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In the ‘90s, the local TV news scene in Pittsburgh was dominated by one team: Chuck Darling (Kelsey Grammer) and Kelly Carr (Patricia Heaton).  They had that elusive quality all news teams need: chemistry ... at least on-screen. Off-screen, Chuck was a bit of a self-centered womanizer, Kelly a bit of an uptight know-it-all. So when Chuck got the call to move up to a larger market, no tears were shed. But after an embarrassing on-air tirade ended up on the Internet, Chuck found himself on the downswing career-wise. He even questioned whether his lifestyle of chasing women and living in hotels was as exciting as it used to be. So when he got the call to return to Pittsburgh, to reunite with Kelly and try to take the newscast back to No. 1, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Back in Pittsburgh, Chuck has a new coworker in Ryan Church (Josh Gad), the overstressed news director. There are also familiar faces like Marsh McGinley (Fred Willard), the affable, endlessly inappropriate sports anchor, and Gary Crezyzewski (Ty Burrell), the perennially put-upon field reporter who always seems to get left out in the snow.  But, mostly, there’s Kelly, now a single mom to 10-year-old Gracie (Laura Marano). There was magic between them once. Can they find it again?


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LA Times 8/8/09 TCA press tour: Kelsey Grammer, sort of, blames his heartbreak (attack) on Fox
TV Guide 5/15/08 Fox Boss: Canceling Back To You Was Tough Decision

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette 2/26/08 'Back' is back

NY Times 2/24/08 A Second Wind for a Professional Oaf

Celebrity Spider 2/21/08 "Back to You" Returns With New Episodes Tuesday & Wednesday on FOX

Sydney Morning Herald 2/11/08 After the break

Celebrity Spider 1/3/08 Double Episode of "Back to You" Next Week on FOX

Celebrity Spider 12/13/07 Gary Copes With Carpooling to Work With Marsha Next Week on "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 12/6/07 Chuck & Kelly Plot to Take the Lead Story Next Week on "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 11/29/07 Chuck Joins Kelly and Gracie for Dinner Next Week on "Back to You"

NY Daily News 11/21/07 Shamed Fox apologizes for Polish slur on 'Back to You'

NY Daily News 11/20/07 Polish group complains to Fox about 'Back to You'

Celebrity Spider 11/15/07 Chuck is Given a Goldfish as a Gift Next Week on "Back to You"

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 11/14/07 'Back to You' borrows from radio's 'This American Life'

Celebrity Spider 11/8/07 A Vicious Raccoon is in Kelly's Attic Next Week on "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 11/6/07 Preview Clips for Wednesday's Episode of "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Gracie's Class Takes a Fieldtrip to WRUG Next Week on "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 10/26/07 FOX Orders Additional Episodes of "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 10/25/07 Encore of the Series Premiere Next Week on "Back to You"

TV Guide 10/17/07 Back to You's Fred Willard Is the Life of the Party

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 A Wrench is Thrown Into Chucks Night Out Plans Next Week on "Back to You"


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