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News articles about Shania Twain


TV Guide 5/9/11 Here's Why: The Message of Shania Twain's New Show

Deseret News 5/5/11 Shania Twain is 'Still the One'

Daily Mail 5/4/11 Shania Twain reveals how heartbreak of husband leaving her for best friend took its toll on her voice

LA Times 3/17/11 OWN gives Shania Twain's series a premiere date

US Magazine 1/3/11 Photos: See Shania Twain's First Official Wedding Pics

Digital Spy 1/2/11 Shania Twain marries for second time

People 1/1/11 Shania Twain Is Married

Daily Mail 12/21/10 'I'm in love': Shania Twain announces her engagement after real-life wife swap

US Magazine 12/20/10 Exclusive: Shania Twain Is Engaged

E!Online 12/20/10 Shania Twain Engagement Shocker! Winds Up With Alleged Home-Wrecker's Husband

TV Guide 12/20/10 Shania Twain Gets Engaged to Ex-Best Friend’s Former Husband

Showbiz Spy 10/8/10 Shania Twain to get the Last Laugh With Memoir

Gather 9/25/10 Shania Twain Memoir & Reality Show Set For 2011

Digital Spy 9/22/10 Shania Twain to write autobiography

MTV 8/14/10 'American Idol' Fans Want Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain As Judges

Gather 8/13/10 'American Idol' Judging's Revolving Door - Is Shania Twain in the Running?

People 8/12/10 Will Shania Twain Be a Judge on American Idol?

Access Hollywood 6/9/10 Shania Twain Finalizes Divorce, ‘Radiantly Happy’ With New Man

People 4/27/10 American Idol Top 6 Talk Shrek, Seacrest and Shania

Digital Spy 4/26/10 'Idol' stars 'excited to meet Shania Twain'

Gather 4/22/10 American Idol 2010 - The Top 6 Set To Go Country With New Mentor - What Will They Sing Next Week?
Digital Spy 4/9/10 Shania Twain recovering from 'dark slump'

Gather 4/8/10 American Idol 2010 - Shania Twain Set To Mentor American Idol - Lands Her Own TV Show

Zap2It 4/8/10 Shania Twain gets OWN show, not confirmed for 'American Idol' return

People 2/11/10 Shania Twain Warms Up – and Gets Creative! – in the Caribbean

NY Post 1/20/10 Shania Twain should replace Simon Cowell

E!Online 1/19/10 Shania Twain Eyes the Bottom Line on American Idol

Reality TV Fans 1/19/10 Shania Twain is Guest Judge as American Idol Goes to Chicago Tonight on FOX

TV Guide 1/2/10 Shania Twain Carries Olympic Torch Through Hometown

USA Today 12/18/09 University study finds Shania Twain has 'perfect' facial features

Extra 11/11/09 Shania Twain Not Dating Billy Joel

People 9/1/09 Shania Twain ‘Having the Best Time’ as Idol Guest Judge

Extra 8/31/09 Shania Twain Flies High

US Magazine 8/29/09 Shania Twain Reveals Her Relationship With Frederic Thiebaud

Boston Globe 8/21/09 Shania Twain's 'special' promise to fans

Digital Spy 8/20/09 Shania Twain thanks fans for support

LA Times 8/18/09 Is Shania Twain on the comeback trail?

MTV 8/17/09 Will Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain Be 'American Idol' Guest Judges?

E!Online 8/17/09 Another Judge Not Named Paula Added to Idol

Digital Spy 8/17/09 Shania Twain 'linked to American Idol'

Tango 12/11/08 Shania Twain In Love Quadrangle?
Starpulse 12/11/08 Shania Twain's Estranged Husband Approves Her New Romance
Hello Magazine 12/10/08 In love again Shania Twain takes a leap of faith skydiving with a new man

SF Gate 12/10/08 Shania Twain Dating Spurned Husband of Former Secretary?
New Zealand Herald 6/9/08 Shania Twain speaks about marriage breakdown
Celebrity Spider 6/6/08 Shania Twain Speaks Out To Thank Fans

Access Hollywood 6/6/08 Shania Twain Breaks Her Silence Over Split
Extra 6/6/08 Shania Healing 'Broken Heart' Through Song

Jam! 6/6/08 Shania Twain opens up about split
TMZ 6/4/08 Divorce Does a Body Good

ExtraTV 5/28/08 Twain's Heartbreaking Split
Celebrity Spider 5/22/08 Shania Twain's Ex-Secretary Denies Wrecking Marriage

E!Online 5/22/08 Secretary Denies Breaking Up Shania's Marriage

E!Online 5/20/08 Shania's Split: Man, It Feels Like Another Woman
Celebrity Spider 5/17/08 Lange: 'Shania Twain Split Is Unfortunate'

Extra 5/15/08 Shania and Mutt Split!

Jam! 2/5/08 EBay offered fake nude Shania?

GAC 1/10/08 Shania, Queen Of Sales

Sky News 5/17/07 Is Shania Getting Wed?

NMC 6/28/06 Mariah and Shania To Get Walk of Fame Stars

Celebrity Spider 5/30/06 Shania Twain Anthem Triggered Shooting Incident

Chart Attack 4/18/06 Shania Twain's Brother-In-Law Kills Himself During Police Manhunt

NWC 4/4/06 Twain and Hill Make Sexiest Women List

Globe and Mail 3/30/06 Shania's gonna getcha

NMC 3/16/06 Shania Twain On Cover of Self Magazine

NMC 3/7/06 Shania The Best Smellin'?

NMC 12/1/05 Shania Twain's Start

Jam! 11/29/05 Shania's secret revealed on reality TV

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Shania Twain Guest Stars on The Apprentice

Celebrity Spider 11/19/05 Shania Twain Honored by Her Native Canada

Jam! 11/19/05 Award tops with Twain

Boston Globe 11/18/05 Shania Twain receives Order of Canada

Jam! 11/18/05 Shania back in the spotlight

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 Shania Twain Joins Martha Stewart for Country Canter

Jam! 11/6/05 Biopic looks at Twain's early years

Celebrity Spider 8/23/05 Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain Pay Tribute to Desperate Housewives on Album

Zap2It 8/23/05 Twain, Phair Highlight 'Housewives' Soundtrack

Celebrity Spider 8/17/05 Shania Twain Career Retrospective Premieres August 22 on XM Satellite Radio

NMC 7/11/05 Shania Twain Almost Failed in Nashville

Herald Sun 7/1/05 Shania feels like a farmer

Celebrity Spider 6/30/05 Shania Twain Wins Development Permission on New Zealand Farm

TVNZ 6/29/05 Shania's home gets thumbs up

Stuff 5/25/05 Shania Twain's amended house plans rejected

Celebrity Spider 5/19/05 Shania Twain Causes Controversy With New Zealand Home Plans 5/18/05 Shania's N.Z. mansion plan slammed

Stuff 5/18/05 Shania Twain's country home plans turned down

NMC 5/13/05 Shania Backs New Fragrance

ET Online 5/11/05 Shania Twain's New Passion

NMC 4/21/05 Shania Twain Releases New Single

National Enquirer 2/26/05 Twain Launches Fragrance Line

Contact Music 2/24/05 Shania Twain Releasing Fragrance Line

NBC 2/22/05 Shania To Smell Like Stetson

Undercover 2/20/05 Shania Twain Smells

Contact Music 2/8/05 Shania Spreads Her Scent

Country Weekly 1/26/05 Faith and Shania Most Desirable

NMC 1/24/05 Twain a Superstar That Doesn't Compete

NMC 1/18/05 Shania Twain, Sheep Farmer 1/14/05 Questions over Twain's farm plans

Country Weekly 1/3/05 It's Not Easy Being (In The) Green

Digital Spy 12/24/04 Shania Twain finds money a burden

NMC 12/23/04 Twain's Success Secret for Great Album

Contact Music 12/21/04 Twain Horrified By Unauthorised TV Movie

Contact Music 12/20/04 Twain's Miserable Childhood

Chart Attack 12/16/04 Top Of The Charts: Shania Twain Leads The Holiday Rush

Jam! 12/15/04 Holiday shoppers keep Shania at No.1

NMC 12/13/04 Shania Made Billy Feel Important

Chart Attack 12/9/04 Top Of The Charts: Twain Gives Bono The Boot

Jam! 12/8/04 Shania ousts U2 from No. 1 spot

BBC 12/8/04 Singer Twain in 20 million club

Contact Music 12/8/04 Twain is a Double Diamond

NMC 12/3/04 Shania Made Canadian Music Ambassador

94Country WKKJ 12/1/04 Shania Twain's New Summer Home

CTV 11/30/04 Shania Twain Brings 1.5 Million Viewers Home to Timmins Last Night on CTV's Shania's Homecoming

Stuff 11/26/04 Shania Twain seen in Wanaka supermarket

Chart Attack 11/19/04 Shania Twain Leads A Pack Of Greatest Hits

NMC 11/18/04 Shania Twain's Big Wish

NMC 11/16/04 Twain Has Biggest Selling Country Album

Daily Bulletin 11/14/04 Shania Twain looks back on career with greatest hits CD

Fox News 11/13/04 Shania Twain Looks Back on Career

New Zealand Herald 11/12/04 Twain wins honours for 'Forever'

Plain Dealer 11/11/04 Shania Twain CD shows off her success

CBS 11/10/04 Two Stars, Two Greatest Hits CDs

Irish Examiner 11/10/04 Law persuaded Twain to take Huckabees role

NMC 11/10/04 Shania Scores BMI Song of the Year 11/10/04 Shania, Dolly, LeAnn Visit the CMA Awards Pressroom

Chart Attack 11/9/04 Shania Wins Conveniently Timed BMI Award

Billboard 11/9/04 Twain Top Winner At BMI Country Awards

Contact Music 11/9/04 Twain Wins At BMIs

USA Today 11/9/04 Twain's greatest hit: Her stunning success

BBC 11/9/04 Twain has most-played country hit

Ananova 11/9/04 Shania's song most-performed country track

New Kerala 11/8/04 Shania Twain wants to dump her hubby in Lake Geneva

Mercury News 11/8/04 Shania Twain Looks Back on Career

Contact Music 11/5/04 Twain Not Interested In Life Story Movie

Miami Herald 11/5/04 Shania Twain Treats Fans to Block Party

The Tennessean 11/5/04 Crowd small but rowdy for Shania Twain GMA concert

NMC 11/5/04 Shania Twain Apologizes to Hometown

Contact Music 11/5/04 Twain Considers Killing Husband

Extra 11/4/04 Small Town Girl

Chart Attack 11/3/04 Shania Still The One For Timmins High School 11/3/04 Shania Twain turns TV host, co-anchors special outdoor version of Canada AM

PR Newswire 11/3/04 Shania Twain to Debut `Greatest Hits' Album on QVC

Country Weekly 11/3/04 Shania Goes Home

CTV 11/3/04 Shania Twain returns to co-host Canada AM

Toronto Star 11/3/04 `She's an inspiration to us all'

Globe and Mail 11/3/04 Timmins welcomes Shania back home

NMC 11/2/04 Billy Hadn't Met Shania Before Duet

CTV 11/2/04 Shania Twain visits her hometown museum

NMC 11/2/04 Shania Taking Next Year Off

Globe and Mail 11/2/04 Twain receives warm welcome home

Contact Music 11/1/04 Twain Ponders New Music Genre

Contact Music 11/1/04 Twain: 'My Fan Base Is Wider Than Britney's' 10/31/04 Idol winner Kalan Porter joining Shania Twain for live downtown telecast

Timmins Times 10/30/04 Plans are finalized for Shania’s visit

IOL 10/30/04 Twain: I'm not pregnant 10/29/04 Timmins aflutter over Twain visit

NMC 10/27/04 Shania CD Promotions Help Second Harvest

Teen Music 10/27/04 Shania Twain

Timmins Times 10/15/04 Shania Twain will visit Timmins

NMC 10/14/04 Twain to Broadway

CTV 10/13/04 Shania Twain Brings CTV Home

Chart Attack 10/13/04 Shania Twain Returns To Timmins, To Be Followed By CTV

The Tennessean 10/12/04 ABC will be host of Shania block party here

WSRW 106.7 10/12/04 Billy and Shania to Perform Duet at 38th Annual CMA Awards

NMC 10/7/04 Twain Wins BMI European Song of the Year

Teen Music 10/7/04 Twain Honoured In Hometown

Toronto Star 9/30/04 Timmins cries foul over Twain film

WPVI 9/29/04 Shania Twain Going QVC

Otago Daily Times 9/27/04 Twain gives OK for annual bike and run race across stations

Country Weekly 9/23/04 Shania Twain's A Class Act

NMC 9/23/04 Shania Twain Plans Media Blitz

Country Weekly 9/21/04 Shania's Slap-Happy Movie Role

Otago Daily Times 9/20/04 Farmers happy with Motatapu condition

NMC 9/20/04 Shania Gets New Zealand Approval 9/17/04 Shania buys in NZ

New Zealand Herald 9/17/04 Shania Twain gets her own slice of heaven

Otago Daily Times 9/17/04 Twain buys stations in $21 million deal

CNN 9/16/04 Kiwi anger over Twain land sale 9/16/04 Station sales to Shania Twain approved

NMC 9/13/04 Shania in 2005 Pet Rescue Calendar

Toronto Star 9/9/04 Actress cast to play Shania

NMC 9/2/04 Shania Single at Radio This Week

Contact Music 8/31/04 Twain's Double Duet

NMC 8/31/04 Shania's Greatest Hits Due Nov. 9

Jam! 8/29/04 Shania bro 'Up' to no good?

Chart Attack 8/26/04 Shania Rocks Out And Twangs Up On Greatest Hits Disc

Otago Daily Times 8/26/04 Twain wanted walks kept quiet

New Zealand Herald 8/24/04 Shania Twain not pressured to provide track for public

New Zealand Herald 8/20/04 Public access part of pop star's land deal

Stuff 8/20/04 Shania agrees to walking track

Chart Attack 8/19/04 Shania Twain Asks New Zealanders To Stay Out Of Her Yard

Globe and Mail 8/19/04 Shania Twain shocks New Zealand neighbours

Stuff 8/19/04 Shania Twain upsets Wanaka neighbours

ic Birmingham 8/16/04 That don't impress me much!

Globe and Mail 7/30/04 All Shania, all the time in singer's hometown

Stuff 7/21/04 Shania Twain seeking to buy NZ land 7/19/04 Twain, Chesney Among Top Ticket Sellers

Country Weekly 7/9/04 Goodbye Shania, Hello McDonald's

St Petersburg Times 7/9/04 She'll be keeping rhythm behind her idol

NMC 7/7/04 Shania Praised By Emerson Drive

Orlando Sentinel 7/7/04 Shania Twain signs and sings the night away

Times Picayune 7/2/04 Shania Twain shows authentic side amid disposable pop songs

CBC News 7/2/04 Shania fans to gather in August

The Ledger 7/2/04 Looks Like She Made It

WKKJ 6/30/04 Shania Thanks Crew for Hard Work on Tour

Calgary Sun 6/30/04 Shania sexiest Canuck

Winnipeg Sun 6/24/04 Shania's fans like Liberals

KCBD-TV 6/24/04 Shania Twain Concert Goers Expect Parking Changes

Country Weekly 6/22/04 Shania Donates Personal Photos For Charity

Seattle PI 6/21/04 Interactive concert wows Shania Twain fans

Seattle Times 6/20/04 Shania Twain concert focuses on fans

NMC 6/18/04 More Shania Twain in November

Seattle Weekly 6/16/04 Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! Up!

Calgary Sun 6/14/04 Shania's Encore

Star Phoenix 6/10/04 Shania gets 'em good

Winnipeg Sun 6/10/04 Shania duet thrills teen

CBC Manitoba 6/9/04 Cadets hit the stage with Shania

Winnipeg Sun 6/9/04 Fans agree: she's talented & hot!

Star Phoenix 6/9/04 Woman of mystery

Winnipeg Sun 6/8/04 She's come a long way 

Winnipeg Sun 6/8/04 Kitsch, my butt!

Winnipeg Sun 6/8/04 Jersey girl

Winnipeg Sun 6/6/04 Lovin' the Twain ride

Pioneer Press 6/5/04 A hoarse Shania does a talk show

Pioneer Press 6/4/04 Shania vs. Winstock

Quad City Times 6/3/04 This does impress me much! 5/26/04 Shania Twain gives fan-friendly concert

NMC 5/25/04 Shania Twain is a Video Editor

Courier Journal 5/21/04 Shania! gets "Up!" in Freedom Hall

WSRW 5/21/04 Plenty of Pop, Some Country on Shania Tour

Quad City Times 5/19/04 Shania calls the shots

Quad City Times 5/19/04 Opening act glad to drive around with Shania

Country Weekly 5/17/04 Family First!

Globe and Mail 5/17/04 Canada can only go up from here when it comes to celebrating its own

News Sentinel 5/15/04 Man! Shania rocked coliseum

London Free Press 5/15/04 People . . . You Know

Grand Rapids Press 5/13/04 Shania Twain returns to Van Andel Arena

London Free Press 5/8/04 Up! for Shania

Peoria Journal Star 5/5/04 Shania Twain Web site has fan club

NMC 5/5/04 Shania Said, "Take My Song, Please."

KCBD-TV 5/1/04 Fans Flock Ticket Venues for Shania Twain Tickets

WIS 4/28/04 Lexington HS band members play with Shania Twain

The State 4/28/04 In poppy, country Shania, the Twain meet

Charlotte Observer 4/28/04 Twain wows crowd despite shortcomings

NMC 4/29/04 Shania Twain's Guilty Pleasures

Knox News 4/25/04 Twain tastefully blends pop and country

WVLT 4/24/04 Shania Twain Rocks Knoxville

Knox News 4/23/04 More than on her way

ABC 28 4/21/04 Shania Twain To Play United Spirit Arena

Live Daily 4/15/04 Shania Twain to launch new round of North American dates

Daily Record 4/15/04 NFL: Twain Wreck

KIRO 4/15/04 Shania Twain

NMC 4/14/04 Shania in Maxim’s Top 100 4/12/04 Shania makes 'Maxim' list, plus more

NMC 4/8/04 Shania’s Old Friends On Tour

NMC 3/23/04 Shania Says She’ll Always Be Country

NMC 3/18/04 Shania’s Stable Growing

Daily Examiner 3/16/04 Shania Twain's pain gets impressive fix

NMC 3/11/04 Shania's Schedule Changes

Country Weekly 3/2/04 Shania's Son Speaks Only Francais


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