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Fans of Reality T.V. 1/13/07 Premiere Recap: Oh My God, We're Cops

Reality News Online 1/12/07 Armed & Famous, Episode 2: “You Have to Treat Them with Respect”

Celebrity Spider 1/11/07 Armed and Famous Gives Muncie Police Department Surprise Thank You Gift

Reality News Online 1/11/07 Armed and Famous, Episode 1: “Oh God! We’re Cops!”

Media Life 1/11/07 A ho-hum debut for 'Armed & Famous'

Indy Star 1/11/07 'Armed & Famous' hits the air

Celebrity Spider 1/10/07 La Toya Jackson Faces Her Biggest Fears Thursday on Armed and Famous

TV Guide 1/10/07 Why Is CHiPs' Erik Estrada Back in Uniform?

Hartford Courant 1/10/07 Second-Tier Celebrities Get `Armed & Famous'

Palm Beach Post 1/10/07 D-list celebs as beat cops? Better keep their day jobs

NY Daily News 1/10/07 'Armed' celebs are a bust

Buffalo News 1/10/07 'Armed & Famous' seems utterly ridiculous

NY Post 1/10/07 Badge Bunny

Post Gazette 1/10/07 'Armed and Famous' a disgrace for CBS

Contra Costa News 1/10/07 'Armed & Famous' borders on the criminal

Washington Post 1/10/07 'Armed & Famous': CBS's Keystone Cop-Out

Media Life 1/10/07 'Armed & Famous,' and oddly enticing

Boston Globe 1/10/07 Reality show cops to goofy gimmick

Chicago Tribune 1/10/07 There ought to be a law about `Armed & Famous' recruits

Celebrity Spider 1/9/07 La Toya Delivers Baby While Filming Reality Show

Variety 1/9/07 Armed & Famous

Houston Chronicle 1/9/07 Cops and jobbers

Newsday 1/9/07 Pseudo celebs become pseudo cops

USA Today 1/9/07 They're 'Armed & Famous' — and all business 1/9/07 Celebs take a shot at being cops in 'Armed'

Daily News 1/9/07 Armed and Famous: They have the right, but won't remain silent

Charlotte Observer 1/9/07 'Armed & Famous' and stupid

Heraldnet 1/8/07 'Armed and Famous' not as bad as it sounds

Media Week 1/8/07 CBS Deputizes The D-List

Celebrity Spider 1/7/07 Erik Estrada Reprimanded by Police Chief

Indy Star 1/7/07 Muncie armed with high hopes for TV show

Newsday 1/7/07 Arrested development

Muncie Star Press 1/6/07 Chief counsels Estrada about on-duty shouting match

Washington Post 1/5/07 'Armed & Famous,' a.k.a. La Toya's Last Shot

Reality TV World 1/5/07 Eric Estrada fulfilling his lifelong dream in 'Armed & Famous'

Access Hollywood 1/5/07 Don't Call Me Emilio! Erik Estrada Upset Over Mistaken Identity

Jam! 1/5/07 'CHiPs' star becomes a real cop

Celebrity Spider 1/4/07 Celebrity Cops Hit the Streets on Armed and Famous

Reality TV World 1/4/07 'Armed & Famous' celebrities taking their cop jobs very seriously

Celebrity Spider 1/3/07 Armed and Famous to Premiere January 10th on CBS

Commercial Appeal 12/30/06 Indiana city hopes cop show doesn't give it bad name

Jam! 12/16/06 New reality series 'Armed & Famous' paying suspects to show their faces on air

Celebrity Spider 12/15/06 CBS Announces New Reality Series "Armed & Famous" to Debut January 10th

Time 12/15/06 Smile! You're Being Arrested by a Celebrity!

The Wrestling News Page 12/14/06 Trish Stratus’ Upcoming Role In Reality Series

Zap2It 12/14/06 CBS Is 'Armed' For Wednesday

E!Online 12/7/06 Estrada, Osbourne, Jackson: Muncie's Finest?!

Star Press 12/7/06 La Toya Jackson joins force without passing pushups

CBS 12/7/06 La Toya Jackson: 'Armed And Famous'

Newslink Indiana 12/6/06 Celebrities sworn in as reserve officers

Marion Chronicle Tribune 12/1/06 Muncie, what were you thinking?

Pro Wrestling Torch 11/29/06 Trish Stratus begins filming CBS reality TV series with La Toya Jackson, Osbourne

Indy Star 11/29/06 La Toya fails Muncie police fitness test

Ball State Daily News 11/28/06 Reality TV show films celebrities training, working as official local police officers

Star Press 11/26/06 Filming begins for celebrity-Muncie police reality series 11/23/06 Celebrities To Patrol With Muncie Police In Reality Show


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