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Shania Twain - Red Dress
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News articles about Shania Twain


NMC 2/25/04 Why Shania Takes Her Time

icBirmingham 2/23/04 Shania's rags to riches tale

c 2/23/04 Shania's on fire!

NMC 2/20/04 Shania's Personal Pleasures

Manchester Evening News 2/20/04 Shania takes on the world

Evening Times 2/17/04 Top seller Shania kicks off UK gigs with style

ic Teesside 2/16/04 We're missing Shania already

ic Teesside 2/16/04 Impressive debut

Sheffield Today 2/14/04 Shania has fans eating out of her hand

Country Weekly 2/12/04 Shania's Up For The Junos

Chart Attack 2/11/04 Avril, Shania, Sarah Up For Juno Fan Choice Award

Toronto Star 2/8/04 Film to show she's not just a pretty face

CTV 2/5/04 Lavigne, Twain up for three Grammys each

Chart Attack 2/4/04 Avril, Shania, Nickelback, Eugene Levy To Represent Canada At Grammys

NMC 2/3/04 Shania Twain Story Told On Country Giant

NMC 1/29/04 Shania Tune Helps Sell Chevy Trucks

Otago Daily Times 1/26/04 Twain reported to be leaving

New Zealand Herald 1/24/04 Shania Twain makes quiet trip to New Zealand

NMC 1/16/04 McLachlan, Shania, Foo Bassist Recipes

Chart Attack 1/14/03 Shania And Celine Named Worst Dressed

Toronto Star 1/14/04 Fashion cop cites Céline, Shania

Ananova 1/2/04 Shania Twain owes it all to hubby

Belfast Telegraph 1/1/04 Shania set to party with top promoter Jim

NMC 12/29/03 Shania Twain Tour Dates '04

NMC 12/23/03 Twain Collects Year End #1s

Country Weekly 12/22/03 Shania's Gone Truckin'

Reuters 12/20/03 Shania Twain Tops Country Lists

Arizona Republic 12/20/03 Twain reconnects with Phoenix fans

Union Tribune 12/19/03 Down-to-earth Twain rocked her fans' world

SF Gate 12/16/03 Shania Twain is not selling sex -- she's selling pep, and the female fans love it

Mercury News 12/16/03 Shania Twain fails to make sparks fly at S.J. concert

Yahoo 12/15/03 2004 3 time Grammy Nominee Shania Twain Continues to set new records with 'UP!'

Press Gazette 12/11/03 Shania bumping West grads from Resch

NMC 12/11/03 Twain Wins Three 12/11/03 Shania a big winner at Billboard Awards

Globe and Mail 12/11/03 Shania Twain, Beyoncé, R. Kelly top Billboard Awards

Vancouver Sun 12/9/03 Twain sweet as sugar with a whole lot of spunk

Herald Tribune 12/9/03 City student sings duet with Shania 12/8/03 Shania Twain NZ land purchase rumours denied

Winnipeg Sun 12/7/03 'We love Shania'

The Province 12/7/03 Shania Twain brings her monster spectacle to the Coliseum

Press Gazette 12/7/03 Tickets for Twain show sell out in an hour

Jam! 12/5/03 Gotcha Good

Jam! 12/5/03 Avril, Shania nominated for 3 Grammys apiece

Chart Attack 12/4/03 Avril, Nickelback, Shania Nominated For Grammy Awards

NMC 12/4/03 Tim, Celine, and Shania Get Your Keys

Vancouver Sun 12/4/03 Shania's just up, up, up

Billboard 12/3/03 Shania Slates Spring Swing

NMC 12/3/03 Shania and Son Make Good Team

Rocky Mountain News 12/2/03 In country and pop, Shania's where the Twain shall meet

Calgary Herald 12/2/03 Shania gets a leg up

NMC 12/1/03 Twain, Kicking Butt and Bucking Trends

Post Dispatch 11/29/03 Shania Twain

Jam! 11/29/03 Just the girl next door

Denver Post 11/28/03 Twain thrives in shrinking market

Knox News 11/27/03 Shania Twain to perform in Knoxville

News OK 11/26/03 Review: Shania Twain impresses fans at Ford Center

WTHR 11/25/03 Shania Twain Up! Close and Personal

NMC 11/25/03 Shania Comments on Michael Jackson

USA Today 11/25/03 'Up! Close' and rootsy

Hartford Courant 11/25/03 Shania Twain In Concert; Journalists Who Die On Job

Star Telegram 11/24/03 Twain concert gets up-close feeling

Dallas Morning News 11/24/03 Review: Twain delivers charm better than tunes at AAC

Billboard 11/24/03 Beyoncé, Clay, Shania To Play Billboard Awards 11/23/03 Shania rocks the SBC Center

Houston Chronicle 11/22/03 Shania Twain brings Houston a pop show with a country twang

Dallas Morning News 11/20/03 Shania close up

Globe and Mail 11/19/03 Shania Twain biopic to be aired next season by CBC-TV

NMC 11/17/03 NBC Special Shuts Down Shania Concert

The Scotsman 11/10/03 Shania Land Grab Upsets Kiwis 11/5/03 Shania Twain expands tour plans, readies live DVD

Extra 11/5/03 Shania Twain

Teen Music 11/5/03 Shania Sobs Over Parton Performance

The Tennessean 11/4/03 Twain keeps it simple for special

Country Weekly 11/4/03 Shania Goes South

The Oregonian 11/4/03 Duelin' divas: Twain, Carey to hit Portland with December shows

CBS 11/1/03 Pop Crossover Shania Twain

Media Week 10/29/03 Emap conjures Magic deal with Shania Twain 10/28/03 Sweet Shania delivers plenty of sugar

Detroit Free Press 10/25/03 Twain treats fans to upbeat show

Belfast Telegraph 10/25/03 Shania's heading for a Belfast hoedown

Ananova 10/24/03 Two UK gigs for Shania Twain

Detroit Free Press 10/24/03 Shania Twain crafts a clever, business-minded path to superstardom 10/22/03 Shania Twain pumps 'Up!' tour schedule

Indy Star 10/22/03 Shania Twain shows her music has substance 

Teen Music 10/21/03 Shania And Kid Rock To Play VH1 Awards 10/20/03 Shania Twain to perform at SBC Center next month

Washington Post 10/19/03 Shania Twain's Fans: 'You're Still the One'

Mass Live 10/18/03 Shania Twain delivers energetic performance

NY Times 10/18/03 Shania Twain to Play 'VH1 Big in 2003'

Norwich Bulletin 10/16/03 Perfect Twain gives fans what they want

UPI 10/16/03 Shania Twain gets up close on new tour

NY Daily News 10/16/03 Shania touches the crowd

Hollywood Reporter 10/14/03 Shania Twain

NY Times 10/10/03 All Things to All Fans, and Many All at Once

Boston Globe 10/9/03 An exuberant Shania Twain gets up close and personal

NY Daily News 10/9/03 Not just a pretty face

Toronto Star 10/4/03 Shania helps Raptors Up!-grade wardrobe

Star Ledger 10/4/03 Twain makes her mark..

Toronto Star 10/3/03 Shania! She storms T.O.!

Jam! 10/3/03 Shania sweep!

NMC 10/3/03 Shania Would Give It All Up For Kids

Toronto Star 10/2/03 Feisty Shania is definitely up

Buffalo News 10/1/03 Twain, well, meets expectations

Democrat & Chronicle 10/1/03 Shania struts as 18,000 roar

CMT 9/30/03 Shania Twain Gets Up! in Pittsburgh 9/30/03 Drummer finds Shania gig 'awesome'

Net Music Countdown 9/29/03 Shania On Tour 9/28/03 Shania gives her fans an eye-popping thank you 9/28/03 Twain's fans come from far and wide

Jam! 9/26/03 The Twain pulls out

NMC 9/25/03 Want To Know Shania?

NMC 9/24/03 Shania Worth The Wait

NMC 9/15/03 Shania Twain To Appear On Oprah

Houston Chronicle 9/10/03 Twain takes home four statues at Canadian country awards

Calgary Sun 9/9/03 Twain towers

Chart Attack 9/9/03 Shania Wins Big At CCMAs

Globe and Mail 9/9/03 Shaniamania still going strong

Toronto Star 9/9/03 Twain tops at country awards 9/3/03 Shania Twain to Play at Kohl Center Oct. 27 8/26/03 I'm not that cute, Shania says

NMC 8/25/03 Shaina Hooks Fans Up 8/24/03 Shania: Overrated Cutie?

Chart Attack 8/20/03 Beyonce Does MTV, Shania Gets On Board For The CCMAs

The Gate 8/20/03 Shania Twain Takes 'Up!' On Tour

CBS 8/20/03 Shania Twain Gets 'Up!'

NMC 8/19/03 Twain On TV

The Argus 8/19/03 Chicago is Twain's kind of town

Chart Attack 8/19/03 Shania Comes Up To Canada

TV Guide 8/19/03 Shania Twain Revs Up for Special

Post Gazette 8/19/03 Shania Twain ups her ante with concert special and new tour

Globe and Mail 8/19/03 Shake it with Shania or chill out with van Gogh

ET Online 8/19/03 Shania's Back with a New TV Special!

NMC 8/13/03 Twain Visits Kids

Zap2It 8/14/03 Shania Twain Is 'Up!' and Running

NMC 8/11/03 Twain Faithful Make Pilgrimage

NBCMV 8/11/03 Shania Twain Returns to TV and Stage with Her First NBC Special.. 

Detroit Free Press 8/6/03 Church group burns Harry Potter books, Shania Twain CDs

Globe and Mail 8/6/03 Timmins holds Shania Twain fan convention

NMC 7/31/03 Shania Twain's On Track With The Press

Miami Herald 7/30/03 Shania Twain Not 'Just' a Country Singer

NewsOK 7/30/03 Shania Twain's loyal fan

Chicago Sun-Times 7/29/03 Twain gives lots of hits but little of herself

Daily Herald 7/28/03 Twain's free show tailored for TV

NMC 7/28/03 Shania Catches A Cubs Game

Evening Times 7/25/03 Shania is catch of the day

Teen Music 7/24/03 Shania Twain Gets Multiple Award Nominations

NMC 7/23/03 Twain Leads Nominees For CCMA Awards

Toronto Star 7/23/03 Shania's Up for 8 awards 7/23/03 Shania's Up! nominated for eight country music awards

Globe and Mail 7/22/03 Shania Twain leads CCMA nominations

Teen Music 7/11/03 Nashville Hated Me, Says Shania Twain

Launch 7/7/03 Beyonce, Shania Twain, And Craig David Play 'Party In The Park'

The Age 7/6/03 Twain of thought

Teen Music 7/6/03 Shania Twain Likes British Men

Daily Press 7/3/03 Shania fans can Come On Over

NMC 7/2/03 Shania Twain Sexiest Canadian

NMC 6/26/03 Shania Twain's Star

Jam! 6/25/03 Canadian stars enshrined on Walk of Fame

NMC 6/25/03 Shania More Than Just A Pretty Face

Toronto Star 6/24/03 Shania, Mike Myers get Walk of Fame

Launch 6/23/03 Shania Twain To Travel Around The World With New Tour

NMC 6/19/03 Take Shania Out To The Ballgame

Launch 6/12/03 Shania Twain Says Fame, Motherhood Not Hard To Balance

Launch 6/10/03 Shania, Toby, Norah On Willie Nelson's Live Album

NMC 6/9/03 Shania's Secret Fear

Launch 6/6/03 Shania Twain To Perform Free Concert In Chicago

NMC 6/5/03 Shania Twain And LeAnn Rimes Are Hot

Country Weekly 5/30/03 Honey I'm Home!

NMC 5/30/03 Shania Twain Set For NBC Special

Ananova 5/30/03 Mavericks to support Shania Twain in London

Teen Music 5/29/03 Shania Twain Likes Kids Copying Her Style

NMC 5/28/03 Shania Can't Give It Up

Country Weekly 5/27/03 Shania Twain Tour To Be "Very International"

Launch 5/22/03 Shania Twain, Sharon Osbourne And Others Added To 'Divas Duets'

NMC 5/19/03 Shania Sightings

Launch 5/17/03 Shania Twain Says The Pressure Is Off

NMC 5/5/03 Shania Tours

NMC 4/23/03 Shania Tour Set To Start This Fall

NMC 4/22/03 Shania To Appear On Acm Awards

Launch 4/21/03 Shania Twain Wants Single Sales Credit For Double CD

NMC 4/17/03 Shania Goes To London

Ananova 4/14/03 Shania Twain plays first UK gig in four years

Launch 4/10/03 Shania Twain Tour Plans Come Together

Toronto Star 4/7/03 The Avril & Shania show

Toronto Star 4/7/03 Hosting Junos chance for a Canada catch-up 4/6/03 Juno night belonged to Avril and Shania

Jam! 4/6/03 Up for anything

National Post 4/5/03 Pop's well-built cabinet

Globe and Mail 4/5/03 Shania a snobby star? Never that Twain shall meet

NMC 4/4/03 Twain Sightings

National Post 4/3/03 Shape-shifters

National Post 4/2/03 For some, she just ain't country

CTV 4/2/03 Twain and Lavigne to lead Juno fashion show

National Post 4/1/03 It started with a crop top

Launch 4/1/03 Shania Twain Comes Closest To Her 'True Expression' On 'Up!'

National Post 3/31/03 The centre of the Shania universe

NMC 3/14/03 Chicks/Shania Swap Country eTrack Slots 3/11/03 Hill, Keith, Twain Tie With Five Flameworthy Nods

NMC 3/7/03 Shania's Number 1 On Country eTrack

NMC 2/28/03 Shania Topples Chicks On Country eTrack

National Post 2/14/03 Shania Twain for prime minister

Net Music Countdown 2/10/03 Shania Happenings

SF Gate 1/29/03 Is Shania Twain Human?

Slate 1/28/03 Did Shania Twain Lip-Sync Her Super Bowl Halftime Songs?

Net Music Countdown 1/16/03 Shania Reduced

The Globe and Mail 1/14/03 Shania Twain to host Junos in April

CNews 1/6/03 Shania to play at Super Bowl

Net Music Countdown 1/2/03 Shania/Faith: We're Not Competing

Sioux City Journal 12/28/02 Shania Twain tries to be crowd-pleaser, succeeds

E!Online 12/26/02 Shania Up for Christmas

USA Today 12/19/02 In race of returning pop divas, Shania is leader of the pack

Detroit News 12/19/02 Shania Twain still selling big

Rolling Stone 12/11/02 Shania Whips Mariah

The Toronto Star 12/11/02 Shania's catsuit has a home

The Globe and Mail 12/9/02 CBC talks to Shania: That don't impress me much

Time Magazine 12/9/02 Shania Reigns

Net Music Countdown 12/9/02 Shania Sends A Note To Fans

San Francisco Chronicle 12/8/02 Shania Twain has her cake and eats it, too

Hello!Magazine 12/6/02 Fame Don't Impress Me Much, Says Shania 

Hollywood Reporter 12/6/02 Twain 'Up!' for platinum in Europe

MegaStar 12/2/02 No Twain, some gain

Dallas Morning News 12/1/02 There's something for every taste in Twain's latest

USA Today 12/1/02 Twain not concerned with performing

Hollywood Reporter 11/30/02 'Up!' she goes: Twain sells 874,000 copies

Hollywood Reporter 11/28/02 'Up!' she goes: Twain hits No.1

E!Online 11/27/02 Shania Way "Up" on Charts

Washington Post 11/27/02 The Expanding Country Of Shania Twain

NY Daily News 11/27/02 Shania Twain soars 'Up' to top of album chart

Net Music Countdown 11/27/02 Shania's Set To Make Mercury History

NY Times 11/25/02 A Marketing Surprise in Shania Twain's New CD

Net Music Countdown 11/19/02 More Shania Stuff

USA Twain 11/17/02 Shania's gonna getcha with pop-and-country 'Up!'

Toronto Star 11/16/02 CD a little bit pop, a little bit country What made her say that?

Net Music Countdown 11/12/02 Shania's Not Affected By Her Wealth

Globe and Mail 11/12/02 Shania Twain fever hits Toronto as diva launches promotional tour 11/11/02 Shania Twain takes a pillow to her fans

Houston Chronicle 11/5/02 Twain helps country music honor its own on CMA show

The Mirror 11/4/02 Shania Twain on Britney Spears 11/2/02 Shania hopes to shine twice as bright

CNN 11/1/02 Shania Twain: 'I'm Gonna Getcha

Herald Tribune 10/28/02 Twain Is Serious About Her Privacy

Net Music Countdown 10/28/02 Shania's UP! Goes Both Ways

Ananova 10/24/02 Shania Twain visits the Fame Academy

Net Music Countdown 10/18/02 Shania's New CD Comes With DVD

Ananova 10/8/02 Shania Twain to release new single and album

Chart Attack 10/7/02 Shania Twain Rises Again

Net Music Countdown 10/3/02 Shania Lets It Rip Tomorrow

Net Music Countdown 9/23/02 Is Shania The Antidote For These Times?

Zap2It 9/13/02 Shania Twain Makes Comeback on CMA Awards

Net Music Countdown 9/12/02 Shania Helps 9/11 Families

Net Music Countdown 9/9/02 Shania's Album Details

Toronto Star 8/16/02 Shania Twain set to release new album, Up! on Nov. 12

Ananova 8/14/02 Shania Twain to release new album

Net Music Countdown 7/24/02 Shania's Latest Is Delayed

Net Music Countdown 6/26/02 Shania's Got A Brand New DC

Launch 6/25/02 Shania Twain In The Studio

Ananova 1/17/02 Shania Twain's first recordings to be released on new album

Zap2It 1/9/02 Madonna, Britney Spears and Shania Twain

Jam! 11/1/01 Shania to release two DVDs

Billboard 10/19/01 Billboard Bits: Shania Twain

Ananova 9/5/01 Builder wants to duet with Shania

E!Online 8/21/01 Shania and Mutt Welcome a Pup

Ananova 8/21/01 Shania Twain gives birth to baby boy

Entertaindom 12/22/00 Yasmine, Shania and Aretha are in the news -- and not in a good way

BBC 8/7/00 Shania goes back to school

BBC 5/4/00 Shania named Country favourite

E!Online 5/4/00 Shania Top Hat at ACMs

BBC 1/19/00 Shania's top of the pops

BBC 12/7/99 Shania shines in awards shortlist

BBC 9/23/99 Shania steals the show

E!Online 9/24/99 Shania Twain Impresses at CMAs

ExtraTV 2/25/99 The Shania Dress!

E!Online 11/23/98 Shania, Will Top American Music Award Noms

E!Online 8/25/98 Shania Twain's Close Call


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