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 The series follows the five stars as they become sworn police officers in the Midwestern town of Muncie, Indiana -- a city of nearly 70,000 residents located 60 miles northeast of Indianapolis. It's also home to Ball State University. Done with the full cooperation of the Muncie Police Department, the celebrities will undergo police training to become reserve police officers in the Muncie Police Department. They'll learn everything from firearms to hand-to-hand combat, and even learn what it's like to be on the receiving end of a taser shock as a part of the process to be certified to carry stun guns. Upon completion of their training, they'll be issued badges and guns, partnered with veteran officers and immediately hit the streets of Muncie. The five celebrities will protect and serve on the busiest shift of the night, 6 PM to 2 AM, responding to emergency calls, helping victims and making arrests.


News Articles about CBS Networks Armed and Famous

Reality TV World 12/4/08 Erik Estrada returns to 'Armed & Famous' city to resume police patrols

Muncie Star Press 1/27/08 Armed & Famous: Where are the locals now?

Celebrity Spider 11/28/07 Erik Estrada to Carry on as a Cop After Reality Show is Axed

Muncie Star Press 11/27/07 Celebrity 'Armed & Famous' cop Erik Estrada returns to Muncie

Jam! 11/27/07 Erik Estrada back in Indiana to maintain reserve police status

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Jack Osbourne Sued Over Armed and Famous Police Raid

Reality TV World 6/6/07 Woman files $1 million lawsuit over botched 'Armed & Famous' raid

WANE 6/2/07 “Armed and Famous” Lawsuit

Celebrity Spider 3/14/07 Armed and Famous in Mistaken Identity Lawsuit 2/3/07 Q&A: Trish Stratus Discusses Armed and Famous -- The Experience, The Cancellation, and More

Media Guardian 1/31/07 CBS shoots down celebrity police series

Celebrity Spider 1/30/07 Armed and Famous Show Cancelled

Jam! 1/30/07 CBS cancels 'Armed And Famous'

MSNBC 1/30/07 CBS puts cuffs on 'Armed & Famous'

Jam! 1/27/07 Stratus an 'Armed And Famous' cop

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/26/07 Recap: Miss Jackson, If You're Nasty

Reality News Online 1/26/07 Armed and Famous, Episode 4: Hookin' and Crookin'

TMZ 1/25/07 LaToya Jackson Flashes the Cameras

Celebrity Spider 1/23/07 La Toya Jackson Works Undercover Tomorrow on Armed & Famous

NY Post 1/21/07 Cop Out 

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/20/07 Recap: More Preaching Than Sunday School

Reality News Online 1/19/07 Armed & Famous, Episode 3: Past and Present

Reality TV Calendar 1/18/07 Real Cops Aren't Afraid Of Cats: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 1/16/07 It's Cops - But Much More Fun: Episode 1 Recap

Celebrity Spider 1/14/07 La Toya Struggles With Cat Phobia on Armed and Famous Show

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/14/07 Recap: Dumb Hookers And Attack Cats

Celebrity Spider 1/13/07 Jack Osbourne Busts a Girl for Drugs Next Wednesday on Armed and Famous


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