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Betsy Bolan (48) dreamed of being a cop her entire life and at age 47 finally turned that dream into a reality. Her friends and family still cannot believe this mother of four is an officer of the law. Even though she is nicknamed "Officer Friendly," Betsy isn't naïve and knows that "nice people can be snakes." She feels her skills as a cop will help her stand up to the possible jerks and alpha-males she could run into during Survivor.  Betsy is happily married with two boys and two girls ranging in age from 8 to 16, but her world almost came apart when her husband was diagnosed with stage-four prostate cancer. Now with his cancer in remission, "all is good" on the home front, but Betsy says the money would mean a lot to her family since her husband does not have health insurance.  After going through a wild time in her youth, this former hippie has now been clean and sober for 21 years. Betsy's overcome a number of obstacles in her life and is ready to tackle the next one, especially, now that she has become the person "she's always dreamed of being."  


Currently, Betsy resides in Campton, N.H. Her birth date is March 20.  Betsy was the third eliminated on Survivor Samoa.


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