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Cane stars Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Jimmy Smits in an epic drama about the external rivalries and internal power struggles of a large Cuban-American family running an immensely successful rum and sugar business in South Florida.  When the family patriarch, Pancho (Hector Elizondo), is offered a lucrative but questionable deal by his bitter adversary, the Samuels, to purchase thousands of acres of sugar fields, he's faced with a tough choice: Should he cash out of the sugar business and focus solely on rum, which would please his impulsive natural son, Frank (Nestor Carbonell), or protect the family legacy that he built from the ground up by not selling, and side with his adopted son, Alex (Smits), who mistrusts the Samuels and still sees value in sugar. 


News Articles about CBS Networks Cane


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NY Daily News 12/13/07 Raising 'Cane' with poorly timed ad

BuddyTV 12/11/07 Cane: Ep. 12 “The Perfect Son” Recap

BuddyTV 12/11/07 Cane: Ep. 11 “Hurricane” Recap

Celebrity Spider 12/5/07 Alex & Frank Face a Hurricane and Armed Looters Next Week on "Cane"

Celebrity Spider 12/5/07 Alex s Tipped Off the Joe Plans to Interrupt Jamie's Weeding Next Week on "Cane" 11/28/07 Family fortunes

Celebrity Spider 11/21/07 A Gambling Trip Takes a Violent Turn Next Week on "Cane"

Deseret News 11/20/07 CBS's serialized drama 'Cane' is able

Celebrity Spider 11/14/07 Pancho Forces Alex to Step Down as CEO of Duque Rum Next Week on "Cane"

Media Life 11/14/07 'Cane' less able to hold TV audiences

Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 Alex Discovers Frank's Huge Gambling Debt Next Week on "Cane"

BuddyTV 11/6/07 Cane: Episode 7 “One Man is an Island” Recap

NY Post 11/4/07 Keys Does 'Cane'

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Alex Uncovers a Secret That May Incriminate the Samuels Next Week on "Cane" 10/30/07 Raising 'Cane' to top tier of TV soaps

BuddyTV 10/26/07 Will.I.Am to Guest Star on ‘Cane’ Next Week

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Henry is Beaten up by His Club Investors Next Week on "Cane"

BuddyTV 10/23/07 Cane: Episode 5 “Brotherhood” Recap

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Senator Barnes is Forced to Resign Next Week on "Cane"

BuddyTV 10/16/07 Cane: Episode 4 “Family Business” Recap

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Alex Goes Head to Head With Poncho Next Week on "Cane"

BuddyTV 10/9/07 Cane: Episode 1.3 “The Two Alex Vegas” Recap

Rocky Mountain News 10/9/07 Smits takes family helm


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