 7/28/00 NBC Close To Reality Show Deal

The Futon Critic 7/28/00 NBC, Endemol Link for 'Chains'

Rocky Mountain News 7/23/00 'Chains of Love' NBC's reality check

The Record 7/22/00 NBC execs are anxious to get real

Salon 7/20/00 Aaahhh! Invasion of the "reality people"!

Freep 7/20/00 NBC sees reality shows pass it by 

E!Online 7/19/00 "Big Brother" Gets Bigger; NBC Clues In

Washington Post 7/19/00 Get Real NBC!

Philadelphia Daily News 7/19/00 NBC wants on the island

Milwaukee Journal 7/19/00 NBC offers slate of 'special' shows to revive ratings 7/13/00 Networks scramble for programming based on reality

Milwaukee Journal 7/10/00 Survivor' Imitators on the Way

Mercury News 7/5/00 All reality, as far as the eye can see

Zap2It 6/26/00 NBC May Do Deal With 'Big Brother' Producers


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