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Reality Reel 8/1/05 The Season Finale Of Brat Camp To Air August 17th

Fans of Reality TV 7/30/05 It's a Long Way Down

Happycrumb 7/29/05 Brat Camp - Episode 4 - Very sad episode! brother and sister!

Reality News Online 7/29/05 Brat Camp, Episode 4: Fear and Fire

Mlive 7/29/05 Locals sound off on TV hit 'Brat Camp'

Reality TV Calendar 7/28/05 Trial By Fire: Episode # Recap

The Tyee 7/27/05 Save the Brats!

The Derrick 7/26/05 Former Shippenville woman plays role in 'Brat Camp' effort

Toronto Stars 7/24/05 Brats outdraw Scholars

Fans of Reality TV 7/23/05 You Can't Go Home Again

MSNBC 7/22/05 ‘Brat Camp’ makes kids face up to their messes

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/05 Hell Oh Mother, Hell Oh Father: Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 7/21/05 Brat Camp, Episode 3: No Way Out But Through

Reality TV World 7/20/05 Ratings: ABC's 'Brat Camp' gets off to a strong start, draws 10.4 million viewers

Reality Reel 7/19/05 The Kids Endure Their "Solo Experience," August 3rd

Reality Reel 7/18/05 The Kids Are Forced To Face Their Fears, July 27th, On Brat Camp

Reality Reel 7/18/05 The Kids Plot Their Escape, July 20th, On Brat Camp

Zap2It 7/17/05 Out-of-Control Teens Get Sent to 'Brat Camp'

Fans of Reality TV 7/15/05 Dysfunction Junction, What's Your Function?

Reality TV Calendar 7/15/05 "Thanks-given" at Brat Camp: Episode 1 Recap

MSNBC 7/15/05 ‘Brat Camp’ makes kids face up to their messes

Reality News Online 7/14/05 Brat Camp, Episode 2: A Thanksgiving Story

Variety 7/14/05 'Brat' packs wallop

Toronto Star 7/14/05 Boot camp for teens is abusive

Reality News Online 7/14/05 Brat Camp, Episode 1: Terrible Teenagers and Desperate Parents

Reality TV Magazine 7/14/05 Brat Camp – A Real Reality Show

Digital Spy 7/14/05 'Brat Camp' a hit in the US

Reality News Online 7/13/05 Brat Camp – A Preview

Boston Globe 7/13/05 An uncomfortably close look at nine troubled teens

The Oregonian 7/13/05 Not-so-happy campers

Contra Costa Times 7/13/05 'Brat Camp' breaks down kids in name of healing ... and ratings

Chicago Tribune 7/13/05 ABC's 'Brat Camp' turns out to be lovable

Courier Journal 7/13/05 ABC's 'Brat Camp' follows tough teen offenders in wilderness school

Hartford Courant 7/13/05 A Boot Camp For Brats;..

NY Daily News 7/12/05 ABC's 'Brat' packs 'em off to camp

Orlando Sentinel 7/10/05 1 network no-no is out; 'Brat' is still on

Milwaukee Journal 7/9/05 'Brat Camp' walks with troubled families

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 ABC to Premiere Brat Camp on July 13th

Pittsburgh Live 6/18/05 'Brat Camp' new reality series on ABC

Celebrity Spider 6/14/05 ABC Announces Contestants for Brat Camp and Premiere July 13th

Celebrity Spider 6/13/05 ABC Announces Contestant Line Up for Brat Camp

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/05 Brat Camp Contestants Announced

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/27/05 ABC Premieres "Brat Camp" on July 13

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 ABC Announces "Brat Camp"

Reality TV World 4/28/05 ABC to air four new reality shows and new 'Wife Swap' episodes this summer


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