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On this show an African-American family swaps places with an all-white family - and both groups trade color using pioneering make-up techniques.


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Celebrity Spider 9/11/06 Black. White. The Series Available Now on DVD

The Trades 9/10/06 Black. White. DVD Review

MSN 4/18/06 'Black.White.' Point/Counterpoint

Minnesota Daily 4/17/06 Black, white, black white

The Olympian 4/14/06 ‘Black.White’ TV show falls far short of expectations

AJC 4/12/06 Lilburn family says show was a 'great experience'

Courier Journal 4/12/06 Families in 'Black. White.' agree to disagree in season finale

Time 4/12/06 Not So Black and White

Toronto Star 4/10/06 Beyond black and white

Virginia Law Journal 4/8/06 Reality TV in Black and White

Jam! 4/8/06 'Black. White.' explores racial boundaries

In These Times 4/7/06 Acting Your Race

New University 4/3/06 The World is ‘Black. White.’

The Oregonian 3/29/06 'Black. White.' does nothing to ease racism

Media Life 3/29/06 'Black. White.,' and way down all over

The Tartan 3/27/06 Trading races

Vancouver Sun 3/25/06 Race Relations: Reality show newest outlet for American exploration of the issue

Huntsville Times 3/24/06 The revealing world of 'Black. White.'

Columbia Spectator 3/24/06 Addressing Diversity At Its Roots

Front Page Mag 3/22/06 Truth in "Black. White."

AJC 3/22/06 ‘Black.White.’ was chance for dad to be upfront, incognito

LA Voice 3/21/06 From the Button-Pushing Desk: "Black.White." & Race

The Southern 3/18/06 Trading races as boundaries fade

Washington Times 3/16/06 Blacks and whites together


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