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News Articles about the XFL


Slam! 3/18/02 McMahon looked north before XFL

Canada.com 2/4/02 A birthday the EX-FL didn't stick around to see

LJ World 12/31/01 XFL biggest TV blunder of 2001

Fox News 11/27/01 I Hate He: Jimmy Smith What Were You Thinking?
ESPN 11/21/01 Smart may see the ball on Sunday

Spokesman Review 11/10/01 WWF takes hit, to layoff 9 percent of workers
CNN 10/4/01 City of Brotherly Love embracing 'He Hate Me'

Bloomberg 8/29/01 Former XFL Referees Seek Back Pay From Arena Football League

CBS 8/13/01 Packers sign free agent defensive end Keneley

CNN 7/20/01 Maddox hopes to turn XFL success into NFL backup job

CBS 7/5/01 Jaguars sign former XFL receiver Gibson
Seattle Times 7/3/01 XFL's misadventure capitalists

Alabama Live 7/1/01 Q & A with: Gerry DiNardo

Tennessean 6/29/01 Katsí Russell cherishes XFL experience, ring

Way More Sports 6/28/01 WWF loses $36 million on XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 6/22/01 XFL memorabilia off to auction

Las Vegas Review Journal 6/21/01 XFL Reverses Stand, Assistants to receive pay, benefits

Kansas City Star 6/16/01 Ex-XFLers have plenty to prove to NFL

Post Gazette 6/15/01 XFL did well by QB Maddox

Bloomberg 6/5/01 Miami Dolphins Sign Former XFL Lineman Mike Lies as Free Agent

NJ Online 6/2/01 Former XFL and University of Georgia player dies at 28

San Francisco Chronicle 5/30/01 XFL has little lasting value

News Journal 5/24/01 DeBary's Adrian weighs options after XFL demise

CBS 5/23/01 Chargers sign former XFLer, Lions draft pick Reese to deal

Entertainment 5/21/01 Things That Could Have Saved the XFL

Alabama Live 5/20/01 Readers sad, glad that Bolts are gone

Sun Herald 5/20/01 What do we do with all this XFL stuff?

Sportsline 5/18/01 XFL might have been last to challenge mighty NFL

Alabama Live 5/18/01 Disappointed employees mark Bolts' final days

Bloomberg.com 5/18/01 XFL's Failure Leaves Sponsors Holding Leftovers

CNN 5/15/01 Where Go Them?

Las Vegas Review Journal 5/14/01 XFL had ideas worth keeping

Alabama Live 5/13/01 Bolts get nostalgic over XFL's demise

Free Lance Star 5/13/01 X'ed out: XFL was bad idea

Zap2It 5/13/01 Jesse Ventura Blames Media for Death of XFL

Washington Post 5/12/01 The XFL, Not as Bad as It Wanted to Be

San Francisco Chronicle 5/12/01 Skipper has zero regrets about XFL job

Washington Post 5/12/01 Ex-FL

Las Vegas Review Journal 5/12/01 Outlaws coach Criner thrown for loss by sudden passing of XFL

St. Petersburg Times 5/11/01 And a nation yawns: McMahon, NBC fold the XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 5/11/01 XFL Timeline

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Boosters believe XFL good for city

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Bolts die with XFL after one season

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Bolts cheerleader back to books, minus glittering game-day garb

Las Vegas Review Journal 5/11/01 Las Vegas players, coaches say league fumbled promotions

Washington Post 5/11/01 Smacked Down: XFL Folds

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Don't mourn too long for Brand X league

Las Vegas Review Journal 5/11/01 XFL extinct after dismal inaugural season

CNN 5/10/01 WWF drops XFL

E!Online 5/10/01 XFL...R.I.P.

Sporting News 5/10/01 XFL folds after one season

Zap2It 5/10/01 Game Over For XFL

Louisville Channel 5/10/01 XFL Folds After One Season

Zap2It 5/10/01 McMahon Approaches The WB To Save the 'XFL'

ESPN 5/1/01 XFL star Avery hooks up with Cowboys

Media Life 4/30/01 Life after death for McMahon's XFL

Press and Dakotan 4/27/01 XFL Fails To Learn From Predecessors

Slam 4/26/01 Perez, Cunningham named as XFL all-stars

San Francisco Chronicle 4/26/01 XFL titillated with ads but not play

Bergen Record 4/23/01 XFL players paint a rosy picture

Milwaukee Journal 4/23/01 XFL's 'football' season flops to an end

Detroit Free Press 4/23/01 XFL's ratings rise slightly in probable NBC finale

ESPN 4/22/01 Players were happy with the experience, not fans

LJ World 4/22/01 Maddox leads Xtreme to XFL championship

Bergen Record 4/22/01 NBC fumbles with the XFL

Detroit Free Press 4/21/01 XFL title: Who cares? The teams

Star Telegram 4/21/01 XFL winning `fun' for Maddox

CNN 4/20/01 Million Dollar bounty

Zap2It 4/20/01 The "XFL" Championship On NBC

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/20/01 Outlaws' Tarver signs with Packers

San Francisco Chronicle 4/19/01 Title everything for Demons

Calgary Sun 4/19/01 Golden ring for K-Man

Globe and Mail 4/18/01 XFL rating up a little

Washington Post 4/18/01 The XFL: 'It's Not Very Good Football'

Memphis Business Journal 4/16/01 XFL coming back with changes, likely without NBC

Slam 4/15/01 Xtreme advance to Million Dollar Game

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/15/01 New league plots next moves

CNN 4/15/01 Demons upset Rage for first slot in title game

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/15/01 Handful of key plays turned season from promising to putrid

Slam! 4/14/01 Rage headed for Million Dollar Game

San Francisco Chronicle 4/14/01 Enforcers face Xtreme in XFL playoffs

CNN 4/14/01 L.A., Chicago rely on overlooked players in semifinal

Detroit Free Press 4/14/01 Aikman out of football, and that includes XFL

St Petersburg Times 4/13/01 Dissecting the XFL's disappointing season

Sports Network 4/12/01 Inside the XFL - Let the playoffs begin

Sports Network 4/11/01 Four XFL teams begin quest for $1 Million

Star Ledger 4/10/01 XFL: Shows it can take a huge financial hit

Alabama Live  4/9/01 Hitmen force Bolts out with a whimper

Alabama Live 4/8/01 Pick your motivation: Money or future with Bolts

Jacksonville.com 4/8/01 'What the XFL meant to be'

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/8/01 Maniax top Outlaws

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/8/01 Outlaws vs Maniax

San Francisco Chronicle 4/7/01 L.A. Stands Between Demons and Western Division Title
Las Vegas Review Journal 4/7/01 Tight end has team on run

Sports Network 4/6/01 Inside the XFL - Demons-Xtreme battle for division title

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/6/01 Outlaws look to next year

San Francisco Chronicle 4/5/01 XFL's Million-Dollar Playoff Payoff

Alabama Live 4/5/01 Hitmen gunning for playoff berth

Alabama Live 4/5/01 TV ratings kill XFL, but NIFL ready

Sports Network 4/4/01 XFL launches new scoring feature for playoffs

Sports Network 4/3/01 Streaking Chicago sweeps weekly XFL awards

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/2/01 XFL also-rans fumble for answers

Bergen Record 4/2/01 Hitmen in bad position

Alabama Live 4/2/01 Bolts Dashed hopes XFL playoff chances die amid breakdowns

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/2/01 Demonized Outlaws let playoff hopes slip away

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/2/01 Wind-aided Demons punt bedevils Outlaws

The Cabin 4/1/01 Fans guide to ignoring XFL on TV

CNN 4/1/01 Enforcers remain in XFL postseason picture

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/1/01 Outlaws look to rid themselves of Demons with win today

CNN 4/1/01 Orlando strikes back to subdue Birmingham

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/31/01 Criner says he's coffin-cornered the market on kickers

Alabama Live 3/30/01 Leigh leaps into battle for battered Birmingham

Sports Network 3/30/01 Inside the XFL - Race to the playoffs continues

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/30/01 Quarterback armed, ready

Alabama Live 3/29/01 XFL says league will return to Birmingham

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/29/01 Diaz-Infante expects to play after being sidelined four games

Detroit Free Press 3/28/01 XFL head says league shall return

Washington Post 3/28/01 D.C. May Be Next for XFL

Alabama Live 3/28/01 Clinton jokes won't go away, but XFL will

Jacksonville.com 3/28/01 XFL promises a return in 2002

Channel 4000 3/27/01 Ventura Talks About XFL

ESPN 3/27/01 NBC won't tolerate ratings tailspin

Alabama Live 3/27/01 Barker banged-up but may play

Zap2It 3/27/01 Postseason Ratings To Determine XFL Fate On NBC

Chicago Sports 3/26/01 Avery Rushes for XFL Record 

CNN 3/26/01 NBC may slam XFL

Bergen Record 3/26/01 Hitmen misfire against Rage

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/26/01 Parity aids Outlaws in hunt for playoffs

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/25/01 Xtreme dooms Outlaws defense

Alabama Live 3/25/01 Bolts hope helpful weather ensures critical victory

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/25/01 Los Angeles passes its way to 35-26 win

Wichita Eagle 3/25/01 Anti-XFL attitude doesn't keep NFL's scouts away

Bergen Record 3/25/01 Hitmen today

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/24/01 For center, overcoming knee infection is no snap

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/24/01 Alcalde finally finds stability

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/23/01 Outlaws say pieces in place for big win

Business Journal 3/22/01 XFL rethinks D.C. for expansion team

Seattle PI 3/22/01 How low can the XFL go?

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/22/01 Tackle provides strength inside for Las Vegas

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/21/01 Coach, star safety say announcers fabricated disciplinary report

The Oregonian 3/20/01 XFL wants a look around town

CNN 3/20/01 XFL's ratings dip to horrible 1.6 for Week 7

Alabama Live 3/20/01 Bolts top list as city's lousiest pro football team

Milwaukee Journal 3/20/01 Mustangs say they enjoy XFL

Chicago Tribune 3/19/01 Switching gears leads to second win

Milwaukee Journal 3/19/01 NBC looks at whether to put XFL on waivers

Salon 3/19/01 XFL makes history!

Detroit Free Press 3/19/01 NCAA tournament sends XFL ratings to new lows

Alabama Live 3/19/01 Red zone is twilight zone for hapless Bolts

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/19/01 Outlaws' progress satisfying to Criner

Orlando Sentinel 3/19/01 Xtreme crush Rage in first loss

Alabama Live 3/18/01 Barker pounded in starting debut

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/18/01 Defense shuts down Thunderbolts

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/18/01 Quarterback Clement, solid defense lead XFL team to easy victory

San Francisco Chronicle 3/17/01 Future of XFL Is in NBC's Hands

La Vegas Review Journal 3/17/01 Outlaws hope for Smart play today

San Francisco Chronicle 3/17/01 Hot-Cold Demons Face Enforcers

Globe and Mail 3/16/01 Ventura won't quit XFL job

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/16/01 Edwards aims to help youths

Alabama Live 3/16/01 Barker to roll dice against XFL's top defense in Vegas

Alabama Live 3/16/01 Unselfish Barker gets another shot

E!Online 3/15/01 XFL X-ing Out Ventura?

NJ Online 3/15/01 McMahon Ready to Put a Governor on XFL Analyst

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/15/01 Despite his solid play, linebacker thinks he can perform better

Alabama Live 3/15/01 Is there a future for Brand X football?

Alabama Live 3/15/01 Barker possibly stepping into national TV spotlight

Sports Network 3/14/01 Big-time player, makes big-time plays for XFL's Rage

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/14/01 Outlaws receiver hopes XFL showing helps

Sports Network 3/13/01 Druckenmiller and Trout earn weekly XFL honors

Bloomberg.com 3/13/01 XFL Seen Falling Short of $80 Mln Revenue Forecast

Alabama Live 3/13/01 Bolts turn to backups as Weldon sidelined for year

Alabama Live 3/12/01 Weldon hurt as Bolts fall to Xtreme

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/12/01 Reeling Outlaws cut off at the pass

CNN 3/12/01 McCullough's 124 yards, two TDs carry L.A.

Bergen Record 3/11/01 Schroeder bolts for XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/11/01 Outlaws come close but can't contain Rage

Alabama Live 3/11/01 Former Vol aims to mop up against Bolts

Orlando Sentinel 3/11/01 Rage rally past Outlaws, qualify for XFL playoffs

CNN 3/10/01 Rage is a machine

Seattle Times 3/10/01 When all else fails, XFL gives us even less to cheer

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/10/01 Outlaws look to tame XFL's unbeaten Rage

Alabama Live 3/9/01 Raynock finally here after trade

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/9/01 XFL's top man unbowed

San Francisco Chronicle 3/8/01 The Boz Tackles Media for Knocking XFL

Alabama Live 3/8/01 As XFL's TV ratings tumble, WWF sends mixed signals

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/8/01 Tuipala makes big impact on Outlaws

Alabama Live 3/7/01 Excalibur limo company hooks up with XFL's Bolts

Alabama Live 3/7/01 XFL still hard to figure

Sports Network 3/6/01 McDougal and Miles honored as XFL Players of the Week

ST. Petersburg Times 3/6/01 Football pool has surprise loser

Star Ledger 3/6/01 XFL: Hitmen may take a hit: Snow removal cost

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/6/01 Loss to Enforcers sticks in craw of Outlaws coach

Detroit Free Press 3/5/01 Ratings fall for fourth consecutive week

Bergen Record 3/5/01 Talk, not action, becoming XFL's focus

San Francisco Chronicle 3/5/01 Leaf Falls -- Ryan's Hope May Be the XFL

Alabama Live 3/5/01 Offensive woes strike again

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/5/01 Enforcers edge Outlaws

Bergen Record 3/5/01 XFL fan's tackle gets rave review from cop he saved

US News 3/4/01 4th and 10 for the XFL

CNN 3/4/01 Late TD gives Enforcers first victory

Alabama Live 3/4/01 Worst of Bolts vs. San Francisco

CNN 3/4/01 Rage remain unbeaten with 21-19 win against Maniax

CNN 3/4/01 Xtreme dominate Hitmen as Gov runs mouth

San Francisco Examiner 3/4/01 There's still time to catch the XFL farewell tour

CNN 3/4/01 New QB leads Demons to rout of Thunderbolts

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/4/01 Outlaws not looking past winless Chicago

San Francisco Chronicle 3/3/01 XFL Is Proving Ground for Demons' Coach

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/3/01 Meyer looking up despite slow start

Globe and Mail 3/2/01 Low ratings force XFL shakeup

Alabama Live 3/2/01 Bolts feel crunch of recession

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/2/01 Parten to add even more strength to league's stingiest unit

Seattle Times 3/1/01 NBC likely to move XFL next year

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/1/01 XFL changes rule on coverage

Seattle Times 2/28/01 NBC won't cross XFL off schedule

Bergen Record 2/28/01 TV viewers to XFL: We hate this

ABC 2/28/01 X Marks the Spot
Las Vegas Review Journal 2/28/01 Las Vegas market dominating XFL's TV ratings

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/27/01 Grieb catches on quickly, inspires confidence

Sun Herald 2/27/01 XFL's gimmicks can't save it from impending oblivion

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/27/01 Game day starts early for Outlaws cheerleaders

ESPN 2/26/01 Gov. Ventura blames media for falling ratings

S.F. Chronicle 2/26/01 A fine show in person, XFL doesn't translate into good television

Alabama Live 2/26/01 Barker stays benched as offense stalls in loss

San Francisco Chronicle 2/26/01 Demons Undone by Five Turnovers

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/26/01 Outlaws overpower Demons

Business Journal 2/26/01 With cleavage, WWF style, XFL missing an audience

New Jersey Online 2/25/01 XFL ratings still in free-fall

CNN 2/25/01 Salaam, Maniax skid past Xtreme

CNN 2/25/01 Stanford student Grieb leads Outlaws past Demons

Seattle Times 2/25/01 Chilly fans see Hitmen whack host Enforcers

San Francisco Chronicle 2/25/01 Demons' Receiver Barred

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/25/01 Outlaws try to get offensive

NewJersey.com 2/25/01 Rage 30, Thunderbolts 6

CNN 2/25/01 Orlando dominates Birmingham to stay unbeaten

Daily News 2/25/01 Xtreme hopes to emerge from pack atop the West

CNN 2/24/01 Hitmen shut out Enforcers in low-end battle

New Jersey Online 2/24/01 Hitmen: Success is in sight for Aska tonight

Daily Herald 2/24/01 XFL ready to make its Chicago debut

CNN 2/24/01 Hitmen shut out Enforcers in low-end battle

New Jersey Online 2/23/01 Hitmen: New QB Richardson takes charge

Alabama Live 2/23/01 Butler fishing his limit in the XFL pond

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/23/01 Outlaws tackle hopes to get foothold in pro wrestling

Bergen Record 2/22/01 Ratings decline forces givebacks

Alabama Live 2/22/01 XFL president: Ratings won't prompt NBC pullout

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/22/01 Outlaws toss Grieb into fire as new QB

San Francisco Chronicle 2/21/01 McMahon Prevails Even If XFL Fails

New Jersey Online 2/21/01 Sponsors to get extra ads as XFL national ratings fall

San Francisco Chronicle 2/20/01 The XFL Better Change, Or It'll Be Gone

Toronto Sun 2/20/01 Death and racing a twisted concept

Alabama Live 2/20/01 Fast game, fewer plays cut down on scoring

Salon 2/20/01 Is the XFL taking the WWF down with it?

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/20/01 Outlaws QB Cawley discarded after loss

Lawrence Journal World 2/20/01 Xtreme design hits home

Detroit Free Press 2/19/01 Sports Today notebook

Bergen Record 2/19/01 Hapless Hitmen get signals crossed

Entertainment Weekly 2/19/01 Here's the XFL cheerleader of the week

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/19/01 Outlaws grab QB Grieb to inject life into offense

Alabama Live 2/19/01 The Butler did it - again!

Times Union 2/18/01 What does XFL spell? TV doom

CNN 2/18/01 The Rage hath fury

Alabama Live 2/18/01 XFL's Weldon captures vote as toughest QB

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/18/01 48-yard kick sends Las Vegas to defeat

Alabama Live 2/18/01 Avery has Bolts' attention

Sun Herald 2/18/01 Hey, XFL is just warming up

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/18/01 Offensive woes finally cost Outlaws

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/18/01 Proud defense kicks itself for allowing four FGs

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/18/01 Outlaws vs. Extreme How they scored

San Francisco Chronicle 2/17/01 Demons Stay on Road To Prepare for Maniax

NewsChannel2000 2/17/01 Rage Report: Rage Gunning For Hitmen

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/17/01 Xtreme picked to edge Outlaws

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/17/01 XFL fine-tuning for shorter broadcasts

Zap2It 2/17/01 Super-Sized XFL Angers 'SNL' Producer

Daily News 2/17/01 Outlaws defense an Xtreme test

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/17/01 Question irks Xtreme coach

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/17/01 Outlaws search for offensive improvement

Alabama Live 2/16/01 Willis aims to finish pro career on his terms

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/16/01 Outlaws to start Cawley

CBS 2/16/01 `Sssssss': Why the XFL got eaten alive

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/16/01 Back On Display

Alabama Live 2/15/01 Drake unhappy about XFL's injured reserve rules

Milwaukee Journal 2/14/01 XFL ratings pile-drive downward

Kansas City Star 2/14/01 Local lineman finds excitement, fun in fledgling XFL

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/14/01 Viewers put smack down on XFL

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/14/01 Outlaws seek QB solution

New Jersey Online 2/13/01 XFL promises to speed up its games after overtime contest

Sports Network 2/13/01 Copeland and Brown named XFL Players of the Week

Miami Herald 2/13/01 McMahon has second laugh, hoping for last one

Slam! 2/13/01 Former Outlaws prospect killed in car crash

E!Online 2/13/01 "SNL" Stews Over XFL

Bergen Record 2/13/01 Extreme changes are necessary

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/13/01 Outlaws get ready to take Xtreme test

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/13/01 Former Outlaws prospect killed in car crash

Salon 2/12/01 XFL, Week 2: Sacked!

Deseret News 2/12/01 'Baddest girls' are part of bad XFL

CBS 2/12/01 XFL falters in week two

Alabama Live 2/12/01 Bolts use big plays to earn first win

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/12/01 Outlaws rough up Maniax

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/12/01 Outlaws' Clement out with shoulder injury

CNN 2/11/01 Outlaws rout Maniax 25-3 in Memphis to move to 2-0

Zap2It 2/11/01 XFL Stays Strong Saturday

CNN 2/11/01 League's ratings slide 50 percent in Week 2

St. Petersburg Times 2/11/01 XFL: all the hype and less filling

San Francisco Chronicle 2/11/01 Orlando's All the Rage in Demon Demise

CNN 2/11/01 San Francisco at Orlando

Syracuse Online 2/11/01 Food for thought: XFL, Crunch, 'Cuse

CNN 2/11/01 Memphis gets another change at supporting pro football

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/11/01 Outlaws hope show plays as well on road

Bergen Record 2/11/01 XFL Hitmen targeting area football fans

USA Today 2/11/01 Orlando, penalties bedevil San Francisco

LJ World 2/11/01 Xtreme overpower Chicago, 39-32; Orlando downs Demons

The Cabin 2/11/01 Hot tub adds to XFL's debut in LA

USA Today 2/11/01 Maddox scripts thrilling L.A. story


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