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Chicago Defender 3/13/06 Howard student helps white girl Be "Black"

Clarion Ledger 3/13/06 FX colors the facts on 'Black.White.'

Chicago Tribune 3/13/06 FX series gets under the skin

Celebrity Spider 3/11/06 Ice Cube Social Experiment Show "Black. White" A Big Hit

Zap2It 3/10/06 FX series does an about-face on facts

BET 3/10/06 Black, White Families Swap Color in Ice Cube's Reality-TV Show

Zap2It 3/10/06 'Black. White.' and Seen All Over

CBS 3/9/06 Black.White.Like.Me 3/9/06 Black. White. --Simplistic. Pretentious

Media Guardian 3/9/06 First wife swap, now race swap ...

Contra Costa Times 3/8/06 Black and white television

Buffalo News 3/8/06 FX's 'Black.White.' has the best of intentions

Boston Globe 3/8/06 'Black. White.' is more than a reality gimmick

Zap2It 3/8/06 Families Explore a 'Black. White.' World

Seattle Times 3/8/06 Bold "Black. White." tries to transform faces, hearts

Chicago Tribune 3/8/06 FX series gets under the skin

Milwaukee Journal 3/8/06 Miles to go

Dallas Morning News 3/8/06 America in black and white: Families cross the color line

NY Times 3/8/06 Reality TV for Those Infatuated With Passing

Courier Journal 3/8/06 'Black.White.' explores how race relations affect two families

Deseret News 3/8/06 It's all in black and white

Washington Post 3/8/06 Life Swapper

USA Today 3/8/06 Reality TV tackles life in color

Washington Post 3/8/06 More Than Skin Deep: FX's 'Black. White.'

Detroit Free Press 3/8/06 FX show 'Black.White.' depicts how gray race issue really is

NY Daily News 3/8/06 'Black. White.' explores our racial divide

Knox News 3/8/06 'Black. White.' digs beneath color

Star Ledger 3/8/06 Passing fancy

SB Sun 3/8/06 'Black. White.' a crash course in race relations

Hollywood Reporter 3/7/06 Reality of reality TV not so black and white

Plain Dealer 3/7/06 Black - White

CBS 3/7/06 Life In Black And White

Seattle PI 3/7/06 On TV: 'Black. White.' is uncomfortable, revealing reality TV

Hollywood Reporter 3/7/06 Black. White.

Seattle PI 3/7/06 'Black.White.' patriarchs speak their minds 3/5/06 Reality check: 'Black. White.'

LA Times 3/4/06 Is it really that Black & White?

Celebrity Spider 3/3/06 Ice Cube Challenges Race Issues on New Reality Show

CSM 3/3/06 Black & white TV

Star Telegram 3/3/06 In living color

Knox News 3/2/06 'Black. White.' looks at life from both sides

Newsweek 2/26/06 Color Us Impressed


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