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On this show six families with out of control teenagers make the tough choice and decide to send their kids to Sagewalk Wilderness Therapy Camp, a boot camp-style program in the wilds of Oregon, in the desperate hope that, once it's over, they'll get back the children they once knew and loved.


News Articles about ABC Networks Brat Camp


Fans of Reality TV 8/27/05 Brat Camp: The Long March Home

Happycrumb 8/26/05 Brat Camp Season Finale - Success Rate 8 out of 9 kids!! - Episode 7

Slate 8/25/05 Teenage Wasteland

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/05 The End Is Just The Beginning… Finale Recap

Reality News Online 8/25/05 Brat Camp, Season Finale: The Final Challenge – Life

USA Today 8/24/05 Are youth-based reality shows too real?

Fans of Reality TV 8/21/05 Brat Camp: A Sort of Homecoming

Happycrumb 8/19/05 Brat Camp - Graduation Crying Ceremony - Episode 6

Reality News Online 8/19/05 Brat Camp, Episode 6: Home for the Holidays?

Reality TV Calendar 8/18/05 Who's Been Naughty Or Nice? Episode 6 Recap

USA Today 8/17/05 Fame undermines therapy in reality TV's 'Brat Camp'

Journal Now 8/15/05 Brat Flap: Reality show about troubled teens draws criticism

Happycrumb 8/11/05 Peter Jennings replaced Brat Camp for the night

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/05 Christmas Postponed

Reality TV World 8/8/05 Two of ABC's 'Brat Camp' youths facing new criminal charges

Happycrumb 8/8/05 Brat Camp Isaiah is a racist

Milwaukee Journal 8/8/05 'Brat Camp' Teen Faces Graffiti Charges

Happycrumb 8/7/05 Brat Camp Jada Chabot claims she is changed! Brain Twister!

Fans of Reality TV 8/5/2005 - Brat Camp: All By My-yy Self

Reality TV World 8/5/05 ABC 'Brat Camp' youth Jada Chabot slams speedboat into other family

Happycrumb 8/5/05 Brat Camp - Episode 5 - The solo!! Dum Dum Dummm…!!

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/05 Home, Alone On The Range… Episode 4 Recap

JokersUpdates 8/4/05 Exclusive Live Chat With Brat Camp Co-Executive Producer John Platt

Reality News Online 8/4/05 Brat Camp, Episode 5: Rites of Passage

Reality Reel 8/1/05 The Holidays Approach, August 10th, On Brat Camp


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