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Reality TV Magazine 6/30/10 Top Chef: All American

LA Times 6/30/10 'Top Chef': Critics sour when the cooking turns sweet

Fans of Reality TV 6/26/10 Recap: Cooking for Kids Isn't Child's Play

RealityShack 6/25/10 Top Chef: DC, Ep. 2 – I’m on a mission to break up Starsky and Hutch

BuddyTV 6/24/10 What a Tween Might Say About the 'Top Chef DC' School Lunches

BuddyTV 6/24/10 'Top Chef DC' Goes Back to School 6/24/10 Top Chef: DC - Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/10 Her Proof Wasn’t In the Pudding - Ranking The Remaining 15 - Commentary & Rankings

Reality News Online 6/24/10 Top Chef 7, Episode 2: You Got Schooled

Reality TV Magazine 6/23/10 Top Chef: Healthy School Lunch

Reality TV Magazine 6/22/10 Top Chef: Inside Padma Lakshmi’s New York City Apartment 6/22/10 Top Chef: DC - Conference Call with John Somerville

TV Guide 6/22/10 Top Chef's Tom Colicchio: Toby "Didn't Have the Most Authoritative Voice"

Fans of Reality TV 6/18/10 Recap: Capital food in the Nation’s Capital

RealityShack 6/18/10 Top Chef DC, Premiere – Why Is Andy Samberg’s Older Cousin Here?

Zap2It 6/18/10 'Top Chef: DC': This land is my land

BuddyTV 6/17/10 I Pledge Allegiance to 'Top Chef DC'

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/10 Cooking Up Some Capitol Fun - Ranking The Remaining 16 - Commentary and Rankings 6/17/10 Top Chef: DC - Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 6/17/10 Top Chef 7, Episode 1: This Land Is Your Land…

LA Times 6/17/10 'Top Chef': How you know someone is going down

Reality TV Magazine 6/16/10 Top Chef: Season Seven Premiere

Reality TV Magazine 6/16/10 Top Chef: Eric Ripert Joins The Judging Panel

NY Daily News 6/16/10 'Top Chef: D.C.'

People 6/16/10 Eric Ripert Dishes on Joining the Top Chef Judging Panel in D.C.

LA Times 6/15/10 'Top Chef D.C.': Seventh season launches with a star cook in the kitchen

Reality News Online 6/14/10 Top Chef 7: A Preview

RealityShack 6/13/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Finale – Mexico Was So Last Year, Here Comes Africa 6/10/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Finale Recap

Reality News Online 6/10/10 Top Chef Masters 2, the Finale: A Storybook Ending 6/10/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Exclusive Interview with Marcus Samuelsson 6/10/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Exclusive Interview with Susur Lee 6/10/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Exclusive Interview with Rick Moonen

Zap2It 6/10/10 'Top Chef Masters' Finale: Out of Africa

Reality TV Magazine 6/9/10 Top Chef Masters: Season Finale

Zap2It 6/9/10 'Top Chef Masters' winner Marcus Samuelsson astounds with foie flan

RealityShack 6/4/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 4 – Chocolate Mousse a la Georgia O’Keeffe 6/3/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Episode 9 Recap 6/3/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Exclusive Interview with Jonathan Waxman

Reality News Online 6/3/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 9: Burnt Sienna Depression Avocado

Zap2It 6/3/10 'Top Chef Masters': Improvisation

Reality TV Magazine 6/2/10 Top Chef Masters: Dishes Inspired By The Groundlings

RealityShack 5/31/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 4 – Who Doesn’t Love a Good Egg Sandwich?

Reality News Online 5/28/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 8: My Big Fat Greek Challenge

Zap2It 5/27/10 'Top Chef Masters' and the Olympians

Reality TV Magazine 5/26/10 Top Chef Masters: Food Of The Greek Gods

BuddyTV 5/25/10 ‘Top Chef’ DC: Meet the Cast

Reality TV Magazine 5/23/10 Top Chef: Padma Lakshmi Loves Motherhood

RealityShack 5/23/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 3 – Judges Screw Up Another One

Reality News Online 5/22/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 7: Pigskin and Octopus Legs 5/20/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Episode 7 Recap 5/20/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Exclusive Interview with Tony Mantuano

Zap2It 5/20/10 'Top Chef Masters': Susan's spicy skirt steak tacos win USC tailgate challenge

USA Today 5/20/10 TV's Top Chefs star in online university

Reality TV Magazine 5/19/10 Top Chef Masters: Tailgate Party

Reality TV Magazine 5/18/10 Top Chef Masters: Jody Adams Exclusive Interview

RealityShack 5/14/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 2 – My Mother Warned Me About Mystery Meat

Detroit News 5/14/10 Lark chef to compete on 'Top Chef'

Reality TV Fans 5/13/10 Top Chef: Washington D.C. to Premiere June 16 on Bravo

Reality News Online 5/13/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 6: Bizarre-nivores

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/10 Top Chef Masters: Surf And Turf

RealityShack 5/7/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Champions Round, Wk 1 – A Little Bit Too Big …

Reality News Online 5/6/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 5: Eat, Drink, and Be Married 5/6/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Episode 5 Recap

E!Online 5/4/10 Tom Colicchio Tastes Victory as Real Top Chef

People 5/4/10 Top Chef‘s Tom Colicchio ‘Very Surprised’ to Be Named a Top Chef

TV Guide 5/4/10 Top Chef's Tom Colicchio Named Top Chef at James Beard Awards

RealityShack 4/30/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Ep. 4 – OK, Bravo, Now We Are Fighting

Reality News Online 4/29/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 4: Food, Fun, and Family

Reality TV Magazine 4/28/10 Top Chef Masters: Modern Food For The Modern Family

RealityShack 4/23/10 Top Chef: Masters 2 – Episode 3 – The Return of the Losing Chefs 4/22/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2: Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 4/22/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 3: Second Chances

Zap2It 4/22/10 'Top Chef Masters': Bangers and mash for 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'

Reality TV Magazine 4/21/10 Top Chef Masters: Pub Food With The Real Housewives Of Orange County

LA Times 4/21/10 Behind the scenes at ‘Top Chef Masters’

RealityShack 4/17/10 Top Chef: Masters 2, Episode 2 – Poor Mekhi Phifer ...
Reality News Online 4/15/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 2: Go Mekhi, It’s Your Birthday…

Zap2It 4/15/10 'Top Chef Masters': It's Mekhi Phifer's party

Reality TV Magazine 4/14/10 Top Chef Masters: Soul Food

RealityShack 4/9/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Ep. 1 – Why Is This Show Starting at 11 pm?

Reality News Online 4/8/10 Top Chef Masters 2, Episode 1: A Date with the Masters

Zap2It 4/8/10 'Top Chef Masters' season premiere: 'First Date Dinner'

LA Times 4/7/10 'Top Chef Masters': Is season 2 hot or not?

Zap2It 4/7/10 'Top Chef Masters 2': New blood and redemption

NY Daily News 4/7/10 'Top Chef Masters' season two premiere stirs the pot with just a dash of dramatics 4/6/10 Top Chef Masters Season 2

Digital Spy 4/6/10 Padma Lakshmi reveals beauty secrets

NY Post 4/4/10 My New York: Gail Simmons

NY Daily News 4/3/10 'Top Chef Masters' host Kelly Choi geeks out about New York's food scene for Bravo

US Magazine 3/19/10 Padma Lakshmi: Didn't Know "What to Expect" With Baby Krishna

People 3/19/10 Padma Lakshmi: My Life Has Changed from Night to Day

Reality TV Fans 3/17/10 Bravo Announces “Top Chef: The Tour” to Visit 21 Cities Across America

E!Online 3/17/10 Padma's Baby Daddy No Longer a Secret Ingredient

E!Online 3/15/10 Padma Lakshmi Cooks Up a Little Cuteness

US Magazine 3/12/10 Padma Lakshmi Debuts Baby Daughter

NY Post 3/11/10 Kate Winslet's salivating at the thought of judging on 'Top Chef'

People 3/1/10 Tom Colicchio Reveals Rock Star Dreams

Palm Beach Post 2/23/10 ‘Top Chef’ star returns to Miami as defending burger champ

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/10 Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi Welcomes A Baby Girl

US Magazine 2/22/10 Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi Welcomes Baby Girl

TV Guide 2/22/10 It's a Girl for Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi

Reality TV Fans 2/10/10 Chefs Announced for Top Chef Masters; New Season Begins April 14

Zap2It 2/9/10 'Top Chef Masters 2' lineup meets 'Modern Family,' Andrew Zimmern

NY Post 1/29/10 Padma baby daddy a techie?

People 1/11/10 Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi Admits Drinking on the Job

Zap2It 1/10/10 'Top Chef Masters' returns April 7, Bravo announces new season orders

Digital Spy 12/31/09 'Top Chef' duo to start web series

E!Online 12/18/09 Top Chef Kevin Wants You to Get Porked

Reality TV Magazine 12/17/09 Top Chef: Padma Lakshmi Is Superstitious About Pregnancy

RealityShack 12/17/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Reunion – He Got A Prius; I Got A Corvette

E!Online 12/16/09 Top Chef Finalist and Favorite Dish Parting Ways

Reality TV Magazine 12/11/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Michael Voltaggio Talks About His Win

TV Guide 12/11/09 Top Chef's Bryan: Our Mom Wanted Kevin to Win

BuddyTV 12/10/09 'Top Chef' Winner: Does He Deserve It?

Reality TV Magazine 12/10/09 Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio: “There’s Nothing Like Being A Dad”

RealityShack 12/10/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Napa Valley Finale – Emotion You’ve Been Looking For, Padma 12/10/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Bryan Voltaggio and Kevin Gillespie 12/10/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Winner Michael Voltaggio

Reality News Online 12/10/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Part 2 of the Finale – A Family-Style Finale

TV Guide 12/10/09 Top Chef's Michael on Winning: I Thought It Was a Joke

TV Guide 12/10/09 Top Chef's Kevin: People Were Rooting for My Beard to Win

People 12/10/09 Top Chef Winner Says Victory Was 'Bittersweet'

E!Online 12/10/09 Top Chef's Michael Voltaggio: Winning Kinda Sucked!

Entertainment Weekly 12/10/09 New 'Top Chef' Michael Voltaggio on his big win

LA Times 12/10/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Michael Voltaggio on his win, talking trash and why the viewers turned on him

NY Daily News 12/10/09 'Top Chef' winner: Michael Voltaggio; beats brother Bryan Voltaggio and Kevin Gillespie

LA Times 12/10/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas' finale: In the end, the risks pay off

Entertainment Weekly 12/10/09 'Top Chef' recap: Showing Off

Reality TV Magazine 12/9/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: The Closest Finish Ever

TV Guide 12/9/09 Top Chef's Tom Colicchio Sizes Up the Three Finalists

E!Online 12/9/09 Top Chef Finale a Brotherly, Motherly Affair
Zap2It 12/9/09 'Top Chef' winner Michael Voltaggio overtakes brother (and Kevin)

E!Online 12/9/09 Tom Colicchio Serves Up Top Chef Finale Appetizers

Reality TV Fans 12/7/09 Bravo Kicks Off Ultimate Virtual Viewing Party for Top Chef: Las Vegas

Reality News Online 12/7/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Part 1 of the Finale – Crushed

RealityShack 12/5/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Napa Valley Part One – The Last Cut Is the Deepest

Reality TV Magazine 12/3/09 Top Chef’s Jennifer Carroll: “One Grain Of Salt Sent Me Home”

People 12/3/09 Top Chef’s Jen: ‘One Grain of Salt’ Sent Me Home

E!Online 12/3/09 Top Chef Jennifer: Who Wants to See Her Naked?

People 12/3/09 Top Chef’s Napa Valley Nail-Biter

Baltimore Sun 12/2/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Finale part one 11/25/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Ranking The Final 4

Reality TV Magazine 11/25/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Previews For November 25, 2009

Baltimore Sun 11/25/09 Frederick brothers in 'Top Chef' finale

Fans of Reality TV 11/24/09 Recap: Well Bocuuuuuuuuse Me!

RealityShack 11/22/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Ep. 12 – The Final Four is Set

BuddyTV 11/19/09 Eli-minated from 'Top Chef' 11/19/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Eli Kirshtein

Reality News Online 11/19/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 12: One Bocuse d’Or Closes, Another One Opens…

E!Online 11/19/09 Top Chef: We Was Had (and That's OK!)

People 11/19/09 Top Chef’s Eli: I Deserved to Go Home

Entertainment Weekly 11/19/09 'Top Chef' recap: Going for the Gold

People 11/19/09 Top Chef: Final 4 Revealed! 11/18/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 12 Recap

E!Online 11/18/09 Top Chef Final Four Make It Through the d'Or

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/09 Five Knives Trying to Stay Alive! - Commentary and Rankings

Fans of Reality TV 11/15/09 Recap : Strip for Your Supper

RealityShack 11/14/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Ep. 11 – Quiver of a 17th Century Courtesan’s Inner Thigh

Reality News Online 11/13/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 11: Casino Royale With Cheese 11/12/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Robin Leventhal

TV Guide 11/12/09 Top Chef's Robin: I Felt "Victimized" By the Other Chefs

E!Online 11/12/09 Top Chef's Robin: They Really Did Hate Me That Much

People 11/12/09 Top Chef: The Chefs Take a Gamble

Reality TV Magazine 11/11/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Finally A Dessert Sends One Home 11/11/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 11 Recap

LA Times 11/11/09 Live-blogging 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': That's one 'sad velvet painting' of a dish

RealityShack 11/6/09 Top Chef: All-Star Dinner – I’ve Got An Accent; Get Over It

Reality News Online 11/5/09 Top Chef: The All-Star Dinner

Zap2It 11/4/09 'Top Chef Reunion Dinner' preview: Anger, fun and games

E!Online 11/3/09 Top Chef Shocker: Does a Front-Runner Go Home Early?

Reality TV Fans 11/2/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas Moves to Napa Wednesday, December 2

Fans of Reality TV 11/2/09 Recap: This Meating Has Been Cancelled

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/09 Bravo To Air New Series ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’

RealityShack 10/30/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas Ep. 10 – It Sucks Being Told You Suck

Reality TV Calendar 10/29/09 Her Own Worst Enemy - Commentary

Reality News Online 10/29/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 10 – Where’s The Beef?

People 10/29/09 Top Chef’s Mike Isabella: ‘I Was the Black Sheep’

TV Guide 10/29/09 Top Chef's Mike Isabella: I Took Offense to Judges Calling Me Cocky

Zap2It 10/29/09 'Top Chef': Natalie Portman and Padma Lakshmi talk dirty

E!Online 10/29/09 Top Chef's Mike Isabella: "Robin Is Crazy and Annoying"

LA Times 10/29/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': The rise and fall of Jennifer

People 10/29/09 Top Chef: Natalie Portman Hosts a (Veggie) Dinner Party

Reality TV Magazine 10/28/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Arrogance Sinks A Chef

Reality TV Calendar 10/27/09 Robin Won’t Fly Away! Ranking The Top 7

Reality TV Fans 10/26/09 Casting Call - Top Chef: Just Desserts

Digital Spy 10/26/09 Bravo confirms 'Top Chef' dessert spinoff

Reality TV World 10/25/09 Bravo orders 'Top Chef: Just Desserts' pastry spinoff, begins casting

RealityShack 10/24/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 9 – REVolting Restaurant Wins

Reality TV Fans 10/22/09 Bravo Announces Season 2 of “Top Chef Masters”

Reality News Online 10/22/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 9 – The Art of Restaurant Wars

TV Guide 10/22/09 Top Chef's Laurine: I Wasn't "The Instrumental Part" of My Team's Loss

Zap2It 10/22/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Best. Restaurant Wars. Ever.

LA Times 10/22/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': 'Restaurant Wars' makes you sweat

Zap2It 10/22/09 'Top Chef Masters' second helping ordered 10/21/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 9 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 10/21/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: One Team Falters In An Unexpected Way

People 10/21/09 Top Chef's Toby Young: Get Ready for Restaurant Wars

Reality TV Magazine 10/18/09 Padma Lakshmi Talks Baby Names And Pigging Out

RealityShack 10/16/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas Episode 8 – When Your Dish = Armpit Hair is a Good Thing

People 10/16/09 Top Chef’s Michael V. Talks Sibling Rivalry

BuddyTV 10/15/09 Ash Gets the Axe on 'Top Chef' 10/15/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Exclusive Interview with Ash Fulk 10/15/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 8 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 10/15/09 Recap: Pigs & Pinot & Predictability

Reality News Online 10/15/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 8 – Wine and Swine

E!Online 10/15/09 Top Chef's Ash: Padma Never Liked Me

LA Times 10/15/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Oh ye of little faith

People 10/15/09 Kevin Goes Whole Hog for Top Chef Win

NY Daily News 10/15/09 Padma Lakshmi's pregnancy sheds light on endometriosis

Reality TV Magazine 10/14/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: It Is All About the Pork

Reality TV Calendar 10/13/09 The Wrong “Ash” Leaves Vegas! - Episode 7 Rankings

RealityShack 10/9/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 7 – Sending Home the Wrong Ash

Reality TV Magazine 10/9/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Is Robin Leventhal Too Cocky? 10/8/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Ashley Merriman

People 10/8/09 Top Chef’s Robin: I Deserve to Be on the Show

E!Online 10/8/09 Top Chef's Ashley: Prop 8 and the Wedding Challenge

Zap2It 10/5/09 'Top Chef,' 'Californication' renewed for another season

Daily Mail 10/2/09 Salman Rushdie's ex-wife Padma Lakshmi reveals she's pregnant... but who's the daddy?

Access Hollywood 10/2/09 ‘Top Chef’ Host Padma Lakshmi Addresses Paternity Rumors

Reality TV Magazine 10/1/09 Padma Lakshmi Is Expecting!

E!Online 10/1/09 A "Miracle" Baby for Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi

E!Online 10/1/09 It's Spinoff Season at Bravo

Reality TV Fans 9/25/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Vegas Recap 9/23/09

RealityShack 9/24/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 6 – I’ve had Bull’s Testicles Before

Reality News Online 9/24/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 6 -- The Deconstruction Zone

LA Times 9/24/09 'Top Chef': The problem with Robin (and Ash and Laurine and Ron)

People 9/24/09 Top Chef: Robin’s Big Upset

Reality TV Magazine 9/23/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: For One Chef The Magic Is Gone

Baltimore Sun 9/23/09 'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Deconstruct this

Baltimore Sun 9/22/09 Baltimore chef Jesse Sandlin talks about 'Top Chef'

RealityShack 9/20/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 5 – Comcast Strikes Again …

Fans of Reality TV 9/20/09 Recap : Camp Ceviche

Reality TV Calendar 9/19/09 Ceviche – The New Dish of Death - Commentary and Rankings

BuddyTV 9/17/09 Top Chef: Au Revoir, Mattin!

Reality TV Fans 9/17/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Vegas Recap 9/16/09

Reality News Online 9/17/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 5: Home, Home on the Range…

People 9/17/09 Top Chef Heats Up with a Desert Cookout 9/16/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 9/16/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Cooking For Cowpokes Sends One Home

Reality TV Fans 9/14/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Vegas Recap 9/9/09

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/09 Escar-No For Two Chefs

Reality Shack 9/11/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 4 – The Chef of the Century 9/10/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Jesse Sandlin and Hector Santiago

Reality News Online 9/10/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 4: The French Connection

People 9/10/09 Top Chef’s French Twist

Reality TV Magazine 9/9/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Two Chef’s Go Home 9/9/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 4 Recap

BuddyTV 9/3/09 Goodbye, Preeti!

Reality TV Fans 9/3/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Vegas Recap 9/2/09

RealityShack 9/3/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 3 – “I Forgot I Was In a Competition” 9/3/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Preeti Mistry

Reality News Online 9/3/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 3: Air Force Yum

Reality TV Calendar 9/3/09 Commander Jen Leads Her Chef Cadets To Victory! - Commentary and Scoreboard

Entertainment Weekly 9/3/09 'Top Chef' recap: Military Precision 9/2/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 9/2/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Serving The Thunderbirds

E!Online 9/2/09 Top Chef Serves Up a Patriotic Meal

Reality TV Fans 9/2/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas Feeds the Troops on Tonight’s Supersized Episode

Reality TV Magazine 9/2/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Previews For September 2, 2009

Fans of Reality TV 8/31/09 Recap: Guys and Dolls and Ceviche

RealityShack 8/28/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 2 – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

BuddyTV 8/27/09 Eve Leaves 'Top Chef'

Reality TV Fans 8/27/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Vegas Recap 8/26/09

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/09 Only One Talented Female Chef In The Competition - Here's The Latest Rankings

Reality News Online 8/27/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 2: Wedding Bell Blues

Entertainment Weekly 8/27/09 'Top Chef' recap: Gender wars

San Diego Tribune 8/27/09 Top Chef: Bachelor/ette Party

Detroit Free Press 8/27/09 Ann Arbor 'Top Chef' contestant didn't make cut

Entertainment Weekly 8/27/09 'Top Chef': Were Ashley's gay-marriage comments annoying? 8/26/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 8/26/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Battle of The Sexes and The Men Win

RealityShack 8/23/09 Top Chef: Masters Ep. 10 Finale – Viva Mexico

Fans of Reality TV 8/21/09 Recap : Eat Your Heart Out

RealityShack 8/21/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas Episode 1 - Don't Forget to Suck the Head, That's Where The Best Part Is

Reality News Online 8/21/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 1: Could It Be… Seitan?

BuddyTV 8/20/09 Top Chef: Vegas Show Girls, Sexism, and Little Monkeys

Reality TV Fans 8/20/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Finale Recap 8/19/09 8/19/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Episode 1 Recap 8/20/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas - Conference Call with Jennifer Zavala

Reality TV Calendar 8/20/09 Seitan or Satan? Here's The Initial Rankings - Commentary and Rankings

Reality TV Magazine 8/20/09 Top Chef Masters: A Winner Is Chosen

Reality News Online 8/20/09 Top Chef Masters, The Finale: The Meal of a Lifetime

Entertainment Weekly 8/20/09 'Top Chef' recap: Vice City

Entertainment Weekly 8/20/09 Wolfgang Puck on 'Top Chef': Can he please stay?

Reality TV Magazine 8/19/09 Top Chef Las Vegas: Chefs Cook Their Vices

E!Online 8/19/09 Top Chef's Fresh Meat Gets Pucked Over

Zap2It 8/19/09 And the Top Chef Masters winner is ... Rick Bayless

LA Times 8/19/09 'Top Chef Masters' finale: Watching the pros do their thing

Reality TV Fans 8/19/09 Top Chef Masters Finale, Top Chef Las Vegas Premiere Tonight on Bravo

Buffalo News 8/19/09 Cooking up a winner

Detroit Free Press 8/18/09 Ann Arbor slow food star on fast-paced 'Top Chef'

Fans of Reality TV 8/17/09 Recap: Half Baked

Reality News Online 8/17/09 Top Chef: Las Vegas – A Preview

RealityShack 8/15/09 Top Chef: Masters Ep 9 Commentary – I Think The Mushiness Was in Your Mouth

Reality TV Fans 8/14/09 M Resort Spa Casino Debuts as Production Location for ‘Top Chef: Las Vegas’

Reality TV Fans 8/13/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Recap 8/12/09

Reality TV Fans 8/13/09 Bravo Announces Sponsors for Top Chef: Las Vegas

Reality TV Magazine 8/13/09 Top Chef: Season 6 Premiere Previews

Reality News Online 8/13/09 Top Chef Masters, Episode 9: There’s No “I” in Food

Reality TV Magazine 8/12/09 Top Chef Masters: Championship Round Part Three

Zap2It 8/12/09 'Top Chef Masters': No, Spike, it's STILL not about you

Reality TV Magazine 8/12/09 Top Chef Masters: Previews For August 12, 2009

Zap2It 8/12/09 'Top Chef' video: A Vegas-style Quickfire

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/09 Top Chef: Judge Tom Colicchio Welcomes His Second Child
RealityShack 8/8/09 Top Chef: Masters Episode 8 Commentary – #1 Killer of Top Chefs …Dessert

Fans of Reality TV 8/7/09 Recap: No One Screams for Rice Cream

Reality TV Fans 8/6/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Recap 8/5/09

Reality News Online 8/6/09 Top Chef Masters, Episode 8: Rice Queen

LA Times 8/6/09 'Top Chef Masters': Beware the vegan

Zap2It 8/5/09 'Top Chef Masters': Burgers for Morgan Spurlock and vegan for Zooey Deschanel

Reality TV Fans 8/5/09 Chefs are in a Battle of Burgers Tonight on Top Chef Masters

Digital Spy 8/5/09 'Top Chef' judge welcomes baby boy
RealityShack 8/2/09 Top Chef: Masters Ep. 7 Commentary – Elimination is a Dish Served Cold

Fans of Reality TV 7/31/09 Recap: A Stitch in Time

Reality TV Fans 7/30/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Recap 7/29/09

Reality News Online 7/30/09 Top Chef Masters, Episode 7: We Are the Champions

Reality TV Magazine 7/29/09 Top Chef Masters: Championship Round Part One

Zap2It 7/29/09 Gael Greene puts the smackdown on the 'Top Chef Masters'

LA Times 7/29/09 'Top Chef Masters': A 'grotesque' dish edges a 'cold' one? What gives?

Reality TV Magazine 7/29/09 Top Chef Masters: Finale Previews For July 29, 2009
Reality TV Calendar 7/27/09 Shop, Chop, Cook And Eliminate
RealityShack 7/25/09 Top Chef: Masters, Ep. 6 Commentary – It’s a Kitchen Love Fest

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/09 Recap: Art-istry
Reality TV Fans 7/23/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Recap 7/22/09
Reality News Online 7/23/09 Top Chef Masters, Episode 6: Mystery Box

Zap2It 7/23/09 'Top Chef Masters': Oprah's chef enters the fray

Reality TV Magazine 7/22/09 Top Chef Masters: Trick In A Box

Reality TV Fans 7/22/09 Chefs Compete in an “Aisle Trial” Tonight on Top Chef Masters

Reality TV Fans 7/17/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Recap 7/15/09

RealityShack 7/17/09  Top Chef: Masters Ep. 5 – They Smoke A Lot of Things in Sweden
Fans of Reality TV 7/17/09 Recap: Blowing Smoke

Reality News Online 7/16/09 Top Chef Masters, Episode 5: Smoking Swedes, Angry Prawns, and Lawn Cuttings

Reality TV Magazine 7/16/09 Top Chef Masters: Jeff Lewis Serves As Guest Judge

Reality TV Calendar 7/16/09 Par for the Courses - Episode 5 Recap

Zap2It 7/16/09 'Top Chef Masters': Michael Chiarello, Rick Moonen and more feed the masses

Reality TV Fans 7/15/09 Chefs Are Pushed to Make the Perfect Three Course Meal Tonight on Top Chef Masters

NY Daily News 7/15/09 'Top Chef' judge Toby Young is back for Season 6 - and says he's sorry for the hurt feelings

BuddyTV 7/9/09 Meet the Cast of Top Chef: Las Vegas

Reality TV Fans 7/9/09 Beyond Reality - Top Chef Masters Recap 7/8/09

Reality TV Calendar 7/9/09 Its A Magic Night For Anita Lo

Reality News Online 7/9/09 Top Chef Masters, Episode 4: How I Met My Dinner

NY Daily News 7/9/09 Top Chef Las Vegas contestants announced; new season of hit show will debut in late August

LA Times 7/9/09 'Top Chef Masters': Oh oh it's magic, you know

Reality TV Fans 7/8/09 Bravo Announces Chefs and Premiere Date for Top Chef: Las Vegas

Zap2It 7/8/09 'Top Chef Masters': Anita Lo and Neil Patrick Harris are magic

Reality TV Fans 7/8/09 Chefs Cook an Egg With One Hand Tied Tonight on Top Chef Masters

Zap2It 7/8/09 Pics: Meet the 'Top Chef: Las Vegas' contestants

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Orlando Sentinel 6/7/06 Dieterle is a winner we all can stomach

Reality News Online 6/5/06 “I Was Just There to Cook” – An Interview with Top Chef Winner Harold Dieterle

Reality Thumbnails 6/2/06 An Interview with Stephen Asprinio - It's About The Experience

Reality News Online 6/2/06 "I Truly am Passionate About Making People Happy"- An Interview with Top Chef's Stephen Asprinio

Reality News Online 5/29/06 Top Chef Finale: It All Comes Down To This…

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Celebrity Spider 5/25/06 Top Chef Finishes as the #1 Food Show on Cable

Reality TV World 5/25/06 Harold Dieterle defeats Tiffani Faison to win Bravo's 'Top Chef' 5/25/06 Ouch, That's Gotta Hurt

SFist 5/25/06 Top Chef: The Last Suppers

MSNBC 5/25/06 Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ shares one of his top recipes

Reality News Online 5/22/06 Top Chef, Episode 10: Reunions Can Be Murder!

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Reality TV Calendar 5/20/06 Quick Fire Room Service: Episode 11 Recap

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Fans of Reality TV 5/13/06 Top Chefs Plus Alcohol Equals Best Reunion Show Ever

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/06 Reunion Show Serves The Tastiest Dish

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Fans of Reality TV 5/5/06 Recap 5/3 Food Finery at the Winery 5/4/06 Down to the Nitty-Gritty!

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/06 A Tasty Stew Without Stephen: Episode 9 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/06 A Smarmy And Self-Centered Exit, How Nice: Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV Links 5/2/06 Casting Call - Top Chef

Celebrity Spider 5/2/06 Bravo Renews "Top Chef" for Second Season

Zap2It 5/2/06 Bravo Orders Seconds of 'Top Chef'

Reality News Online 5/1/06 Top Chef, Episode 8: Get Me to The Cake on Time

Fans of Reality TV 4/28/06 Recap - Here Comes the Groom...and the Groom

Reality TV Calendar 4/24/06 Doing The Truffle Shuffle: Episode 7 Recap

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Fans of Reality TV 4/22/06 4/19 Recap There is no I in Team

Reality News Online 4/17/06 Top Chef, Episode 6: Under Pressure

Fans of Reality TV 4/15/06 4/12 Recap Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

Reality TV Calendar 4/14/06 "Don't Make Me Look Stupid!" Episode 6 Recap

Reality News Online 4/10/06 Top Chef, Episode 5: I Left My Cart In San Francisco

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Palm Beach Post 4/6/06 Local gets cooking on 'Top Chef'

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Reality News Online 3/20/06 Top Chef, Episode 2: Titillating Tarts

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/06 Top Chef A Fetish For Desserts

Reality TV Calendar 3/17/06 How I Wish I Could Smack Stephen: Episode 2 Recap

Hollywood Reporter 3/15/06 Top Chef

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Fans of Reality TV 3/11/06 3/8 Recap Dishing It Out and Taking It

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/06 Pack Up Your Knives And Leave: Episode 1 Recap

Inside Bay Area 3/8/06 Bravo's new chef series turns up the heat in Bay Area

Herald Dispatch 3/8/06 Katie Lee Joel hosts Bravo's new reality show

Zap2It 3/8/06 'Top Chef' Promises a Cutthroat Battle

Celebrity Spider 3/7/06 Top Chef Premieres on Bravo March 8th

Celebrity Spider 3/1/06 Bravo Spices It Up With New Reality Series "Top Chef"

Reality News Online 3/1/06 Top Chef, Preview: Someone's in the Kitchen or Meet the Chefs

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Bravo Announces "Top Chef" Premiere March 15th

Celebrity Spider 12/16/05 Bravo Serves Up Top Chef on March 15th

Celebrity Spider 11/10/05 Katie Lee Joel to Host "The Top Chef"

Reality TV World 11/10/05 Katie Lee Joel to host Bravo's upcoming 'Top Chef' reality series

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Bravo Announces "The Top Chef"


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