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Reno Gazette-Journal 4/30/05 'The Contender': His dream is becoming a reality

National Enquirer 4/30/05 'The Contender' Sells Tickets To Finale

Reality Shack 4/27/05 "Who's Playing the Game? " – The Contender, Episode 10

Tennessean 4/27/05 Reid joins card at Fairgrounds

TVRules 4/26/05 The Contender Finale Tickets Sell Out Quickly

Reality News Online 4/26/05 The Contender, Episode 10: The Laws of Power

Reality News Online 4/26/05 The Contender, Episode 9: Round Two

Celebrity Spider 4/25/05 Tickets for the Live Finale of "The Contender" Go On Sale

Reality Shack 4/25/05 "Viva Las Vegas" – The Contender, Episode 10

Reality TV World 4/25/05 Sergio Mora edges Ishe Smith, Alfonso Gomez whips Ahmed Kaddour on 'The Contender' 4/25/05 Ishe vs Sergio and Ahmed vs Alfonso

Reality TV Calendar 4/25/05 Fighting Yourself Or Your Opponent? Episode 9 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 4/25/05 May The Best Man Win: Episode 10 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 4/25/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 25th

TVRules 4/25/05 The Contender: Episode Eleven Preview 5/1/2005

Fairfax Connection 4/21/05 Great Falls' Contender Lange Loses on NBC

TVRules 4/20/05 The Contender Summary: 04/17/05

Harlingen Valley Morning Star 4/20/05 De La Rosa forced to drop out of NBC’s ‘The Contender’ 4/20/05 Boxing: The Contender Episode VIII

Reality News Online 4/19/05 The Contender, Episode 8: "Anything's Possible"

Reality TV Calendar 4/18/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 18th 4/18/05 - 4.17.05: Jimmy vs Joey

Reality TV Calendar 4/18/05 Die like a Warrior or Live like a Coward: Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV World 4/18/05 Joey Gilbert upsets Jimmy Lange, as Juan de la Rosa quits on NBC's eighth 'The Contender' episode

KRNV 4/18/05 Reno boxer scores victory on NBC reality show

SportsFan Magazine 4/18/05 SFM Review: The Contender, Episode 8

Reality Shack 4/17/05 Contender Commentary – Episode 8, Now That’s What I Call A Cliffhanger

Great Falls Connection 4/14/05 Great Falls' Contender Gets His Shot

TVRules 4/14/05 The Contender Summary: 04/10/05

TVRules 4/14/05 The Contender: Episode #109 4/24/2005

TVRules 4/14/05 The Contender: Episode #110 4/24/2005

Reality TV World 4/14/05 'Contender' boxer Joey Gilbert signs nutrition endorsement pact with host Sly Stallone

Reality News Online 4/13/05 The Contender, Episode 7: The Young and the Restless

Fans of Reality TV 4/12/05 Juan, Two, Three--You're Out

Reality TV World 4/11/05 Juan de la Rosa defeats Tarick Salmaci in NBC's seventh 'The Contender' episode 4/11/05 Tarick vs. Juan

Reality TV Calendar 4/11/05 The Boxer Vs. The Puncher

Reality Shack 4/11/05 "Clean Up the Ghettos" – The Contender, Episode 8

Reality TV Calendar 4/11/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 11

Reality Shack 4/11/05 Juan Comes Out Smelling Like A De La Rosa - Contender Commentary, Episode 7

Daily Breeze 4/10/05 Hawthorne woman helps puts reality in 'Contender'

TVRules 4/7/05 The Contender: Episode 8 Preview 4/17/05

TVRules 4/7/05 The Contender Summary: 04/03/05 4/6/05 - 4.3.05: Anthony vs. Brent

Reality TV World 4/6/05 The Contender - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 4/5/05 The Contender, Episode 6: Stabs and Jabs 4/5/05 NBC's The Contender - Or How I Learned to Love Ramen Noodles and Stop Thinking...

Reality TV World 4/4/05 'The Contender's Anthony Bonsante TKO's Brent Cooper, but double-crosses his team

Reality TV Calendar 4/4/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 4th

Reality Shack 4/4/05 Contender Commentary - Episode 6, Bonsante is NOT a "Good Saint"

Reality TV Calendar 4/4/05 Eye On The Prize: Episode 6 Recap

Reality Shack 4/4/05 "Fight #6 " – The Contender, Episode 6

WCNC 4/4/04 Don’t throw the towel on ‘The Contender’

Media Week 4/4/05 NBC Stands By Low-Rated Contender

SportsFan Magazine 4/4/05 SFM Review: The Contender, Episode 6

Always Reality Television 4/3/05 Episode 5 - Contender or Pretender?

Herald-Tribune 4/3/05 Local grad works on 'Contender'

The Tennessean 4/3/05 Local boxer hits Sly with a surprise move

Star News 3/31/05 'Contender' kinder TV and more honest

Celebrity Spider 3/30/05 Sylvester Stallone Pays Tribute to Dead Boxer 3/30/05 HUSH music featured on NBC's The Contender

TVRules 3/30/05 The Contender Summary: 3/27/05

Reality Shack 3/29/05 "The Best Fights" – The Contender, Episode 5.1 (Recap Show)

Reality Shack 3/29/05 "Tears of Pain & Sorrow" – The Contender, Episode 5.2

TVRules 3/29/05 The Contender: Episode 7 4/10/05

TVRules 3/29/05 The Contender: Episode 6 Preview 4/3/05

Reality Shack 3/29/05 Contender Commentary - Episode 5: Demons, Drama & More Depression

Reality News Online 3/29/05 The Contender, Episode 5: The Comeback Kid 3/28/05 Boxer Manfredo wins slugfest to remain on The Contender

Reality TV Calendar 3/28/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 28th

Reality TV World 3/28/05 Miguel Espino edged by resurgent Peter Manfredo in NBC's fifth 'The Contender' episode

Reality TV Calendar 3/28/05 Redemption....Episode 5 Recap

Tufts Daily 3/28/05 TV Review - It coulda been a 'Contender'

Knox News 3/26/05 A conversation with Sugar Ray Leonard 3/25/05 WPHC Surgeon Takes On New NBC Reality Show 'The Contender'

Reality TV World 3/25/05 The Contender - Episode 4 summary

Celebrity Spider 3/24/05 NBC Presents a Special Edition of "The Contender"

Central Florida Future 3/24/05 Alumnus a reality TV knockout

Boston Globe 3/24/05 He coulda been somebody; he coulda been a 'Contender' finalist

Reality TV World 3/24/05 Ratings: NBC's 'The Contender' rallies in its second Sunday night broadcast

Fans of Reality TV 3/24/05 Najai Turpin

Times Online 3/24/05 Stallone pulls no punches in search for boxing hero

Celebrity Spider 3/23/05 The Contender 3/27 Preview 3/23/05 - 3.20.05: Najai vs. Sergio

Maxboxing 3/23/05 Ray Leonard Hopes to Mold a few 'Contenders' on NBC

Celebrity Spider 3/22/05 Jackie Kallan Shocked by Reality TV Show Boxer Suicide  

Ventura County Star 3/22/05 Simi Valley native and noted TV producer concentrates on telling stories on 'The Contender'

Naples Daily News 3/22/05 'Contender' offers up harsh reality TV

NY Times 3/22/05 Glass (Jaw) Is Half-Empty for 'The Contender' on NBC 3/22/05 The Contender: Episode Five Preview 3/27/05

TVRules 3/22/05 The Contender: Episode Four Summary 3/20/2005

Inside Pulse 3/22/05 The Contender Recap - Episode 4

Reality News Online 3/22/05 The Contender, Episode 4: Against the Ropes

Celebrity Spider 3/21/05 The Contender Connects in Sunday's Round Two

Fans Of Reality TV 3/21/05 The Contender 3/13: The Brawl to Settle It All

Providence Journal 3/21/05 Down but not out, local boxer gets new bout on Contender

Grand Rapids Press 3/21/05 Contender just a pretender

TV Week 3/21/05 The Kids Aren't Alright

Reality TV World 3/21/05 Najai Turpin and Jeff Fraza depart 'The Contender', as Peter Manfredo Jr returns

Reality TV Calendar 3/21/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 21st

RealityShack 3/21/05 Contender Commentary, Episode 4 - There's Something About Najai

Reality TV Calendar 3/21/05 In Memory Of Najai

Reality Shack 3/21/05 "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend" – The Contender, Episode 4

Reality TV Calendar 3/21/05 When You Question Your Ability - You've Already Lost

WCNC 3/21/05 Contender loses much more than fight

The Scotsman 3/20/05 Rocky and Sugar Ray preside over script

The Mirror 3/19/05 Sly Show Is Really Packing A Punch

Television Without Pity 3/18/05 Grudge Match 3/18/05 Reality television with real poignance

Chicago Sun-Times 3/18/05 'Contender' hopes to rekindle love of boxing

NBC10 3/18/05 Philly Boxer Remembered With Final Bout On 'The Contender'

Reality TV World 3/17/05 The Contender - Episode 3 summary 3/17/05 - NBC's 'The Contender' Brings Boxing Back to Prime Time

TVRules 3/17/05 The Contender Summary: Episode 3: 3/13/05 3/17/05 NBC's "The Contender" Brings Boxing Back To Prime Time This Sunday

NY Post 3/17/05 Real Champ

NY Daily News 3/17/05 Reality TV takes off gloves

Always Reality Television 3/16/05 Episode 3 - Contender Or Pretender?

Wireless Flash News Service 3/16/05 `Contender' Auditions Went From Good To Really Bad 3/16/05 One 'Contender' won't be there at end

NY Post 3/16/05 Tragic Boxer Gets His Day

USA Today 3/16/05 'Contender' a little shaky

Reality TV Calendar 3/16/05 Rolling With The Punches

Reality TV World 3/15/05 'The Contender' suffers a ratings knockdown in its first Sunday broadcast

Reality TV World 3/15/05 The Contender - Episode 2 summary

Reality TV Calendar 3/15/05 I'm Hooked, Are You? 

Yahoo 3/15/05 NBC's 'The Contender' Falls Short of Ratings TKO

Television Without Pity 3/14/05 I Coulda Been A

Reality Shack 3/14/05 Contender Commentary, Episode 3 – Something’s Fish-e About Ishe

Celebrity Spider 3/14/05 Clever Frank Stallone Steps in to Help Out Sly on The Contender

The Pitt News 3/14/05 NBC's new reality show packs a punch

SportsFan Magazine 3/14/05 The Contender, Episode 3

Reality News Online 3/14/05 The Contender, Episode 3: "It's My Time Now"

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 14th

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/05 Defining Moments: Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV World 3/14/05 The Contender - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV World 3/14/05 Ishe Smith eliminates Ahmed Kaddour in the third episode of NBC's 'The Contender'

Reality Shack 3/14/05 Confident Fighters are Dangerous - The Contender, Episode 3 3/14/05 - 3.13.05: Ishe vs. Ahmed

Fans of Reality TV 3/13/05 Ishe or Isn't She

The Eagle 3/13/05 College Station native helps create 'Contender'

Longview Daily News 3/12/05 'Contender' boxer faced reality not seen on TV 3/12/05 The Contender: Episode 2 Summary: 3/10/05

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/12/05 Reality is, 'Contender' full of pretenders

Television Without Pity 3/11/05 Pilot

Reality Shack 3/11/05 Interview with Alfonso Gomez of the Contender

Reality Shack 3/11/05 The Contender, Episode 2 - Commentary: We Want Class Not Sass

Reality News Online 3/11/05 The Contender, Episode 2: Put Up or Shut Up

Reality Shack 3/11/05 "Survival of the Fittest" - The Contender, Episode 2

Reality TV Calendar 3/11/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 11th

Reality TV World 3/11/05 Jonathan Reid becomes second straight East star ousted in NBC's 'The Contender'

Reality TV Calendar 3/11/05 Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan: Episode 2 Recap

Sioux City Journal 3/11/05 A reality ‘Rocky'

Brainerd Dispatch 3/10/05 C-I grad fighting for glory in reality TV ring 3/10/05  Contender - 3.10.05 3/10/05 Tonight, it's Round 2 of 'Rocky' as reality TV

TVRules 3/10/05 The Contender: Series Premiere Summary 3/7/05

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/05 Bye Bye Birdie

Reality TV World 3/9/05 NBC's 'The Contender' premiere garners a ratings split decision

NY Daily News 3/9/05 'Contender' ratings modest but manly

Asbury Park Press 3/9/05 NBC reality series "The Contender" takes a swing at boxing

KRNV 3/9/05 Northern Nevada boxers make cut on new reality show 3/8/05 3.7.05 Contender Premiere

Reality News Online 3/8/05 The Contender, Episode 1: “Our Destiny Is in Our Own Hands”

Reality Shack 3/8/05 "Random Acts of Courage" - The Contender, Episode 1

Media Life 3/8/05 'Contender' stumbles in round one

Salon 3/8/05 Knockout punch

Fight News 3/8/05 Manfredo defeated on Contender

Reality Shack 3/8/05 Meet the Contenders - Contender Commentary, Episode 1

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of March 8th

Zap2It 3/8/05 NBC's 'Contender' Takes First Round Beating

Reality TV World 3/8/05 Peter Manfredo Jr. loses his undefeated record in premiere of NBC's 'The Contender'

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/05 A Chance To Change Their Lives

WCNC 3/8/04 Stakes too high on 'Contender'?

Milwaukee Journal 3/8/05 'Contender' not a knock-out punch

Media Life 3/7/05 'The Contender,' good sport. Too bad

Nevada Appeal 3/7/05 Boxing reality hits television

Arizona Republic 3/7/05 Local 'contender' lacks punchy story

KARE 3/7/05 Minnesota Boxer Contends on new reality show

News Channel 10 3/7/05 Providence Boxer Is A 'Contender'

Boston Globe 3/7/05 With Hollywood gloss and manufactured grit, 'The Contender' throws plenty of hooks

St Petersburg Times 3/7/05 Burnett scores a knockout

Review-Journal 3/7/05 Sugar Shay's a `Contender'

Detroit Free Press 3/7/05 Dearborn boxer on NBC's 'Contender'

AJC 3/7/05 Reality delivers a tough punch in 'Contender'

Union Tribune 3/7/05 'Fat Actress,' 'Contender' can't make the weight

Hollywood Reporter 3/7/05 The Contender

Chicago Tribune 3/7/05 NBC's `Contender' a generic knockoff

Beacon Journal 3/7/05 New show coulda' been a contender, but it isn't

Newsday 3/7/05 Stallone as NBC's 'Contender' 3/7/05 A 'Contender' viewer for viewer

Deseret News 3/7/05 'Contender' no knockout

Toronto Star 3/7/05 TV reality: The show must go on

Hollywood Reporter 3/7/05 Burnett's 'Contender' fits into genre's past

Boston Herald 3/7/05 He is a `Contender': Haverhill's Jeff Fraza takes his best shot at winning $1 million

Washington Post 3/7/05 'The Contender': Junior Lightweight

NY Times 3/7/05 In This Ring, Every Contender Is a Champion

Detroit News 3/7/05 Dearborn boxer learns the ropes of being involved with reality show 3/7/05 Not out of contention

Courier Journal 3/7/05 'Contender' may be on ropes even before stepping into ring

Chicago Tribune 3/7/05 NBC reality series has makings of a contender 3/7/05 Don't expect a knockout from NBC boxing show

SF Chronicle 3/7/05 Blow by blow, among the best reality shows

USA Today 3/7/05 Reality show with a hook

NY Post 3/7/05 'Rocky VI'

NY Daily News 3/7/05 'Contender' packs a punch

Rocky Mountain News 3/7/05 'The Contender' worth look, even if co-host Stallone isn't

Reality News Online 3/7/05 The Contender - A Preview

Reality TV Calendar 3/7/05 Previewing Burnett's Latest....Maybe His Best

Washington Post 3/7/05 In Reality, a Tragedy for Boxer

Valley Morning Star 3/6/05 18-year-old boxer to appear on NBC’s ‘The Contender’

Dallas Morning News 3/6/05 Expect a 'Rocky' road ahead

Jam! 3/6/05 'Contender' stepping into the ring

Annapolis Capital 3/6/05 Boxing: Jimmy Lange takes a jab as contender

Reuters 3/6/05 TV Review: The Contender

Star Telegram 3/6/05 Reality Check

Plain Dealer 3/6/05 Contender' series pulls no punches

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/6/05 New reality show has all the right stuff to be a bona fide ‘Contender’

Knox News 3/6/05 Nashville boxer stars in "The Contender"

Post Gazette 3/6/05 TV Reviews: 'Fat Actress' packs more punch than 'Contender'

The Oregonian 3/5/05 Oh, what it coulda been

Pawtucket Times 3/5/05 Local boxer vies for title on new reality television show

Lansing State Journal 3/5/05 Don't expect KO from 'Contender'

Contra Costa Times 3/5/05 Potent 'Contender' starts amid tragedy

Reality TV World 3/5/05 NBC's 'The Contender' comes out swinging hoping to be Mark Burnett's next reality knockout

Washington Post 3/6/05 Reality Boxing and Bochco's New Beat

Salt Lake Tribune 3/6/05 Inside the ring or out, 'Contender' is a knockout series

Yahoo 3/4/05 Reality Series 'Contender' Out Swinging

Zap2It 3/4/05 'Adrian Factor' Fuels NBC's 'Contender'

Reality TV World 3/4/05 'Contender' boxer Najai Turpin's suicide related to custody dispute, not reality TV demands

Celebrity Spider 3/1/05 Brother of Contender Contestant That Committed Suicide Speaks Out

Access Hollywood 3/1/05 Najai's Family Speaks Out

TVRules 3/1/05 The Contender: Episode 3 3/13/2005 Preview

Washington Post 2/23/05 NBC's 'Contender' to Face Some Fresh CBS Challengers

Zap2It 2/22/05 CBS Stacks Deck Against 'The Contender'

Reality TV World 2/22/05 CBS sacrifices sweeps ratings to take shot at NBC's 'Contender' debut

TV Guide 2/22/05 The Contender Reacts to Tragedy

Zap2It 2/21/05 'Contender' Team Dodges Suicide Blame

TVRules 2/20/05 The Contender: Episode Two 3/10/2005 Preview

TVRules 2/20/05 The Contender: Premiere 3/7/2005 Preview

Inside Bay Area 2/20/05 The death of a 'Contender': When reality TV gets too real

Jam! 2/19/05 Friends, producers mourn boxer

Entertainment Weekly 2/18/05 Stallone: Don't blame ''Contender'' for boxer's suicide.

Post Gazette 2/18/05 Suicide of boxer stuns 'Contender' cast and crew

Boston Herald 2/18/05 `Contender' will fight on 2/17/05 Sly Stallone doubts TV to blame for 'Contender' suicide

Toronto Star 2/17/05 Boxer's suicide a jab of reality

NY Daily News 2/17/05 His prospects weren't KO'd

Reality News Online 2/17/05 The Contender Contestant Najai Turpin Commits Suicide

NY Daily News 2/16/05 Suicide TV boxer KOd by reality 2/16/05 The show will go on

Reality TV Calendar 2/16/05 In Memory Of Najai

Zap2It 2/16/05 CNBC Has 'The Contender' in its Corner

Boston Herald 2/16/05 `Contender' suicide won't KO show

USA Today 2/16/05 'Contender' will enter the ring as planned, despite tragedy

Chicago Sun-Times 2/16/05 An awful reality mars NBC's 'The Contender'

Independent 2/16/05 Young contender due to appear in American reality TV show commits suicide

Digital Spy 2/16/05 Reality contestant kills himself

Media Life 2/15/05 'Contender' contestant kills himself

Media Guardian 2/15/05 Reality boxing show contestant commits suicide

E!Online 2/15/05 NBC's "Contender" Casualty

Zap2It 2/15/05 'Contender' Hopeful Commits Suicide 2/15/05 City boxer fatally shoots himself; was cast member of NBC series

CBS 2/15/05 Reality TV Boxer Commits Suicide

Reality TV World 2/15/05 'The Contender' boxer Najai Turpin commits suicide before the NBC show airs

Access Hollywood 2/15/05 'Contender' Contestant Commits Suicide

NY Times 2/15/05 NBC Reality Show Contestant Kills Himself

NY Daily News 2/15/05 Reality boxer shocker

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/05 Boxer Lisa Hepner Ranks The Contenders

Reality TV Calendar 2/10/05 Photo Scoreboard and Initial Rankings

Hollywood Reporter 2/10/05 'Contender' could score financial KO

Reality TV World 2/8/05 NBC reschedules 'The Contender' (again) for Sundays beginning March 13

Zap2It 2/8/05 'Dreams,' 'Contender' Swap Spots for NBC 2/5/05 And the Next Contender is..

NY Post 1/26/05 Ring Master 

NY Daily News 1/26/05 'Contender' packs a wallop

Zap2It 1/21/05 NBC's 'Contender' Makes Another Move

Reality TV World 1/21/05 NBC blinks, reschedules 'The Contender' for Wednesdays beginning March 9

NY Times 1/17/05 Tough Odds as NBC Takes Reality TV Into the Ring

Reno Gazette Journal 1/12/05 Area fighters silent on appearance on ‘The Contender’

Media Bulletin 1/4/05 American Idol and Stallone reality show head ITV2 list

TV Week 12/20/04 Toyota's Real Deal With Boxing Show

Reality TV World 12/6/04 NBC's 'The Contender' to premiere February 21, then air on Wednesdays versus Fox's 'Idol'

TVRules 12/3/04 NBC Announces February Premiere For Burnett Series 'The Contender'

Zap2It 12/1/04 NBC Sets Midseason Premieres for Boxers, Models and Psychics

NY Times 11/1/04 For Fame and Fortune, Boxing Hopefuls Seal Their Lips and Sign Their Lives Away 10/7/04 NBC's Shelved 'The Contender' Will Surface In January

NY Times 10/6/04 De La Hoya's Reality Show Has Little Identity or Punch for a Mass Audience

Orwell Project 10/6/04 "The Contender" Moves Launch Date To January 2005

Zap2It 10/5/04 NBC's 'Contender' Gets January Title Shot

Reality TV World 9/24/04 NBC contemplates delaying 'The Contender' until January

Zap2It 9/20/04 'Contender' May Not Answer November Bell

Hollywood Reporter 9/20/04 The Vine: NBC 'Contender' may pull punch

NY Daily News 9/19/04 Boxing needs to lose touch with 'reality'

Media Life 9/25/04 Don't KO reality boxing shows just yet

PR Newswire 9/13/04 Foot Locker Teams Up With Everlast for Reality Television Show

Zap2It 9/8/04 LA Times Seeks Results from Boxing Shows

Montgomery Advertiser 9/8/04 'Champ' takes on 'Contender'

Reuters 9/8/04 L.A. Times Gets in the Ring with TV Boxing Shows

Zap2It 9/1/04 Burnett Throws in Towel on 'Contender' Court Fight

Reality TV World 9/1/04 Fox's 'Next Great Champ' wins First Amendment court fight against NBC's 'Contender'

NY Daily News 8/24/04 Latest round a blow to Fox

E!Online 8/23/04 Fox, NBC: Grudge Match Continues

The Trades 8/20/04 The Contender vs. The Next Great Champ, Round 1

Media Guardian 8/19/04 Round one over in reality TV boxing fight

Knox News 8/19/04 Fox, NBC throw reality TV punches

E!Online 8/19/04 Round 2: "Champ" vs. "Contender"

Zap2It 8/19/04 Judge Refuses to Block Fox's 'Champ'

BBC 8/19/04 Judge refuses to halt boxing show

NY Daily News 8/19/04 One on chin for 'Champ'

Zap2It 8/18/04 'Contender' Team Takes the Fight to Fox's 'Champ'

Media Guardian 8/18/04 Reality rivals to slug it out in court

Hollywood Reporter 8/18/04 Judge could KO Fox series

BBC 8/18/04 Boxing TV rivals fight in court

E!Online 8/17/04 Burnett to Fox: Bring It On!

NY Times 8/17/04 Rival TV Boxing Shows Square Off in California Court

Yahoo 8/17/04 Rival Boxing TV Shows Slug It Out in Calif. Court

TVRules 8/3/04 Everlast Joins The NBC's 'The Contender' Team 8/2/04 Aussie for fight show

Dallas Morning New 7/19/04 Road's been rocky for Stallone's boxing show

Reality TV World 7/14/04 NBC accelerates 'The Contender' to November debut, ....

Star Ledger 7/13/04 Burnett becomes lord of the ring

AJC 7/12/04 NBC's 'Contender' team saves some jabs for sport

Hartford Courant 7/12/04 NBC Counting On `The Contender' To Beat `Idol'

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 Zucker: Fox 'Champ' hits below belt

TVRules 7/12/04 The Contender Set To Premiere In November

NBCMV 7/10/04 NBC Rings the Bell for November Premiere Date for ‘The Contender’

Zap2It 7/10/04 'Contender,' 'Last Comic' Move into Fall

NY Daily News 6/29/04 NBC lands first blow in boxing bout

Reality TV World 6/28/04 Jackie Kallen joins 'The Contender' as "den mother" for aspiring boxers

TVRules 6/28/04 Jackie Kallen Enlists As 'Den Mother' On NBC's The Contender

Hollywood Reporter 6/28/04 Kallen gets in NBC's corner for 'Contender'

Zap2It 6/25/04 Kallen Joins NBC's 'Contender' Dream Team

NBCMV 6/25/04 Boxing Manager Jackie Kallen Joins NBC’s New Unscripted Series 'The Contender'

Buffalo News 6/21/04 Ralston has shot at being a 'Contender'

Buffalo News 6/16/04 Casal moves a step from TV appearance

Charlotte Observer 6/16/04 2 York boxers spar for spot on reality TV show

USA Today 6/14/04 All kinds throwing in their hats to be NBC's 'Contender'

Chicago Sun Times 6/9/04 Boxing show for the idiot box

South Bend Tribune 6/9/04 ND's Zbikowski could still be a 'contender'

Globe and Mail 6/3/04 Global buys Joey, boxing show

TV Week 5/31/04 'Contender' Socko With Advertisers

Extra TV 5/26/04 Sly's Knockout Punch

Press Release 5/25/04 Casting Call - The Contender

Seattle PI 5/21/04 Sly Stallone's reality show 'The Contender' to premiere this fall

SF Chronicle 5/18/04 This 'Contender' won't have much of a punch

Reality TV World 5/18/04 NBC schedules 'The Contender' for heavyweight showdown with Fox's 'AI'

NY Daily News 5/18/04 TV show: What it's all a bout

MSNBC 5/17/04 Stallone joins ‘Contender’ hopefuls

Zap2It 5/17/04 Stallone Grapples with 'Real Rocky' Reality Series

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/04 Stallone lawsuit targets 'The Real Rocky'

CNN 5/14/04 Finding boxing's "Kournikovas"

E!Online 5/14/04 Stallone Throws Legal Punch

Reality Reel 5/14/04 The New York Casting Call For 'The Contender'

Chicago Tribune 5/13/04 2 challengers in reality-TV ring

TVRules 5/13/04 The Contender: Burnett, Stallone & Leonard To Attend NY Casting

Wichita Eagle 5/12/04 NBC, Fox trading punches over rival reality boxing shows

Detroit News 5/12/04 Reality show's hopefuls audition

NY Times 5/10/04 Reality TV Hits (Further) Below the Belt

Reality TV World 5/6/04 Brawl between NBC's 'Contender' and Fox's 'Next Great Champ' heats up

Press Release 5/4/04 Casting Call – The Contender 5/4/04 Boxing steps into 'reality' ring

News Tribune 5/4/04 It's De La Hoya vs. Stallone in reality TV ring

BBC 4/28/04 Sly's search for a boxing superstar

KSL-TV 4/25/04 NBC Auditions for Newest Reality Show 4/25/04 Rocky Behind Boxing Show

BBC 4/25/04 Stallone back in ring for TV show

Ninemsn 4/25/04 Sly pulls no punches on reality TV show

Milwaukee Journal 4/24/04 Stallone Goes Back to Boxing for TV Show

E!Online 4/19/04 Round One: Stallone vs. De La Hoya

Go Memphis 4/17/04 Hopefuls don gloves for shot as TV boxer 4/9/04 $1 million prize for boxers!

Reality TV World 4/2/04 Sly Stallone & Sugar Ray Leonard outline boxing reality show 'The Contender' 3/31/04 Stallone adds muscle to reality boxing show

Chicago Sun-Times 3/31/04 Power of reality TV may put boxing back on its feet

NY Daily News 3/31/04 Sly is newest 'Contender' in reality genre

Duluth News Tribune 3/29/04 Stallone hoping upcoming series is a knockout

MLive 3/26/04 'The Contender' hopes to KO the other sports reality shows

The Enterprise 3/23/04 New show's producers looking to Brockton for a knockout

Reality TV World 3/22/04 George Foreman join NBC's 'The Contender' team

Hollywood Reporter 3/22/04 Foreman in "Contender" corner

TVRules 3/20/04 George Foreman Enlisted For The Contender

Zap2It 3/20/04 Foreman Becomes NBC's Latest 'Contender' Heavyweight

NBCMV 3/19/04 George Foreman Will Appear In NBC's New Unscripted Series 'The Contender'

Newsday 3/19/04 Sly's definitely a 'Contender'

NBCMV 3/18/04 'The Contender' Press Conference Transcript Saturday, March 13, 2004, Las Vegas

TVRules 3/15/04 The Contender Adds Sugar Ray Leonard To Their Team

Reality TV World 3/15/04 Sugar Ray Leonard joins NBC's upcoming 'The Contender' series

Zap2It 3/14/04 Leonard Steps into 'Contender' Ring

NBCMV 3/13/04 5-Time World Champion Sugar Ray Leonard Steps Back into the Ring as Part of NBC's 'The Contender'

TV Week 3/1/04 Burnett's Ad Model Changes TV

WSBTV 2/26/04 Stallone Producing Boxing Reality Show

Knox News 2/25/04 NBC hopes 'Contender' is knockout

Houston Chronicle 2/26/04 NBC jumps into the ring with boxing reality show

TVRules 2/25/04 The Contender Casting Now!

TVRules 2/25/04 The Contender Press Conference Transcript 2/24

TV Barn 2/25/04 NBC PR: "The Contendah"

CBS 2/25/04 Stallone Returns To The Ring

Zap2It 2/25/04 'Contender' Won't Just Be about Boxing, NBC Says

NBCMV 2/24/04 NBC Takes Gloves Off To Enter Ring For 'The Contender,'

TVRules 2/24/04 The Contender Coming To NBC

Hollywood Reporter 2/23/04 'Contender' finds match at peacock 2/23/04 Will reality TV go down a 'Rocky' road?

Magic Valley 2/22/04 NBC to Pay $2 Million a Round for `Reality' TV Heavyweight
Zap2It 2/21/04 NBC Pays Big for Burnett Boxing Series

Chicago Sun Times 2/21/04 NBC scores TKO to land boxing series

Times of India 2/21/04 Stallone for a boxing reality TV series

Reality News Online 2/20/04 Burnett and Stallone Sell Boxing Reality Show to NBC

Media Guardian 2/20/04 Stallone to star in Rocky reality show

Ananova 2/20/04 Stallone to produce boxing-themed TV reality show

E!Online 2/19/04 Wanted: Real-Life "Rocky"

Cinescape 2/18/04 Rocky`s Sly searches for The Contender

Zap2It 2/18/04 Power Trio Enter Ring for Pugilistic Reality Series

Coming Soon 2/18/04 Burnett, Katzenger & Sly Team Up for The Contender

Hollywood Reporter 2/18/04 The Vine: Boxing pitch packs wallop

MegaStar 2/18/04 Stallone gets punchy


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