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BuddyTV 10/10/07 Interview with ‘Back to You’ Star Laura Marano

Knox News 10/10/07 'Raymond's' wife gets 'Back' to work

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Chuck and Kelly Plot Against Each Other Next Week on "Back to You"

BuddyTV 10/3/07 Exclusive Interview: ‘Back to You’ Star Fred Willard

Toronto Star 9/29/07 Back to You proves sitcoms still alive

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Chuck Joins Kelly & Gracie for Dinner Next Week on "Back to You"

Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 Chuck is Given a Goldfish as a Gift Next Week on "Back to You"

Uncle Barky 9/19/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Back to You (Fox)

Palm Beach Post 9/19/07 'Back to You' anchored by stellar cast

IGN 9/19/07 Back to You: "Pilot" Advance Review

Zap2It 9/19/07 Grammer and Heaton Are 'Back'

Washington Post 9/19/07 On the Laugh Track

Boston Globe 9/19/07 News is bleak in laugh department

NY Times 9/19/07 Stay Tuned: Killer Bees, Hair Gel and Clashing Egos

San Francisco Chronicle 9/19/07 Review: 'Back to You' treads old sitcom turf

Newsday 9/19/07 Review: Grammer and Heaton in 'Back to You'

Journal Sentinel 9/19/07 TV debut du jour: "Back to You"

Detroit Free Press 9/19/07 'Back to You' packs chuckles you can trust

Chicago Sun Times 9/19/07 News about 'Back to You': It's awful

NY Post 9/19/07 'Back' in the saddle

Chicago Tribune 9/18/07 'Back to You' gets back to comedy basics

IBA 9/18/07 'Back to You' delivers more than 'Big Bang'

USA Today 9/18/07 This just in: 'Back to You' is solid

Seattle PI 9/18/07 'Back to You' breaks no new ground, but its stars shine

TBO 9/18/07 Fox Brings Back To You 2 Comedy Stars Who've Been Away From Sitcoms Awhile

Deseret News 9/18/07 How disappointing — 'Back to You' does not live up to even low expectations

Sun Sentinel 9/18/07 Grammer, Heaton anchor Fox comedy Back to You 9/18/07 Fox's new 'Back to You': Grown-up & funny

LA Times 9/18/07 Grammer, Heaton get back to funny business in 'Back to You'

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/18/07 Pittsburgh plays a part in Fox's new comedy

Globe and Mail 9/18/07 Like Frasier, sort of

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/18/07 Local news anchors review 'Back to You'

NY Daily News 9/18/07 With 'Back to You,' Patricia is re-Heaton her sitcom career

NY Daily News 9/18/07 'Back to You' bad news for Grammer, Heaton

Celebrity Spider 9/17/07 New Comedy Series "Back to You" Premieres Wednesday on FOX

Orlando Sentinel 9/16/07 This just in -- stars can't send 'Back to You' aloft

Celebrity Spider 9/13/07 Preview Clips for the Season Premiere of "Back to You"

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/07 TV Review- Back to You

Journal Sentinel 9/11/07 Sitcom vets Grammer, Heaton back in prime time

Celebrity Spider 8/28/07 Kelsey Grammer Plans Big Things for New Show "Back to You"

AM New York 8/26/07 Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton in 'Back to You'

USA Today 8/23/07 Comedic stars anchor 'Back to You'

Jam! 8/22/07 Kelsey Grammer returns to TV

Indy Star 8/15/07 This just in . . .

Plain Dealer 8/5/07 Heaton sees right sitcom chemistry in 'Back to You'

Rocky Mountain News 8/4/07 Dissing anchors part of plot

Chicago Tribune 8/1/07 'Back to You' is good news for sitcoms

Baltimore Sun 7/30/07 'Back To You' gets back to basics of TV comedy

Jam! 7/29/07 Everybody Loves Patricia Heaton

Detroit Free Press 7/25/07 Back to sitcom basics with 'Back to You' on Fox

Newsday 7/24/07 Grammer's anchored in new traditional sitcom

Post Gazette 7/23/07 'Back to You' has real laughs

Buffalo News 7/23/07 Cheers to Grammer for support of Buffalo

Milwaukee Journal 7/22/07 'Back to You' makes TV news a funny soap

Orlando Sentinel 7/22/07 Fox's Kelsey Grammer-Patricia Heaton sitcom looking to News Blues for clues on local news

LA Times 7/22/07 With 'Back to You,' the multi-camera sitcom gets a fighting chance

Zap2It 6/13/07 Burrows Has FOX's 'Back'

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 FOX Announces New Fall Comedy "Back to You"


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