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Knox News 10/9/07 'Cane' actor ditches good-guy image

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Alex Tests Frank's Loyalty Next Week on "Cane"

BuddyTV 10/2/07 Cane: Episode 2 “The Work of a Business Man” Recap

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Ratings Report: Cane Opens With 11.21 Million Viewers

Celebrity Spider 9/26/07 Alex Takes Over as CEO of Duque Rum Next Week on "Cane"

Uncle Barky 9/26/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Cane

Inside Pulse 9/26/07 Fall Frenzy: Serial Watcher - Cane - Pilot

NY Post 9/26/07 Fla. Family Raises 'Cane' Over Smits Show

Chicago Tribune 9/26/07 'Cane' stereotypes are not so sweet

Courier Journal 9/25/07 Sex, family secrets could earn 'Cane' a sweet reception

IBA 9/25/07 Raising 'Cane'

Boston Globe 9/25/07 As diversions go, CBS's 'Cane' proves sweet enough

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/25/07 TV Review: 'Cane' entangled in unwieldy plot

San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/07 Review: Latino 'Dynasty'? Star cast sweetens 'Cane'

Newsday 9/25/07 Review: 'Cane' on CBS

NY Times 9/25/07 Two Scheming Families, Both With Outsiders Rising

NY Post 9/25/07 Rum Punch

Media Life 9/25/07 'Cane,' rum punch of a primetime soap 9/25/07 2 winners tonight, devilish and soapy

NY Daily News 9/25/07 Smits: I was smitten with 'Cane' writer

NY Daily News 9/25/07 New drama 'Cane' offers plenty of sugar, not enough spice

Kansas City Star 9/25/07 New on the tube: “Reaper,” “Cane”

Chicago Tribune 9/24/07 'Cane' goes sour quickly

USA Today 9/24/07 Even top Latino talent can't raise 'Cane'

Sun Sentinel 9/21/07 Raising Cane

Sun Sentinel 9/21/07 Cane's fictional Duque clan is just that

Hollywood Reporter 9/20/07 Cane

BuddyTV 9/18/07 CBS Rolls Out Landmark Publicity Push for Neophyte 'Cane'

NY Post 9/18/07 Alicia Smit-ten

Celebrity Spider 9/6/07 CBS to Promote New Fall Show "Cane" With Unique Rolling Stone Ad

Chicago Sun Times 9/4/07 Raising 'Cane'

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 Pancho's Decision Causes A Family Rift on the Sept 25 Series Premiere of Cane

Palm Beach Post 8/23/07 Fall TV Sneak Preview: CBS' 'Cane'

Columbus Dispatch 8/22/07 Revealing CBS promos raise too much 'Cane'

Celebrity Spider 8/13/07 Fanjuls and CBS Conclude Discussions on "Cane"

Sun Sentinel 7/25/07 Palm Beach has a sweet spot in new drama Cane

Digital Spy 7/20/07 Singers to appear on US drama 'Cane'

NY Daily News 7/19/07 Smits is eager to raise 'Cane'

Buddy TV 7/18/07 'Cane' Star Nestor Carbonell Leaves 'Lost' Future in Doubt

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Drama Series "Cane"


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