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News Articles about the XFL


CNN 2/10/01 Maddox, L.A. rally past Chicago 39-32 in overtime

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/10/01 Palelei still at play as Outlaws tackle

Sportsline 2/10/01 Rage exorcise Demons, improve to 2-0 before smaller crowd

San Francisco Chronicle 2/10/01 XFL Players Aren't Kings on the Road

Post Gazette 2/10/01 XFL starts fast, but will it last?

CNet 2/9/01 XFL.com speeds toward end zone

News Star 2/9/01 XFL debuts before sellout crowd in Vegas

CBS 2/9/01 Yes, the XFL is a role model - for TV

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/9/01 Smart, media forming love-hate bond

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/9/01 Rowdy fans worry Outlaws officials

Alabama Live 2/9/01 Veteran pro Smith plays for fun now, not for ego

San Francisco Chronicle 2/9/01 'Old Man' of Demons Still Plays Young

Alabama Live 2/8/01 DiNardo kicks two out for fighting

CBS 2/8/01 XFL slams WWF shares

Globe and Mail 2/8/01 XFL team criticized by mental health group

Alabama Live 2/8/01 Worry about college athletes, not XFL women

Las Vegas Review Journals 2/8/01 Brady wants focus on field

Alabama Live 2/7/01 On one sunny afternoon, XFL was fun Shame on the Thunderbolts

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/7/01 Outlaws safety Sanders tackles notion XFL players lack ability

Alabama Live 2/7/01 New league's third-largest crowd prompts changes for next game

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/7/01 XFL players plan diets carefully to maximize strength, energy

Detroit Free Press 2/6/01 McMahon's XFL raises the raunch factor

Zap2It 2/6/01 XFL Scores Touchdown for UPN

Bergen Record 2/6/01 What critics around the country are saying about the debut of the XFL

USA Today 2/6/01 Cheerleaders, not players, steal show in XFL's debut

Alabama Live 2/6/01 Jones' 'scrambler' strategy better than lucky coin toss

Salon 2/5/01 I want my XTV

Sacramento Bee 2/5/01 Teacher-turned-kicker hits FG at 0:00, gives Demons win

Alabama Live 2/5/01 XFL debut draws strong TV rating

E!Online 2/5/01 XFL Scores Early, Fumbles Late

Alabama Live 2/5/01 Bolts rally, fall short in XFL debut

San Francisco Chronicle 2/5/01 Panasuk's Field Goal Wins Opener

Bergen Record 2/5/01 XFL football awful to watch

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/5/01 Las Vegas' front four keeps Hitmen QBs on run in shutout victory

San Francisco Chronicle 2/5/01 Keep Football First To Retain Fan Base

Alabama Live 2/5/01 XFL's first games raise questions

San Francisco Chronicle Demons 15, Xtreme 13 

Alabama Live 2/5/01 Birmingham Bolts-Memphis Maniax game statistics

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/5/01 Outlaws GM expects fervor for XFL to be fanned

Bergen Record 2/5/01 XFL rates with viewers

Alabama Live 2/5/01 Bolts fall short, but fans rise to the occasion

Alabama Live 2/5/01 35,321 turn out for XFL debut 

CNN 2/4/01 Memphis beats Birmingham 22-20 at Legion Field

Zap2It 2/4/01 NBC's 'XFL' Slams Saturday Competition

CNN 2/4/01 San Francisco beats Los Angeles on late field goal

San Francisco Chronicle 2/4/01 The Mother Of All Hype

Globe and Mail 2/4/01 XFL stresses the game itself 

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/4/01 McMahon pleased with debut

Alabama Live 2/4/01 Sex? What sex? XFL just a football game

CNN 2/4/01 In-your-face XFL football debuts in Sin City

Alabama Live 2/4/01 New league loosens Bolts

Alabama Live 2/4/01 Trash may overwhelm fun in XFL

CNN 2/4/01 Rage against the machine

Sportsline 2/4/01 Miles from The Strip, XFL kicks off Vegas style

Chicago Sports 2/4/01 Enforcers flash star power in defeat

Sportsline 2/4/01 Entertaining XFL openers offer players another shot at big time

Orlando Sentinel 2/4/01 Opening victory is all the Rage

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/4/01 Game scores big with fans

Chicago Sports 2/4/01 NBC stoops to new level with lowbrow XFL broadcast

New Jersey Online 2/4/01 McMahon's XFL debuts before sellout crowd in Vegas

Orlando Sentinel 2/4/01 Rage notebook

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/4/01 Opener a smash hit

San Francisco Chronicle 2/3/01 Revealing Ads XFL campaign puts cheesecake ahead of beefcake

Bloomberg 2/3/01 XFL Promotes Gambling in Another Break With Tradition

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/3/01 The dawn of a new league leaves sports books pleasantly surprised

Chicago Sports 2/3/01 Enforcers to run in opener

Daily Herald 2/3/01 Lester won't change to suit XFL

San Francisco Chronicle 2/3/01 No Demons Runaround, They've Come to Pass

San Francisco Chronicle 2/3/01 XFL: Are You Ready For Some Foolery?

Seattle Times 2/3/01 Bubba Cam gives fans look inside huddle of XFL games

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/3/01 Hitman a Hometown Hit: Merkerson has following

Milwaukee Journal 2/3/01 Sherman on XFL: 'I think it's a joke'

Detroit Free Press 2/3/01 From WMU to the XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/3/01 XFL fans get in gear for opening day

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/3/01 Outlaws vs. Hitmen

Bergen Record 2/2/01 XFL: Flashy, trashy, bizarre

ESPN 2/2/01 X-Rated

Bergen Record 2/2/01 Pro football cops an attitude

Seattle Times 2/2/01 XFL ready to smack down our remotes

CSM 2/2/01 Here comes the edgy XFL, oh my!

Alabama Live 2/2/01 Bolts kicker Palazzo dreams of unsightly kick

Kansas City Star 2/2/01 XFL plans to bring in-your-face attitude to fans of football

CNN 2/2/01 Former NFL back Salaam sees XFL as new beginning

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/01 'SmackDown!' dons shoulder pads

CNN 2/2/01 Lester looks to make most of opportunity with Enforcers

CJ Online 2/2/01 Shay set for some XFL fun

CNN 2/2/01 Hitmen playing in XFL with hopes of return to NFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/2/01 Outlaws confident in offense

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/01 Vasgersian prepared for new territory

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/01 This ain't your daddy's football league

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/01 Coaches: All have a chance

ABC Sports 2/1/01 Starting today, I am an Outlaws fan

Sports Network 2/1/01 Inside the XFL - A look at what's to come

Detroit Free Press 2/1/01 It's a whole new ballgame

Orlando Sentinel 2/1/01 Why are those guys always going for 2?

Alabama Live 2/1/01 Team wants grass field to call home

Globe and Mail 2/1/01 Blitz and glitz

Orlando Sentinel 2/1/01 Hall in it for long haul

Detroit News 2/1/01 Lester finds work

Orlando Sentinel 2/1/01 XFL ready to stage a new kind of football

Detroit Free Press 2/1/01 XFL promises real football in 'ultimate TV reality show'

Dallas Observer 2/1/01 Hail to the GM

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/1/01 Paint It Black

Salon 2/1/01 The XFL won't work

New Jersey Online 2/1/01 Elias will be 'himself' as member of Hitmen

Detroit Free Press 2/1/01 'X' stands for unknown as new league debuts

Detroit Free Press 2/1/01 Keller knows his start-ups

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/1/01 XFL's impact depends on quality of football

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/1/01 Criner not extreme as Outlaws coach

Columbus Dispatch 1/31/01 It's easy to make fun of XFL, but it's football to players

ESPN 1/31/01 Early XFL betting action has been light

Las Vegas Sun 1/31/01 Vegas Bookmakers Laying Odds on XFL

E!Online 1/31/01 February Sweeps: Duchovny, XFL and...Andy Griffith?!?

Alabama Live 1/31/01 DiNardo says XFL will change football forever

Slam! 1/31/01 After a year of hype, XFL ready to go

Alabama Live 1/31/01 Bolts' boss feeling good before opener

Zap2It 1/31/01 XFL To Launch Before Heavy Crowds

Houston Chronicle 1/31/01 Integrity biggest X-factor for league

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/31/01 Former tight end Blackman builds skills as lineman for Outlaws

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/31/01 Ebersol compares league to 'Survivor'

Houston Chronicle 1/31/01 XFL looks to bring viewers close-up

CNN 1/30/01 XFL kicks off Saturday night with two games

Sun Sentinel 1/30/01 Upstart XFL football league ready to take on the NFL

ESPN 1/30/01 NFL officials dismiss XFL as competitor

ESPN 1/30/01 XFL at a glance

Alabama Live 1/30/01 FSU's Weldon entrenched as starter; Bama's Barker is backup

Bergen Record 1/30/01 Elias may not fit XFL mold

CNN 1/29/01 Early prospects for XFL fantasy action

Alabama Live 1/29/01 For real game, low tax bracket, check out XFL

St. Petersburg Times 1/29/01 Xciting or Xcessive? New spring league could be both

Alabama Live 1/29/01 Thunderbolts make cuts today

San Francisco Chronicle 1/29/01 WWF Taking Football To Extremes

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/28/01 Officials vow high-tech show for fans at stadium

Star Telegram 1/28/01 TV overload

Toledo Blade 1/28/01 Faux football and reality TV

Lawrence Journal World 1/28/01 XFL game geared to extreme tastes

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/28/01 Rams' Warner poster boy for XFL argument

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/28/01 Huge replay board

Alabama Live 1/28/01 XFL sinks $1 million into improvements at Legion Field

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/28/01 This Ain't Your Daddy's Football

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/28/01 Outlaws reduce roster to 45-player maximum

Oklahoman 1/27/01 XFL Ready to Rumble

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/27/01 Outlaws' passing unable to take off

Orlando Business Journal 1/26/01 All the Rage: XFL ready for kickoff

Alabama Live 1/26/01 Bolts Defense by Committee

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/26/01 Running back draws Outlaws' attention

Oklahoman 1/26/01 Brian Bosworth added to XFL Broadcast Roster

Jacksonville.com 1/25/01 Blackshear lands with XFL's Rage

ESPN 1/25/01 XFL promises fun with its football

Alabama Live 1/25/01 XFL talent likely on par with CFL

Alabama Live 1/25/01 Game week practice starts Monday

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/25/01 McCallum confident he can foot the bill

Variety 1/24/01 XFL Getting Ready to Rumble

Seattle PI 1/24/01 XFL ball takes flight over Super Bowl

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/24/01 Ex-Jet Burns pleased about career revival with Outlaws

Bergen Record 1/24/01 Former Giant wins bigger battle

Amarillonet 1/24/01 XFL hopes to capitalize at Super Bowl

IGN Wrestling 1/23/01 XFL Exposed!

Bergen Record 1/23/01 Ads in force as XFL takes flight

Alabama Live 1/23/01 Bolts with local ties survive cuts

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/23/01 Outlaws coach Criner cuts roster to 56

Wichita Eagle 1/22/01 XFL coach could have been a Giant

Las Vegas Sun 1/22/01 XFL tests its product in seclusion

Alabama Live 1/22/01 Brumbaugh hopes he'll disprove doubters

Las Vegas Sun 1/22/01 Outlaws reduce roster to 56 players

Biz Journal 1/22/01 New XFL football league is now a no-go in San Antonio

This is London 1/22/01 X-men are wrestling with a new ball game

Orlando Sentinel 1/22/01 Rage release five players

Sports Network 1/22/01 XFL names broadcast team for inaugural season on UPN

Sports Network 1/22/01 XFL officially announces rules highlights

San Francisco Chronicle 1/21/01 Skipper Seizes the Opportunity

Orlando Ledger 1/21/01 Upstart XFL Brings Together Old Faces, New Rules

Alabama Live 1/21/01 Barker, WWF may be new odd couple

San Francisco Chronicle 1/21/01 Cast of relative unknowns tries to latch on with XFL's Demons

Alabama Live 1/21/01 Players, cheerleaders will assist in blood drive

CNN 1/20/01 Sellers indicted on nine charges

Milwaukee Journal 1/20/01 XFL hopes for a big hit

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/20/01 Clement, not Clements, to quarterback Outlaws

Milwaukee Journal 1/20/01 New league rewrites the rules of football

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/20/01 Outlaws wideout faces nine charge

Reporter News 1/19/01 Salaam making most of XFL comeback

Orlando Sentinel 1/19/01 Rage players have one week to impress coaches

Sun Sentinel 1/19/01 XFL football league sells 60 percent of its TV ad revenue

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/19/01 XFL big boys in town for dress rehearsal of big game

CBS 1/19/01 The XFL tries to flex its muscles

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/19/01 Diaz-Infante twice reached pinnacle of NFL with Broncos

Alabama Live 1/18/01 Bolts have bad day in scrimmage

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/18/01 Outlaws hope Dingle can flip on ability

Amarillonet 1/17/01 Is XFL legitimate? That remains to be seen

Las Vegas Sun 1/17/01 New league has some unique rules

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/17/01 Outlaws gear for rules shift

CNN 1/16/01 XFL outlines extreme rules for extreme football

Orlando Sentinel 1/16/01 Rage sign former UCF kicker Pierce

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/16/01 Outlaws test help at quarterback spot

ESPN 1/16/01 XFL tweaks rules for added excitement

Orlando Sentinel 1/15/01 Rage release eight players

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/15/01 Linebacker Dumas waived by Outlaws

Biz Journals 1/15/01 Sandbox.com inks deal with XFL    Click here to go to Sandbox

Seattle Times 1/14/01 Who needs XFL? AFC Championship is the real thing

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/14/01 League adds bytes to coaches' barks

Detroit News 1/12/01 'X' stands for amount of pain NBC's new football league will endure

St. Petersburg Times 1/12/01 Wandering Goodson finds next opportunity in XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/12/01 Criner pleased with scrimmage

Alabama Live 1/12/01 XFL Barker throws TD in first practice pass

Philly.com 1/11/01 XFL cards might be a bit Xcessive

ESPN 1/11/01 Who crashed XFL blimp?

Columbus Dispatch 1/11/01 XFL aims to be like old NFL

Zap2It 1/11/01 XFL Announces UPN Broadcasting Team

San Francisco Chronicle 1/11/01 Ex-Blimp Great Symbol for XFL

Star Telegram 1/11/01 Nolan Catholic coach tries out for XFL

Alabama Live 1/11/01 'Wishful Thinking'

Milwaukee Journal 1/10/01 Ventura says he can do it all

San Francisco Chronicle 1/10/01 XFL's Unplanned Touchdown

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/10/01 Ex-Bears tight end ends retirement

Globe and Mail 1/9/01 Barker jumps to XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/9/01 Scott turning corner with Outlaws

Biz Journal 1/8/01 XFL beginning blitz for individual game, season-ticket sales

Post Gazette 1/7/01 NFL hurting itself in battle with XFL

Las Vegas Review 1/7/01 Gouveia providing pep with Outlaws

Seattle Times 1/7/01 The experimental XFL

Miami Herald 1/7/01 XFL pre-season camps underway

Las Vegas Review 1/7/01 Palelei puts future on the line

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/701 Gouveia providing pep with Outlaws

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/4/01 Returners may get kick from XFL rules

Channel 4000 1/3/01 State Must Provide Data On Ventura's XFL Job

Las Vegas Review 1/3/01 Three quarterbacks battle for Outlaws' No. 1 spot

Las Vegas Sun 1/2/01 Outlaws ready to open camp, prepare their inaugural roster

Las Vegas Review 1/2/01 Outlaws battle the clock: one month to form team

BizJournal 1/1/01 XFL site visits strong, but duration lags NFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 12/30/00 Outlaws choose tackle in supplemental draft

San Francisco Chronicle 12/29/00 Xtreme makes supplemental draft choices

Globe and Mail 12/29/00 XFL grabs few ex-CFL players

Las Vegas Review Journal 12/29/00 Outlaws put focus on supplemental draft

Orlando Sentinel 12/29/00 XFL to hold supplemental draft today

Globe and Mail 12/22/00 CFL players off-limits to XFL

San Francisco Chronicle 12/19/00 XFL Has Chance If It's Anti-NFL

Detroit Free Press 12/17/00 NFL could learn something from the XFL

San Francisco Chronicle 12/14/00 XFL Misses Perfect Match

San Francisco Chronicle 12/14/00 New team holds minicamp

CNN 12/13/00 All the Rage

Sporting News 12/13/00 XFL QB Brohm gets a short stint with Browns

Biz Journal 12/11/00 DJ team signed for XFL play-by-play

Biz Journal 12/11/00 XFL is luring out-of-towners

Daily Southtown 12/1/00 Enforcers name their assistant coaches

Variety 11/30/00 TNN Tackles Rights to XFL Games

Zap2It 11/29/00 TNN Plans To Air XFL Games

CNN 11/29/00 Ventura's moonlighting job covered by ethics code

Orlando Sentinel 11/28/00 Rage release three players

Gist TV 11/28/00 Vasgersian Joins Ventura in XFL Booth

San Francisco Chronicle 11/27/00 Top of the Sixth

Zap2It 11/24/00 Vasgersian Plays With XFL

Orlando Sentinel 11/22/00 Taking it to extremes today

CNN 11/21/00 NBC hires Vasgersian, Adamle, Roggin to join Ventura

Milwaukee Journal 11/21/00 Let's be thankful 'The Body' isn't ours

CNN 11/21/00 XFL promises to rock, but critics wonder

CNN 11/20/00 Ventura's announcing questioned

Zap2It 11/17/00 Gov. Ventura's New Job At NBC Sports

Orlando Sentinel 11/17/00 Mini-camp breeds familiarity

E!Online 11/16/00 Governor "Body" Does XFL Double Duty

Zap2It 11/16/00 Ventura, NBC Team Up For XFL

Las Vegas Sun 11/15/00 Todd Floyd hopes exposure with XFL land him a spot in NFL

Bergen 11/15/00 Brantley joins the mob at Hitmen minicamp

AskMen.com 11/15/00 XFL: As If Football Needed Any More Attitude

Orlando Sentinel 11/15/00 Rage's Shay isn't short on desire

San Francisco Chronicle 11/13/00 230 Women Try Out for 10 Chances to Worship Demons

CNN 11/3/00 Hitmen promise that XFL won't be a 'gimmick league'

Las Vegas Weekly 11/2/00 XFL Cheerleader Tryouts a Kick

L-V Review Journal 10/31/00 XFL DRAFT: Coach happy with picks

Orlando Sentinel 10/30/00 Local players highlight Orlando's XFL draft

L-V Review Journal 10/30/00 Las Vegas team to draft some skill players today

Orlando Sentinel 10/30/00 Rage take Brohm with 1st pick ever

L-V Review Journal 10/30/00 Outlaws expect ex-Rebel to be quick to succeed

CNN 10/29/00 Xtreme select Milanovich with first pick of XFL Draft

L-V Review Journal 10/29/00 Las Vegas coach Criner says he's pleased to get Clements

CNN 10/28/00 2000 XFL Draft First Round Selections

USA Today 10/28/00 Milanovich first pick of XFL

L-V Review Journal 10/28/00 Las Vegas Outlaws to pick fifth today

CNN 10/27/00 XFL to draft 14 ex-NFL first-round draft picks

L-V Review Journal 10/27/00 Outlaws to make fifth pick

CNN 10/19/00 Meyer named head coach of XFL's Enforcers

L-V Review Journal 10/18/00 Troubled running back may become an Outlaw

L-V Review Journal 10/8/00 Outlaws like schedule

Bergen Record 9/29/00 Tillman to coach the XFL Hitmen

CBS 9/28/00 XFL New York-New Jersey team names rusty Tillman coach

Newschannel2000 9/25/00 Hall Returns Home For XFL

CBS 9/18/00 Packers assistant to coach Memphis XFL team

Channel 3000 Packers' Brown Takes Job With XFL's Maniax

Sports Network 9/18/00 XFL's Memphis Maniax name Kippy Brown head coach

Biz Journals 9/8/00 Going to Xtremes

CNN 8/31/00 XFL promises excitement for CNNSI.com users

CNN 8/25/00 New league's flamboyancy reflected in team nicknames

CNN 8/25/00 Chicago's XFL team takes on coach's persona

CNN 8/25/00 Los Angeles takes XFL nickname to the Xtreme

L-V Review Journal 8/25/00 'Outlaws' to prey on XFL

CNN 8/25/00 Birmingham XFL team named Thunderbolts

CNN 8/24/00 Top assistant leaves Giants coaching staff for XFL

Tennessean.com 8/23/00 XFL targeting Arena players

Slam! 8/23/00 XFL could be blessing for players

Augusta Sports 8/18/00 Arena leagues wary of XFL

CNN 8/18/00 XFL promotes Butkus, Meyer named coach of Chicago franchise

L-V Review Journal 8/12/00 XFL hopes to find players with Warner-like ability

L-V Review Journal 8/11/00 Criner to coach local XFL club

CNN 8/11/00 Criner named coach of Vegas team

L-V Review Journal 8/11/00 Hard work, not name recognition, to be XFL team's lure

CNN 8/4/00 McMahon confident of success of new-style football

CNN 8/4/00 Former Cowboys receiver to run NY/NJ team in XFL

CNN 8/1/00 DiNardo to coach Birmingham entry in XFL

CNN 7/31/00 Xciting move for DiNardo

L-V Review Journal 7/29/00 XFL won't be rushed in drive toward inaugural kickoff

ESPN 7/19/00 Butkus to coach Chicago XFL franchise

Chicago Sports 7/19/00 More notes from the XFL's announcement

CNN 7/19/00 Former Bear returning to Chicago sidelines -- with XFL

Chicago Sports 7/19/00 Butkus joins XFL

L-V Review Journal 7/16/00 McMahon `X'-pects XFL to prove `X'-uberating to fans

L-V Review Journal 7/13/00 Fielding questions about XFL

LA Times 7/13/00 XFL, McKay Become Tag Team Partners

L-V Review Journal 7/13/00 XFL rejects old line

L-V Review Journal 7/13/00 McMahon's XFL will thrive by being everything NFL isn't

Las Vegas Sun 7/12/00 XFL exec says league will succeed

CNN 7/7/00 XFL to announce Las Vegas team

L-V Review Journal 7/7/00 XFL prepares to unveil franchise in Las Vegas

CNN 7/4/00 'Smash-mouth' XFL invades Orlando

CNN 8/6/00 XFL announces fourth team will play in Birmingham

CNN 6/22/00 Memphis gets another shot at pro football with XFL

Slam! 6/21/00 XFL to play in Memphis

Alabama Live 6/18/00 Not sure we're ready for McMahon and XFL

CBS 6/13/00 Memphis in running for team in new XFL

PFW 6/13/00 Chicago officially open for XFL business

CBS 6/13/00 XFL to play in Soldier Field

Bergen Record 6/7/00 XFL, NJSEA near deal

Slam! 6/2/00 XFL factors into Bomber negotiations

Wrestling.ign.com 5/17/00 WWF Brings the XFL to UPN

PFW 4/12/00 XFL looks to provide real pro football with a twist or two

PFW 4/3/00 NFL hierarchy could be wrestling with XFL threat before they know it

CNN 3/30/00 XFL, NBC marriage stuns NFL owners

Sports Network 3/29/00 NBC and WWF Entertainment form strategic partnership for XFL

PFW 2/28/00 XFL will learn spring is no time for football, Casserly says

ihigh 2/23/00 Let's get ready to fum-bllle...

CNN 2/10/00 What about this XFL thing?

PFW 2/3/00 World Wrestling Federation considers tackling the sport of football

CNN 2/3/00 WWF plans eight-team pro football league

Slam! 2/2/00 WWF may unveil new football league


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