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News Articles about Channel Four's Wife Swap

Hastings Observer 5/5/07 Family features on Wife Swap

Digital Spy 4/18/07 Horse abuse in 'Wife Swap' episode

The Sun 4/5/07 Wife Swap pair are real swing

The Black Pool Gazette 4/3/07 Wife Swap show in couples appeal

Daily Mail 4/2/07 Did Paul Daniels enjoy his Wife Swap with Vanessa Feltz? Not a lot

This is Hampshire 3/27/07 Wife enjoys TV exchange

Digital Spy 3/10/07 Muslim woman signs up for 'Wife Swap'

Daily Record 2/23/07 Wife Swap Mum Dodges Prison 

Manchester Online 2/22/07 TV Wife Swap Lizzy spared prison

Gay Wired 2/16/07 UK Wife Swap Show Looking for Queer Families

Pink News 2/13/07 Wife Swap want gay or lesbian family

Rochdale Observer 1/26/07 Lizzy guilty of child cruelty

The Mirror 1/24/07 TV's Wife Swap Liz Faces Jail

This is Lancashire 1/24/07 Wife Swap star found guilty of child cruelty

BBC 1/23/07 Wife Swap star guilty of cruelty

Digital Spy 1/6/07 Vanessa Feltz signs up for 'Wife Swap'

Digital Spy 1/5/07 'Question Time' and 'Wife Swap' - the opera?

Metro 1/2/07 Paul and Debbie join Celebrity Wife Swap

Daily Mail 12/6/06 TV's Wife Swap toned down to stop the fights

Guardian Unlimited 12/6/06 Wife Swap to stop family rows

People.co.uk 11/22/06 Tortured..by TV Wife Swap

The Times 10/25/06 Welcome to Wife Swap Britain, but make sure you're not called Courtney

Evening Telegraph 10/21/06 Mum tells of TV wife swap ordeal

Digital Spy 10/8/06 'Wife Swap' star Lizzie looks for love

Sheffield Today 10/4/06 TV couple hit out at sex allegation

Yorkshire Post 10/3/06 Wife Swap disaster leads to bitter exchanges

The Citizen 10/2/06 TV 'Swap' mother spared jail term

Digital Spy 9/28/06 'Wife Swap' sex assault claims withdrawn

This is London 9/28/06 TV's Wife Swap in chaos after claims of sexual assault

Daily Record 8/31/06 Wife Swap fraud swoop

Digital Spy 8/24/06 John McCririck to take part in 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV World 7/14/06 Former British 'Wife Swap' participant facing child cruelty charges

This Is Lancashire 7/7/06 Fraud charge for TV ‘wife’

The Mirror 7/4/06 Edwina Star of TV Swap

Rochdale Observer 5/16/06 Show caused our split, says Wife Swap’s Paul

Burnley Today 5/12/06 Wife Swap Mother Puts Story Straight

Rochdale Observer 5/5/06 Couple split after night of TV ‘fame’

The Herald 4/25/06 Wiping the floor with Mrs Clean

Digital Spy 4/8/06 'Wife Swap' star Lizzy hopes to clear name

Daily Mail 4/7/06 Wife Swap star in court on abuse charges

The Mirror 4/4/06 Wife's Kid Harm Rap

Blackburn Citizen 3/27/06 Wife Swap star on benefit rap

BBC 3/8/06 Reality star child cruelty claims

Daily Record 12/15/05 Wife Swap Split 

Sky News 12/15/05 It's Wife Stop For Lizzy

Digital Spy 12/11/05 'Wife Swap's Lizzie splits from husband

Romford Recorder 10/21/05 Wife Swap couple fury

Daily Record 10/19/05 Wife Swap Prude in the Nude

The Herald 10/18/05 There must be an end to Wife Swap for the sake of the children

Irish Examiner 10/10/05 Melissa says Wife Swap makers only ‘showed what they wanted’

BBC 9/27/05 Reality TV star cheated benefits

Daily Mail 9/27/05 Wife Swap star guilty of benefit fraud

Manchester Online 9/26/05 Wife swap: Bikers lead the way

Digital Spy 9/20/05 Disappointing return for 'Wife Swap'

BBC 9/6/05 Wife Swap star 'gave to charity'

Media Guardian 8/26/05 Supernanny meets Wife Swap? Reality TV firms discuss tie-up

Telegraph 7/1/05 Wife Swap exposed benefits con

Digital Spy 5/28/05 Format change planned for next 'Wife Swap'

Digital Spy 4/13/05 Channel 4 renews 'Wife Swap' for seasons 6,7

Ealing Times 4/12/05 Fancy wife swap?

BBC 4/4/05 'Wife Swap' firm to list shares

DeHavilland 3/16/05 Swearing spouse heads for showbiz career

Media Guardian 3/7/05 Uptight about Wife Swap parents

The Scotsman 2/16/05 Suffer the little children to appear on TV?

ic Wales 2/6/05 Welsh Wife Swap strop

Digital Spy 2/6/05 'Wife Swap' wives nearly come to blows

Doncaster Today 2/4/05 Cleaning Addict Is Wife Swap Star

The Scotsman 2/3/05 Wife Swap comic is far from amused

The Mirror 1/30/05 TV's Wife Swap Secret

Sunday Herald 1/29/05 Surviving wife swap

Wakefield Today 1/28/05 Family's shock at TV swap portrayal

Sutton Borough Guardian 1/27/05 Wife Swap for mum-of-seven

Norwich Evening News 1/5/05 City family in weirdest wife swap ever

Contact Music 12/16/04 Wife Swap Makers Sue US Copycat

Zap2It 12/16/04 'Wife Swap' Producers Sue FOX over 'Spouses'

BBC 12/16/04 Wife Swap makers sue US 'copycat'

St Petersburg Times 12/15/04 'Wife Swap' producers sue Fox over show

DeHavilland 12/14/04 Wife Swap star investigated over benefits

BBC 11/22/04 Wife Swap gunning for global Emmy

Daily Record 11/17/04 TV Swap Star on Fraud Rap

Manchester Evening News 11/16/04 Wife Swap's Lizzie denies benefit fraud

BBC 11/16/04 'Wife Swap' star's benefit charge

Edinburgh Evening News 11/16/04 Wife Swap star in dock

Digital Spy 11/13/04 Hamster causes 'Wife Swap' row

Manchester Evening News 11/9/04 Meet Manchester's new Wife Swap star

The Independent 11/7/04 'Wife Swap' stars bite back at reality TV

Burnley Today 11/5/04 Wife Swap duo split on screen

The Mirror 11/3/04 Wife Swap: Becky Won't Take Hubby Back

This Is London 11/2/04 Wife swap star faces fraud trial

The Mirror 10/25/04 Wife Swap Made Life So Much Better

Digital Spy 10/24/04 'Wife Swap' partner calls it a day

Digital Spy 10/20/04 Ratings Roundup: 'Wife Swap' loses its shine

The Times 10/20/04 Wife Swap to the international rescue

Manchester Online 10/11/04 Lizzy on benefits charge

BBC 10/5/04 Wife Swap up for an Emmy

Digital Spy 8/18/04 'Wife Swap' couple split up

Mirror.co.uk 7/31/04 Wife Swap Changed Our Lives

Ananova 7/13/04 Wife Swap bosses want nudists and gays for new series

Digital Spy 6/30/04 'Wife Swap' makes strong return

Media Guardian 6/29/04 US networks in Wife Swap contest

Ananova 6/29/04 Wife swap 'to go nudist'

Ananova 6/18/04 Sparks fly in new Wife Swap series

BBC 5/20/04 Wife Swap wins US prime-time slot

Independent 5/20/04 'Wife Swap' leads UK invasion of American prime-time television

Ananova 3/29/04 Wife Swap producers want lazy Mancunians for new series

Manchester Online 3/27/04 The cynical truth behind TV's Wife Swap

Telegraph 2/26/04 Hands off, that's my Wife Swap

Ananova 2/24/04 Wife Swap lose out after foreign 'rip-offs'

Media Guardian 2/23/04 Wife Swap accuses 'rip-off' rivals

Guardian 2/17/04 Outrage over 'racist' Wife Swap

Press Release 2/9/04 Casting Call (UK Residents) Wife Swap

Independent 1/30/04 Channel 4's 'Wife Swap' dominates TV industry awards

Ananova 1/30/04 Wife Swap seeks posh contestants

Ananova 1/29/04 Wife Swap cleans up at Broadcast awards

BBC 1/29/04 Wife Swap leads Broadcast awards

Ananova 12/10/03 C4 'to bring back Wife Swap'

Telegraph 11/27/03 TV Wife Swap creator is staying loyal

Ananova 11/12/03 Celebrity Wife Swap draws 6m viewers

Digital Spy 11/12/03 'Celebrity Wife Swap' pulls in 6 million

BBC 11/12/03 Celebrity Wife Swap attracts 6m

BBC 11/11/03 Jade & 'millionaire' set for wife swap

Media Guardian 11/10/03 For our next trick...

MegaStar 11/7/03 Wife Swap bug hell

BBC 11/4/03 Drama over dropped Wife Swap show 

Ananova 11/4/03 TV mother-of-seven having twins for childless couple

BBC 10/22/03 Wife Swap triumphs in TV ratings

Digital Spy 10/22/03 'Wife Swap' continues to soar

Ananova 10/17/03 Wife Swap has made life 'living hell'

Manchester Online 10/16/03 Wife Swap aftermath continues for couple

The Guardian 10/15/03 Millions turn on to Wife Swap

BBC 1/22/03 Wife Swap show in ratings surge

Ananova 1/22/03 Wife Swap gets second series

BBC 1/17/03 Women's group attacks reality show


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